Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world

Mountains have always challenged man beckoned him and teased its inaccessibility. And, tragically, not all of those who take up the challenge and go conquer the summit, then return back. Some of them remain prisoners of the mountains forever, warning him who will follow in their footsteps.

Every year the mountain become a cause of the deaths of dozens of people. Landslides and avalanches, storm and wind ripping off clothes with the body - it seems that the very nature does not want people to disturb her children stone giants. But wanting to get on top of another does not become smaller. And before you today a dozen deadly peaks, the conquest of which turns into a real Russian roulette.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Nepal, China. Himalayas

Height: 8848 m

Everest - a modern Golgotha. Everyone who is bold enough and decides to get on breathing sepulchral cold mountain knows - a chance to go back and can not fall out. This will certainly remind the bodies of those who have not come down. Of the more than 7000 climbed Everest officially presumed dead about 250 people. In percentage terms, this figure is not so great, but the statistics is no longer calm and reality turns into a nightmare when you rise and you see the bodies of those who also believed in his invincibility.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Nepal. Himalayas

Height: 8091 m

It is best to describe the word Annapurna American climber Ed Vitus' Annapurna is one continuous danger, completely covered with ice. One large piece of ice from the ice build-up on it. And the question is, in which direction will turn the next build-up, forward or backward. " Annapurna is considered one of the most dangerous mountains. About 40% of climbers trying to conquer it and remain on its slopes.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world

Mont Blanc

Location: France, Italy. Alps

Height: 4695 m

Mont Blanc, or White Mountain - the highest massif in the mountain range and the highest peak in Europe. Among climbers Mont Blanc is not considered particularly dangerous to climb, but for some sinister irony breaks records on mortality. Over the history of climbing, with more than two centuries, the slopes of White Mountain took the lives of several thousand climbers - a figure to which, even far from Everest.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Nanga Parbat

Location: Pakistan. Himalayas

Height: 8126 m

Before Everest gained its popularity among mountain climbers, Nanga Parbat is held primacy in the number of fatalities on its slopes climbers. For which he received the nickname Killer Mountain. In 1953, trying to get to its top, killing 62 people at once. Since then, apparently, the mountain to quench their thirst for blood. Mortality declined significantly today - up to 5, 5%.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Nepal, India. Himalayas

Height: 8586 m

This is the third highest mountain in the world. Kanchenjunga is a climber's nightmare, because here all the time reigns inclement weather, and every now and then break the avalanche. Only 190 brave men managed to climb to the summit of Kangchenjunga, and the death rate among climbers here reaches 22%.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Pakistan, China. Himalayas

Height: 8614 m

Mount K2 or Chogori provides the most extreme conditions for climbing. This mountain is no mercy, and do not forgive mistakes - every fourth trying to climb to its top climber dies. In winter climbing and did not seem possible. His contribution to the history of climbing K2 have our countrymen. August 21, 2007 Russian climbers managed to go through the most difficult route on the count to that time impassable western slope of the summit.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Switzerland, Alps

Height: 3970 m

Eygar considered one of the deadliest peaks in the world, despite its small height. Often it is called "eater." Great challenges for climbers turns incredibly large elevation changes and constantly changing weather. For half a century of climbing pinnacle claimed 65 lives.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Argentina, Chile. Patagonia

Height: 3 359 m

This majestic granite peak is simultaneously the most unvisited, and one of the most dangerous mountains. During the year, the average is going on here is only one successful ascent. Before climber worth two problems: first, to get to the top you need to overcome a steep section of rock 600 meters high, and secondly, inclement weather, which can be kept for weeks in general can fight off any desire to climb the rocks. In addition, to get on Fitzroy is possible only in the period from December to February - summer in the southern hemisphere.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world

array Vinson

Location: Antarctica

Height: 4892 m

The highest mountains in Antarctica are not considered in the mountaineering environment too difficult to climb. Since 1958, their peaks rose about one and a half thousand people. The most difficult - is to get to the array. Antarctica is the right place for penguins, but people freeze to death or perish in a snowstorm is simple.

Killer Mountain: 10 the deadliest peaks in the world


Location: Switzerland, Italy. Alps

Height: 4478 m

One of the most difficult to conquer the peaks of the Alps - its northern slope is generally considered non-criminal and technically the most difficult to conquer. Do not facilitate the rise of frequent avalanches and rockfalls. However, in 1865, conquered the summit of the Matterhorn right twice. However, the first group of four people fell into the abyss due to cable breakage.