Rina Green: small roles big actress

• Rina Green: small roles big actress

April 1, 1991 was not a great actress, Queen episode, Rina Green. Her role was small, but memorable. The phrase of every episode, played by an actress, then became a cruise. Rina Green starred in more than 80 tapes, voiced dozens of cartoon and until his death did not lose a sense of humor, surprising interlocutors sparkling aphorisms.

Rina Green: small roles big actress Rina Green: small roles big actress

Ekaterina (Rina) Green was born in Tashkent. The exact date of his actress did not know, so to celebrate the birthday of four times a year. "Whether a girl, or a boy" - so spoke about a little glib Kate neighbors. She climbs trees, gets into all sorts of scrapes, in general, he behaved like a naughty boy. Besides festivals Green had to make music instead of her elder sister Musi, which ran from classes. That lesson did not pass in vain, Catherine Green caught on the street and locked with the teacher. The girl did not like a class, but they are very useful in her future.

Rina Green: small roles big actress

Arish - housekeeper by Rina Green ( "The Foundling", 1939)

Green later the family moved to Moscow, t. To. The father was transferred to the service. In 1919, Rina Green graduated from the Moscow Theater School, but due to the Civil War, the family moved to Odessa. There aspiring actress settled in Odessa theater of "moles" ( "confraternity Knights Acute Theater"). Once before another premiere name Catherine Green does not fit on the poster I had to cut it down to "Rina". And there was a sonorous pseudonym.

Rina Green: small roles big actress

Rina Green in the role of a singer in the restaurant "Dandelion" ( "Give me a complaints book", 1964)

In parallel with the theater Rina Green began to act in films. However, the role of her battered absolutely tiny, insignificant. But each of them she tried to breathe life, to make the character memorable. Almost after every episode, played by Rina Green, born catch phrase:

"Under my bed is an unexploded bomb. No, no, it does not bother me. I just wanted to know whether it can be washed with soap? "(Meeting on the Elbe, 1949)

"These lips right now are not!" (Spring, 1947)

"From the place I will not leave until I die! And I'm not going to die soon! "(Foreigner, 1965)

Again, the same together with the Rina Green Agnia Barto wrote the script for the film "The Foundling", and she got the role of housekeeper.

Rina Green: small roles big actress

Rina Green Turtles as tortilla ( "The Adventures of Pinocchio", 1975).

The unique ability to say "baby" voice Rina Green opened the way for the articulation of animated films. It can be heard in such animated films as "Far Far Away kingdom Vovk," "Who says" Meow? "" Mom to mammoth "and dozens of others.

Rina Green: small roles big actress

Rina Green in the image of Mrs. Hudson ( "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.")