First aid: 8 mistakes that almost all

We publish important articles from those who sometimes save lives. Described the mistakes and errors in the provision of first aid are much more common than we can imagine. Word of the author.

Immediately ahead of myself. This post contains information about exactly how not to do. Why do I write just such a post, not a post about first aid? Besides two reasons. First - I have not been accredited as an instructor. The second - I believe that render first aid should learn in special courses with practical training, period.

First aid: 8 mistakes that almost all

Fasting aims to "convey to the masses," but the main rule of first aid - do no harm.

To begin with - why the first pre-medical, and not the first medical? Medical care is the primary diagnosis, treatment assignment and the subsequent management of the patient. First medical - that have taught the course. That is something that helps "doderzhat" another victim before the arrival of doctors, after which it gradually turns into a patient.

So - what errors are most prevalent?

1. "Fallen man must be raised"

Unfortunately, this mistake many make in a bunch of different situations. Wherever man fell - on the stairs or in my hallway, faint or what stumbled, the crowd \ family immediately ran to pick it up. Doing this is not necessary. Consider why.

Have you ever wondered why the man had fallen the first few seconds is very slow, even though slowed down? In the first seconds after the fall of the body spends most primitive "diagnosis" of their own state, namely it does not hurt if somewhere something is too much? Sharply raising person, you can aggravate the possibility of injury. It is better to sit down next, quickly looking around the victim (for, do not flow onto whether where blood pools) and after a few seconds (when the brain is "disconnected from the diagnosis" and "will turn into a reality") set the most primitive question: where it hurts? And how much? If normal incidence for a sharp rise fraught aggravation of injury, for the acceptance of syncope sharp vertical position fraught syncope repeated.

Here was the man himself. Something about it-there sboynulo, he fainted and fell, and almost immediately came to his senses. It almost immediately ... and raise the blood rapidly drain from the head due to the sudden change in body position - and our victim loses consciousness again.

If a person has fainted - firstly, let it lie where he fell. And after driving the sense of let it sit - even for the same stairs where he fell. In the case of fainting man is better to give yourself to evaluate, keep it now legs or not.

2. "In the event of an accident victim's need to get out of the car"

Indications for extricating the victim out of the car "pryamschas" only one. If you are sure that the car now turns \ explode, that is - if there is a threat to life affected. In all other cases, the victim in the car do not touch. You can get up close to him and just talk, this person will help you more.

In general, in all situations where there is no direct risk to the life of the victim from the place we do not touch.

3. "During the convulsive seizure is necessary to poke anything between the victim's teeth"

Firstly, the seizures are not only due to epilepsy. But it is now immaterial.

Secondly, stuffing something in human teeth during a seizure, you run the risk of breaking the object, which is vanity, human teeth and get one or two fingers bitten. There were epic cases where people quietly and unobtrusively turned into a parody of the Joker, shoving a knife in his teeth.

Anything you can do, if you see a man in a fit - is to sit down with him for about a head, put under her something soft, gently take the head of the affected hands in the area of ​​the temples and also gently turn your head slightly to one side. Why are we doing this?

The risk of ingestion tongue during a seizure is quite small, but the choke saliva or vomitus person can relatively easily. Incidentally, after the seizure affected the uptake is usually tight and can fill up almost immediately - no need to be afraid of it. We call an ambulance and the victim is translated in the so-called "stable lateral position." It looks like this.

First aid: 8 mistakes that almost all

Why him? Bent leg and arm does not give a person the full roll over on his stomach, he will be able to breathe freely. Hand planted under his head, ensures a certain distance between the head of the victim and the floor, so if it starts to tear - so, read the above, vomit he did not choke. And in this situation everyone can shift any. For fun in the courses conducted an experiment. Instructors with its 110 muscle mass, I and my pitiful 60 kg turned his back to a stable side without any problems.

More on seizures. Goes something like this: "Oh, I have not the first time, all right, I'll go." Fit - a piece is unstable, the following can happen in a day, and a minute later. This is the only case when you insist on to the victim waited for an ambulance.

4. "If a person has" something with a heart ", then you need to give him nitroglycerin"

It is also a common misconception. First, the spectrum of cardiovascular diseases that fall under the category of "something from the heart" - a cart and a small truck. Second, in all of this not so little list of not so many states in which the nitroglycerin help. But the hurt - easily. Plus, even if now specifically need nitroglycerin - still need to understand the dosage.

In principle, if ever "cores" are not given lekartsva of your bags under the auspices of the fact that "the grandmother saw and helped her." All who have certain problems in this area, usually carry drugs with them. The maximum that can be done - to help a person to get his pill, find something you can wash down with them, and call an ambulance.

5. "Dislocation can be free to"

Right - yes. With tears, but it is possible. But to determine a dislocation or fracture it - impossible without X-rays in any way. Therefore, with all that seems suspicious injury, we go to the trauma.

6. "The wounds should be washed inside and remove any excess garbage"

Partly true - but only for a relatively shallow damage \ cuts \ abrasions. For deep and extensive as the rules are quite stringent.

First, remember how the prayer of the wound did not take out, the wound did not lay. Even if the wound is sticking a huge disgusting piece of glass frame. Even if a nail out of the eye, kidney knife sharpening or liver. Greening, poblevyvaem aside, her mother, but will take to injury as is.

Secondly, "washed" the notorious big wound with peroxide or chlorhexidine only at the edges. Inside does not pour. And do what? That's right, see the previous paragraph and are taking to sew up as it is, in advance, however, and put it on top of sterile gauze bandage.

7. "Burn can be lubricated"

It seems everyone already knows, but still repeat. Oil forms over the affected surface nonbreathers dense film, creates a "greenhouse effect", and only exacerbates the injury. Oh, and writing is also not necessary to it. Instead - at the moment of the Sui burned themselves under slightly warm water. It was warm - paradoxically, the extreme cold situation, too, only exacerbates.

8. "If a person is choking, you need to pat him on the back,"

Slamming on the back gives a very negative effect. Generally, if a person is coughing - as if he is in a cough does not go - just do not touch it. Coughing indicates that the airway is not completely blocked and it would be best if the cause "discomfort" man coughed himself. Need to worry, if you do not cough or breathe. If you still think that a person needs help, think about the force of gravity, as well as the fact that when a person coughs, for some reason, always bent, and in some severe cases, even kneeling. What for? To that stuck in his throat, dropped out, so to speak, naturally, because the Earth - she is, she attracts.

In other words, all you can do - is to help him bend, and on the back is not clap, but rather a stroke - in the direction from the thoracic vertebrae to the neck. In any case - in a bent position worse he will not.

(Premonition of comments about the reception Geymliha - yes, I know about its existence, but this is from the category of what is necessary to study separately.)

It is the brightest of the error remembered me. I hope someone this knowledge will be useful. Take care of yourself!