80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

• 80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

We publish a fascinating position in a series of "eyes of the Russians." Today we talk about Japan LiveJournal blogger community ru-japan.livejournal.com

Everything written below is not the ultimate truth, and in any case not intended to be exhaustive and is based on his own personal experience is very significant. Facts are listed in the course of remembrance without any order.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

1. The Japanese terribly hard-working. Can easily work 18 hours a day without a break for lunch and then still go to the pub and have a drink after 2 hours of sleep to work again. Can work for 24 hours and then plow driving 300 km and there is still work hours 10. I saw it myself.

2. The Japanese did not know how to relax, time off for 4 days in a row is considered to leave. Take relying on the rules of 3 weeks a year - zapadlo. Leave work in the allotted time, too, beneath one's dignity.

3. In view of the Japanese are very rarely muscular, but often physically strong, the proportion myshychnaya weight / physical strength they have broken.

4. Most Japanese red from alcohol and can not drink a lot, although there are great exceptions.

5. Most of the Japanese somehow good at drawing and singing.

6. If a Japanese lunch in the office at his desk, make sure you continue to work while eating.

7. It is a normal thing for a man of about forty to tell colleagues with joy that he is today in the subway could see panties high school student.

8. The Japanese sincerely believe that their language learning is almost impossible, so great respect for anyone who can at least say hello in Japanese.

9. If you went to drink with the Japanese in an informal setting and are able to only say "hello" in their language, through nekotroe time you will begin to learn the words of "pipiska" and "turd". 10. No more curses in Japanese "fool" and "idiot". The power of emotions expressed by intonation and volume.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

11. The Japanese people are very honest - if you forget your umbrella in the subway, with a probability of 99 per cent of it is returned to you, if we look in the lost and found.

12. In the past also returns wallets with money and do not steal, now there is.

13. The Japanese always follow instructions to the letter and very lost, if it has a bug.

14. The Japanese are very clean - as one washed daily. In general, the Japanese personal hygiene erected in the first place. In this house, many terrible mess, but there just because none of Nesvoia misses, so it is not visible.

15. For the Japanese wash - then take a bath, a shower - an extreme half-measure.

16. The oddity - no matter how many people in the family, all take a bath one after another, without changing the water (after taking a shower, it is true) in it. Often this water is then used when washing.

17. Children tend to take a bath at the same time with their parents until age 8, though there are exceptions in both directions.

18. The Japanese love hot springs and public baths.

19. In Japanese families normally if adult brother and sister do not speak at all and do not know each other's phone. Not quarrel with that.

20. In Japan, for any number of any drug is sent to prison.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

21. If the Japanese went to Amsterdam, where a smoke, and it saw the other Japanese and it banged, the first to return to go to jail.

22. Marijuana grows wild in many places in the mountains, the fall in places the police focuses on the machine with no local numbers.

22. Any white in Japanese for Japanese American, then English, or French.

23. The three types of Japanese writing. 24. The speed limit on highways 80 km / h, but still go to 120, because 120 is not usually catch.

25. The minimum fine for speeding - 150 dollars, the maximum - prison.

27. Japanese police can not "buy on the spot", but in the wild can be uboltat, pretending to be an idiot.

28. If you are caught for something serious, then we have the right to hold in jail 30 days, not allowing a lawyer.

29. All the Japanese cars in the domestic market, irrespective of the capacity, speed limiter are 180 or 140 km / h and a speedometer. This is not a law, there is no reason for this. Speedometers and 320 and shredders speed limiters sold freely.

30. The Japanese are obsessed with food, and well versed in it. The main purpose of the absolute majority when traveling abroad - not to see something, and something to eat and then brag about it.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

31. 70 per cent of TV programs show meal.

32. The Japanese do ofigitelnye documentaries have great operator.

33. One Japanese can eat just a wild amount of food regardless of the body size.

34. No worse than to work on January 1, in this day nobody does anything and everything is buried, although recently there is a tendency to ignore this large shops.

