"The Divine Sarah": an amazing actress, who loved and female and male roles

• "Divine Sarah": an amazing actress, who loved and female and male roles

"The Divine Sarah" - this is where the audience called one of the most famous actresses of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Sarah Bernhardt. Uncommon appearance, dramatic talent, the magic power made it known then to the whole world. Chekhov wrote: "Playing it pursues not the natural, and for the extraordinary. Its purpose - to impress, amaze, dazzle ... "

Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt) was born in 1844 in the family of a milliner, a courtesan and a lawyer. Childhood of the future actress was held in an environment of nurses. Girl almost never seen with her mother, t. To. She spent time at balls and receptions with their patrons. At the age of 15 to learn about the true mother's occupation, Sarah Bernhardt rushed to her feet and begged to send to the monastery. Witness this scene was the Duc de Morny, another admirer of the mother. He said that the girl did not place in the monastery, and in the theater. In his patronage took Sarah to the National Academy of music and recitation, and the "Comedie Francaise" Theater 2 years.

Due to the great dramatic roles executable and tragic reincarnations, actress audience dubbed "Divine Sarah". Bowed before her audiences all over Europe, Russia, North and South America. Everywhere it was showered with precious gifts, dedicated poems.

As a rule, the actress takes liberties, but Sarah Bernhardt to shock the audience by their behavior, not only on stage, but in life. Even in his youth, when the actress had been ill with tuberculosis, she begged her mother to buy her a coffin made of mahogany. She was afraid that she was buried in some ugly coffin. In consequence of Sarah Bernhardt drove the coffin on all tours. She slept in it, rehearsed roles posed for photographers, in general, considered him their mascot.

In the house, the actress had a lot of unusual things. On the walls were stuffed birds with skulls in their beaks, from pets were present cheetah, crocodile, chameleon.

In addition to the female roles actress brilliantly coped with the male part. The role of Napoleon's son in the play "Eaglet" Rostand admired public. A party for the performance of 20-year-old boys viewers called Sarah Bernhardt (which at that time was 56 years old) on 30 bis time.

With the advent of cinema, Sarah Bernhardt was the first who took part in the filming. At that time, the actress was far from a middle-aged woman, and the camera shows all her wrinkles. After watching the film with his participation, "Lady of the Camellias" Sarah Bernhardt longer starred in the films.

In 1905, during a performance at the theater of Rio de Janeiro, Sarah Bernhardt injured his knee. The injury was serious. By 1915, due to the gangrene she had to amputate the entire right leg. Actress even offered $ 10,000 for to demonstrate her limb to a doctor, but she refused. Despite the lack of legs, the woman did not stop their performances until 1922.

In 1923, the actress did not. Even the script of his funeral, she developed herself. The six young and beautiful actors of the theater carried her coffin, and the road on which there was a funeral procession, was strewn with camellias - favorite colors of Sarah Bernhardt.

Sarah Bernhardt - the most famous actress of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.