What say our dreams: 14 typical plots

There are dreams - just dreams. And some clearly represent something or from something caution. On the latter will be discussed:

What say our dreams: 14 typical plots

Fall to

Sensation of falling may mean in a dream one of two things: either you are not in control of your life and relationships, or let go of something you davivshee.

Falling in love

The feeling of falling in love in a dream means that you think about that person, and can strengthen your attention to it. Your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious mind, and if in a dream you're in love with someone, then that person makes you strong emotions. If you dreamed of a past love, either at this stage of your life you feel the same as if a part of your "I" missed the man.


A dream in which you pursue, indicating you are experiencing stress about your duties or responsibilities, from which you would like to escape. It can also mean that you have neglected something important in his life, it's time to pay attention.


Another typical story - to be naked in the crowd. Such dreams mean that you feel shame or embarrassment for any reason, or are afraid of being exposed. Another meaning of this dream - a vulnerability that is, at the moment you feel an excessive sensitivity or weakness.

precipitated teeth

Teeth often appear in dreams. If you dream that your teeth fall out, it could mean the loss of fear of something important or fear of looking unattractive.


Driving represents your life. The way you conduct in a dream car, talking about how you live. Carefully and slowly, or risky and reckless? Do you know the way or get lost? whether the road is flat and covered in potholes? Do scares you the way or you are relaxed? Your feelings on the dream of driving can precisely convey your feelings about real life.


Sex is a representation of your psychological state. Are you disappointed or happy? Dream about sex can also mean that you want a certain kind of intimacy or physical proximity, or simply body's need for sexual release.


Hair symbolize your thoughts and aspirations. If you dream that you are your own strizhote hair, it means that you are ready for a change or changes occur to you. If you dream of your hair is matted, it can be a direct reflection of your doubts in your life. This dream can be interpreted as your concern about their appearance.


Infants in the dream indicates that you are feeling vulnerable and need to be loved, they can also be a symbol of new beginnings.


If you see a spider in a dream, then you feel his power or the need for power. You are on the verge of some kind of achievement. Kind of a dead spider in a dream means that you have overcome something that scares you.

Missing or skipping Flight

Late in his sleep - it means that you are overworked and can not cope with the emotions. Also, this dream may mean that you are giving a lot of promises that are not able to perform, and it bothers you. Another interpretation of the delay in a dream - you feel that your life is passing you.


A dream in which you are surrounded by food or to absorb a large amount of food, indicating the knowledge and wealth. Food - a sign of success and future prosperity.


Tears in a dream saying that you are sorry about something in your life and need to give vent to these emotions. Also crying may mean that you have to keep their feelings and you need to relax. Another interpretation is the opposite - you cleanse yourself from something and finally ready to face the truth.


Death associated with significant changes and transformations. It could mean the end of something and the beginning of a new stage. To dream about your own death points to the transition phase of your life. Dream about the death of a loved one tells you that you are afraid of losing him, or what your feelings toward him change, he "dies" for you. Death can also mean the death of your old "I" and the birth of a new, improved version.

Although interpret dreams quite funny, only the people can understand the true depth of the dream. Dreams somehow connected to reality, and symbols in your dreams reflect what you feel and think about certain things. When we will understand better our dreams, we can better understand what is happening in our lives.