Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

In the world there are a lot of expensive things: gold, diamonds, luxury cars and so on. Everything is beautiful, glamorous and, as a rule, always looks attractive. Well, or at least does not cause unpleasant emotions or associations.

However, in today's list, you will learn about the ten incredibly expensive things that can cause an aversion, whether the composition or method of their application. Nevertheless, they exist, and today we will tell you about them.

Especially impressionable better not to read, as in this article refers to vomit, feces and other secretions of the body of both humans and animals.

10. Vomit sperm whale weight: $ 70,000

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

Gary and Angela Williams (Gary and Angela Williams), a couple from the village of Overton (Lancashire, England), while walking along the beach found a valuable piece of ambergris, and now are negotiating with potential buyers to sell it.

Amber, which is nothing but a vomit sperm whale used as preservative perfumes smell, the flavoring greater stability, however, because of its rarity, estimated very expensive. For example, one piece weighing 57 kg, who found British may cost about $ 70,000.

Ambergris is produced in the digestive tract of the sperm whale, in order to facilitate the passage of hard and sharp objects that have been swallowed by animals. By the way, it does not smell all that well. Gary Williams asserts that the smell of amber can be described as "a cross between a squid and manure."

9. Cas Marzio: about $ 100 per pound (0 45 kg)

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

You will discover a new world of disgust, tried a piece of Kasu Marci - "decomposing" cheese-infested living, writhing maggots.

To prepare this particular signature dish, Sardinian cheese cheesemakers use flies that lay eggs in the pecorino cheese. The larvae of flies, releasing enzymes during digestion of the product, the cheese is brought to a state of decay. As a result of this unique fermentation process produces a viscous, sticky, sticky mass, teeming with maggots, which is ready for use. During reception cheese Casu Marzu desirable covering the eyes, since disturbed larvae can jump to a distance of 15 centimeters. If you are too squeamish live larvae, you can put the cheese in a paper bag. Deprived of oxygen larvae jump out of the cheese in an attempt to escape and, when inside everything will calm down, you can safely dive into the bag to try the cheese taste.

Casu Marzu is an illegal product (for obvious reasons), however, this does not mean that it does not produce. This delicacy, without attracting too much attention, can be bought on the "black" market at a price of $ 100 per pound (0, 45 kg).

8. facials using sheep placenta: $ 500

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

Celebrities from Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles to Victoria Beckham crowds go to the beautician Louise Deschamps (Louise Deschamps) on expensive skin care treatments facial using sheep placenta, which, it claims, supports the skin's immune system and helps fight inflammation .

Stem cells in the placenta of animals from which the serum is done to stimulate the growth of new tissue and skin regeneration. With odor similar to "sweat mixed with vinegar", serum effect, nevertheless said giving positive results.

7. The coffee "Kopi Luwak" (Kopi Luwak): $ 90 for a cup of

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

"Kopi Luwak" - is the most expensive coffee in the world. The drink is brewed from coffee cherries that have been eaten, digested and eliminated from the body through bowel movements Indonesian civet, or Asian Palm Civet - small mammals, like a cross between a cat and animal musteline. This coffee can taste, laying out $ 90 for a cup.

Civet live on the plantations, eating at night cherry color fruit of the coffee tree. Under the influence of gastric juice fruits acquire a special taste and aroma, excreted from the body naturally is not overcooked. Asian Palm Civet droppings collected, the beans undergo a process of purification, processing and roasting. Currently, due to the fact that the production of coffee "Kopi Luwak" has acquired an industrial scale, Asian Palm Civet kept in cages on special farms. Since started this madness, there have been several studies on the content of civets in captivity. Critics say that the isolation of animals in cages and feeding them only fruit of the coffee tree - it is cruel and leads to erratic behavior of animals and injuries that they cause themselves.

6. Face mask from bird droppings: $ 180 per procedure

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

Bird poop for cosmetic purposes? Yes, this is exactly what is part of the costly mask on a traditional Japanese recipe: nightingale droppings mixed with rice bran.

both sexes customers every month bring down the shaft to a beauty salon Shizuka New York, to make this process using enzymes from bird droppings, gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it soft and smooth.

It is still relatively rare in the United States, this procedure is extremely popular in Japan, where actors and geishas do it even in the XVII century.

