How to teach a child to clean up after an 8 concrete steps

At first, you try to ignore it. But sooner or later in your home a long and painful war for the clean room to be announced. I'm not exaggerating - if the advance does not take action, teaching a child to clean up after a toy can result unless it is not in the bloodshed.

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How to teach a child to clean up after an 8 concrete steps

Be prepared for tears, threats, bargaining, excuses, demands something in return, and promises to do everything later. More than once you will want to throw in the towel and very spread out toys on the shelves. I've lost count how often my husband - our family peacemaker - asking whether it's all worth it. "They're just children - one 3, the other - 6. Do you think that you demand too much of them?"

But I did not give up. If I'm not going to expect more from them, who will? Sooner or later, my kids tell me thank you for it. So I reasoned.

The battle lasted for several months. Several times I spent just a few hours to get my way. But now, after almost a year, I know that I can confine the words "Please shalt in his room," and my request is granted. From all this, I myself made a few lessons.

Set an example

It would be strange to expect from the child cleanliness, if I do not force myself to keep the house clean. Of course, the house is not always perfect order, but I regularly spend enough time to make it clean and comfortable in it. My girls can see how I get out, almost every day, and sometimes even help me with this. Our rule - make sure that every morning began with the order in the apartment.

Be consistent

Often in the evening, we were so tired that we do not have sufficient strength for cleaning. But every morning, we start with the fact that clean up after themselves. Even in those days, when we really do not want. Even if we have a lot of other things. Even if there is so much around. Good or bad, but it has already become our habit. I think someday my girls will do it without hesitation. So far, however, you need to remind them. But that's what is important: it is the day we begin with the cleaning. They and me. This is the key to solving the problem. It would be easier to remove all the most as they have watched TV. But I never make them for their work.

Be firm

This means that the answer is "No" is not accepted under any circumstances. My children every day learn to make one simple thing - as long as they are children, they have to listen to me. They understand that I'm waiting for them to perform the work which I have asked them to do, no more and no less. From the first time, no disputes, complaints and excuses. We've got no democracy, no negotiations.

Get rid of unnecessary things

Try to remove - the attic, in the garage ... - part of their toys, as I did this past summer. You can not imagine how the children themselves become easier after this live. But children - like magnets, they seem to attract new toys, parts, pieces of paper, and it all adds up over and over again. Therefore, discarding unnecessary, it is helpful to be a little cynical. All sorts of papers and debris must be disposed of in general almost immediately (when the kids do not see it).

Harvesting things should be easy to

My girls to get out is very simple, because everyone in their room has its own "house". Clothes hanging low enough that they can do it to hang, toys and games, each "attributed" to his shelf or box.

Let it be fun to

I admit that cleaning is not always fun. But we must try to make the process fascinated children. For example, arrange a competition: who quickly retracts - kids in my room, or my mother in the rest of the apartment. Or turn on the music, to be able to collect toys and dance.

Share a tip

Children do not always understand what they want from adults. Explain what you mean when you ask for clean up. I showed her daughters how to hang clothes, put pajamas, how to check whether things are soiled. Together we learned how to "scan" the room for stale at the corners of toys to check whether something under the bed is not the sunset. I showed them where to put trash and dirty dishes that should not be left in their room. However, they are still reluctant to lay my requests bed.

Be discreet

Never expect from children of the ideal order. Even if they tried very hard. When I ask them to do something, I expect them to do will make every effort, but the result might not be as if this business came from myself. On the contrary, if the coca-day, they tidied better than usual, they should be commended for it.