35. Japan is always and everywhere, you can find a 24-hour convenience store, with everything.

36. Japan so far - the safest country in the world.

37. The Japanese wildly naive and believe almost anything.

38. The Japanese cities of all restaurant establishments tend to be concentrated in one area.

39. If you are going to drink, stay the night in one place - just blasphemy, should definitely go at least three.

40. Since the late binge drinking in the city relies to eat something, usually ramen.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

41. Almost none Japanese can not say "I love you" in the face of the object of love.

42. Those who can cause wild respect from others.

43. The Japanese terribly shy and easily embarrassed.

42. This applies more to older generations, but when the Japanese make a bid that is normal to say something like "could you cook the soup to me?" Or "can you wash my underwear?", Because otherwise they are shy.

43. The majority of middle-aged and older spouses sleep in separate beds, and sometimes even the rooms.

44. If the hotel is one bed for two, and not two, the Japanese often complain about the administration or the travel agency.

45. Japan was once wildly expensive country. Now it is not.

46. ​​80% of Japanese women start to laugh, if nervous.

47. If you decide you want to be someone's fight or Girl Friend, it is necessary to officially announce it, something like, "Please, let's meet!", If you are refused, retries are not supposed to take. If this is the official statement did not - you just sex friends without vzaimoobyazatelstv.

48. Breaking up with a fight or Girl Friend must also be officially about this saying.

49. Regular trips to prostitutes husband - until recently a normal and necessary evil, but to the young modern Japanese this applies to a much lesser degree.

50. The family manages money wife (if it does not work), the husband of his salary shall be issued monthly amount for personal expenses in the average family is usually about $ 300.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

51. The Japanese believed that if you eat too much chocolate, bleed from the nose.

52. The blood from the nose - it's ridiculous. They have a sense of humor.

53. In Japan, a lot of money wasted.

54. All the Japanese are insured against all that is possible. If you are not insured you had an accident or a hospital - you end. 55. In Japan, you can defer payment of some taxes and mandatory health insurance "for family and economic circumstances." Medical insurance is calculated from your income for the past year and may reach $ 500 a month, though it covers only 70% of the honey. expenses.

56. In Japan, fantastically courteous service after local, all the staff anywhere in the world seems to be boorish.

57. The Japanese almost never say "thank you" to the cashier at the supermarket.

58. The cashier always bowing and standing only work in a supermarket.

59. A man from the store personnel will never tell you "no" right away, or he takes you through the store in search of what is not known, or will report to the senior and one after a tour of the shop, say "I'm sorry, we have this product if ever there ".

60. In Japan, McDonald's is the slowest in the world.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

61. In Japan, a lot of informers

62. Many young Japanese say they want to live abroad and do not want to be Japanese.

63. Abroad, the Japanese always keep a bunch.

64. In Japan, a huge number of female fans of football and hockey for some reason.

65. The Japanese are often complex about her body.

66. The Japanese in private conversations often say that China - is power, and Japan in the f ** e.

67. The Japanese look at Chinese and Vietnamese from the top down.

68. As we say "how are you che Chukchi ?!", the Japanese say "you Che, a Chinese?".

69. Have a friend-not-Japanese in some way is prestigious, it shows off youth.

70. If you speak good Japanese, you will always be praised for it and tell everyone that you are actually Japanese with colored contact lenses and dyed hair, it is such a popular joke type.

80 stunned the facts about Japan through the eyes of Russians

71. Some young Japanese wear colored lenses, usually gray, blue or purple. It looks terrible. 72. In Japan, as elsewhere in the world quickly comes and goes to fashion anything. For example, in a chameleon or a koala, then all things are sold with their image in time. Or negative ions, or on the deep sea water is desalinated. Boom usually lasts no longer than a year, can not be explained, and 3 years later recall with difficulty, but the money made giant.

73. In all the houses, many hospitals, half of the restaurants and some of the offices have to take off your shoes. Therefore socks must always be intact.

74. If you removed the shoes, it is necessary to expand the socks at the door, or indecent.

75. If you have not already done so, for you, it will make the owner or staff.

76. Immediately after the front door there is a place for taking off shoes, step back into his toes, trying to pull his shoes -. Terribly indecent, t to muddy..

77. The Japanese take off and put on shoes with a wild speed.

78. The Japanese think it is very scary and dangerous in other countries.

79. It is sad, but the ports of Japan foreigners.

80. The Japanese almost never called guest house. Invitation to "come sometime" in most cases, be taken only as a polite speech.

81. In Japan, the majority of cold and strong houses and apartments.

82. I love Japan.