If the cost of this cosmetic procedure, too much for your wallet, you can buy the necessary ingredients online for a much smaller amount and make it your own.

It is also a common misconception that the mask is suitable for any bird droppings, but actually have the effect of having only a mask with nightingale droppings - the representatives of this species of birds eat seeds, producing natural enzymes, which are the active ingredient.

5. The beer of elephant excrement: $ 100 for a bottle of

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

In 2013, the Japanese brewer Sankt Gallen decided to brew a special way - with coffee beans of elephant excrement. Drink called "Un, Kono Kuro" (plays with the word "shit") was sold out in a matter of minutes, in spite of its high price, which is due to the cost of production. For beer used beans cost $ 99 for 35 grams, which have passed through the digestive system of the elephants from Thailand to protect elephants Golden Triangle Foundation (Thailand's Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation). Although initially it all sounds very unpleasant to those who have tried the beer "Un, Kono Kuro", share a very enthusiastic reviews.

4. "Vampire" face lift: 950-1400 dollars per procedure

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

In 2013, Kim Kardashian has published on Twitter a picture taken after the 1500 dollar spa-procedure, which is carried out for rejuvenation and tightening skin.

"Vampire" facelift (Vampire Facelift), trademark Dr. Charles Ranelsa (Charles Runels) from Alabama conducted using blood taken from the patient's vein from which the platelets by centrifugation allocated in platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This plasma is then combined with Restylane (Restylane) and Yuviderm (Juvederm) injected into the face to stimulate collagen production, and to remove wrinkles and acne scars.

The 45-minute "vampire" facelift has become such a hit in Hollywood, that a gift certificate for this painful procedure that year was included in a gift set of "Oscar".

3. Human excreta: $ 13,000 per year

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

It sounds disgusting, but it's worth it. Due to the non-profit organization OpenBiome ( "Public Biome"), you can earn $ 13,000 a year by selling their feces and thereby saving lives.

Yes, that's right - Frozen feces are assigned to patients suffering from pseudomembranous colitis caused by spore anaerobic germ C. difficile.

The bacterium Clostridium difficile can cause severe gastrointestinal disorder that causes extremely unpleasant clinical manifestations, including the duration of diarrhea. Introducing into the intestine of the patient feces taken from healthy donors (by endoscopy, nasal tubes or swallowing capsules), doctors can cure the patient of the disease (85-90% of cases after 1-2 treatments).

Find a donor is quite difficult, and some patients are so desperate that treat themselves faeces of their friends and family members. That is exactly what happened with the other founders of OpenBiome, inspiring them to create the first national bank. So far, they have sent nearly 2,000 drugs in 185 hospitals across the country.

However, it is not easy money. To become a donor, a person must not only be healthy - it has to be really healthy. The procedure for putting "stuff" can be as easy as a normal trip to the toilet, but the donor selection process is extremely zhostok.

2. The bird's nest soup: 40-60 dollars for a bowl of soup

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

bird's nest soup is made from nests of some representatives of individual types of swiftlets. But they do not look like most at nest built of twigs, grass and dirt - these nests entirely of avian hardened saliva. Om-Nom-nom!

Saliva swiftlets has glue-like fibrous texture and is mucoproteins (protein joined to the carbohydrate). It contains a large amount of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Preparing soup or by soaking in a water bath and fed after dissolved in water nest acquiring gelatinous consistency. Vysohnuv, it acquires the consistency of fossilized sponges.

Bird's nest soup is considered a delicacy in China since the days of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 GG BC. E.). Chinese physicians prescribe it as a drug for the treatment of asthma, bronchitis, skin disease and to impart strength. Delicacy worth a whopping 40-60 dollars for a bowl of soup, or $ 2,000 per kilogram of edible nests.

1. Used Kleenex Scarlett Johansson: $ 5,300

Disgusting, but incredibly expensive things

In 2008, the actress Scarlett Johansson used paper napkin was sold at auction for $ 5,300.

How to tell an actress in the television show "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (The Tonight Show with Jay Leno), she caught a cold from his colleagues in the shop of Samuel L. Jackson. Leno gave her a paper napkin, and she blew her nose into it, joking that now this "snotty rag" has value.

Johansson has laid out his handkerchief on eBay the next day, and from the sale of the money donated to a charity "USA Harvest".