Strange and unusual sights in Norway

We continue our virtual journey through a strange and unusual tourist attractions in different countries, and today we're going to get acquainted with Norway!

Most of you may not believe it, but Norway - it is much more than just the ski slopes. If you take some time out to explore the amazing sites of this beautiful mountainous country, it will discover many unexpected.

10. "Troll Language" (Trolltunga), Hordaland

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

If the height and adrenaline - it's yours, then you definitely need to visit the "trolltunga" on Mount Skeggedal (Skjeggedal) near the town of Odda (Odda), towering over the lake Ringedalsvatnat (Ringedalsvatnet).

This stone ledge that resembles its shape language, is located at an altitude of 700 meters. It was formed during the Ice Age, when a large part of the mountain froze and broke off a piece of it.

With this unusual projection offers incredible scenic view, but to get here are only the most physically fit. Climbing the mountain takes several hours. However, even after reaching the "Troll's Tongue", climb onto the ledge solved only the most reckless daredevils.

Hike to the site passes through high mountains and takes 10-12 hours. In total, it will have to cover 23 km (there and back) and climb to an altitude of 900 meters. It is a long and difficult campaign, but the result is worth it!

9. Koragbolten (Kjeragbolten), forsand (Forsand), DC Rogaland (Rogaland Fylke)

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

Koragbolten (with the Norwegian language can be translated as "Koragsky boulder") - is a huge stone, which is wedged in a mountain crevice at the edge of the mountain in Korag Lysefjord.

The very size of 5 m³ cobblestone represents a block of stone, which hangs over a deep chasm in prodigious altitude 984 meters. Despite the spectacular views from this place, you can reach it easily - on foot and without any special equipment. Korag mountain itself is a popular tourist area, and Koragbolten - a favorite destination among tourists photo shoot. However, in this case here, too, raised only the most daring, and only the most desperate climb up a boulder, coming off to enjoy the view of the Lysefjord.

Due to the immense popularity on Koragsky boulder lined up the whole queue of those wishing to make a memorable photo on the site. Waiting may take a few minutes to an hour-plus, so that, going there to stock up not only courage, but also patience.

8. Rock Kannestaynen (Kannesteinen Rock), Malov (Måløy), vågsøy Island

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

Formed over thousands of years of beating about the base of the cliff, Kannesteynen Rock is an impressive rock mushroom-shaped, located on the coast of the countryside Oppendal (Oppedal), approximately 10 kilometers from the city Malov.

The height of the unusual rock formation almost 3 meters and its surface is wide enough to her could fit 3-4 people. Rock Kannesteynen very popular among tourists and among photographers who want to make the scenic and spectacular photos.

7. Bridge Leonardo da Vinci, Akershus (Akershus)

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

Unfortunately, this bridge is built not the Leonardo da Vinci, and the Norwegian artist Veborn Sand (Vebjørn Sand), but for the creation of this unusual structures he used sketches made in 1502 by the Italian genius.

This is a much smaller version of the bridge that Leonardo da Vinci has developed within civil engineering project for Sultan of Constantinople (now Istanbul) Bayezid II. The Sultan rejected the bridge project, which was supposed to build across the bay length of slightly less than 400 m, doubting its practicality.

Norwegian artist has recreated Leonardo da Vinci proposed bridge on a much smaller scale, maintaining its minimalism and design.

6. The Vigeland Museum (Emanuel Vigeland Museum), Oslo

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

This is an amazing work of art is in the building, which is completely absent in natural light, ie sunlight from the street does not come back.

Interior lit room rather weak, and its walls are decorated with pictures of people on the floor to the ceiling, creating a stunning effect.

Large vaulted hall is completely covered with drawings that demonstrate human life from conception to death in detailed sex scenes. The creation of murals total area of ​​800 m², the talented Norwegian artist took 20 years.

5. borgund stave church (Borgund stavkirke)

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

borgund stave church - Stave Church is located in Borgunne, which is one of the oldest surviving churches mast.

Of built in Norway, almost 1,500 wooden temples, most of which were built in the years 1130-1350, has survived a little less than 30.

Stave Church in Borgunne was erected in honor of the Apostle Andrew, presumably in 1150-1180 years.

4. lærdal tunnel (Lærdalstunnelen), Aurland (Aurland)

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

lærdal tunnel, located in the province Sogn og Fjordane and connecting the municipalities of Aurland and Laerdal, is the longest road tunnel in the world - its length is equal to 24, 5 km.

An interesting feature of the tunnel, opened in 2000, is an unusual light, which has been designed in such a way as to create the illusion of daylight. So if you travel from Oslo to Bergen (E16 route) by car, you will be able to personally appreciate this awesome road tunnel.

3 Lookout in Aurland (Aurland Lookout), Bergen

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

This unusual observation deck looks like the most dangerous in the world slide, however, set a thin glass panel at the top of this amazing wooden structure, which does not allow visitors to "slide down".

From the observation deck, located in the 3-hour drive from Bergen, offering stunning views of the Aurland, a small town in the province of Sogn og Fjordane, one of the largest fjords on the west coast of Norway.

Wooden structure observation deck width of 4 meters begins at the side of the road and stretches for 30 meters, providing the ability to see the beauty of local nature.

There is almost always possible to see many tourists, enjoying the opening of the fjord view, so close are special parking places for 2 buses and 10 cars.

2. The Statue of Liberty, Karmøy (Karmøy)

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

No, do not you think, and it's not a mistake. It is here and is the Statue of Liberty. Though not quite true, since it is only a replica of the one in New York. However, the copper from which the real Statue of Liberty, donated by France to the United States of America was cast in 1876, produced in the copper mines from these places.

1. Cemetery Bastnas vehicles (Bastnäs Car Cemetery), Bastnas

Strange and unusual sights in Norway

Most likely, you have repeatedly seen the pictures taken at this point, but until now did not know where it is. Perhaps it is nothing more than the old dump, but for many photographers is - a work of art that will certainly be captured on camera.

This place is located on the Swedish-Norwegian border, about 113 km from Oslo. All the cars that you can see, collected two brothers who understand them the parts and successfully sold to the 80s of the last century. To work was active, they continued to buy up old cars and drove business out of a house built on the field, surrounded by the remains of abandoned vehicles Saab, Volvo, Buick, Ford, Opel, Volkswagen, Fiat and various other brands. Thick forest continued to absorb falls on his way cars, and after nearly 40 years of nature finally won this battle.

One of the owners at the beginning of the 90th left here in search of a better life, while his brother continued to live until 2010. According to him, in the woods Bastnas is 1000 vintage cars.

They say that this collection of cars can cost about 150 thousand dollars, and, excluding the parts, but Bastnas is so far from civilization that most of these machines are unlikely to budge anytime soon.

If you want to go there to take a souvenir from there for something special, the only thing you need is a helicopter and a chainsaw ... to start.