9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

The film "The Last House on the Left" was preceded by a large marketing company, which said the audience: "This is - just a movie" ... But how will you feel if these films are based on real events? Below - a selection of creepy real events, which later became the basis for some really scary movies.

Wolf Creek

"Wolf Creek" - is the Australian horror film about three tourists, whose paths crossed with a serial killer Mick Taylor. It was a terrible monster who roamed the Australian outback in search of new victims to kill them and remove their skin.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

However, the "pitfalls" there is a real basis: it is loosely based on the series of murders committed by a serial killer named Ivan Milatos. Like its counterpart in the film, Milatos preyed on tourists in the Australian outback. He grew up there was a hunter, and he used his skills to do terrible things.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

Milatos denied any involvement in the killings, even when it was discovered a few half-decayed bodies. The bodies were discovered evidence that all these people died a horrible death. Many of its victims Milatos inflicted stab in the base of the spine, causing paralysis. After that he either shot motionless people, or beat, and then beheaded them. From his hand killed at least seven people. July 27, 1997, the year Milatos was sentenced to seven life terms plus 18 years.

The girl next door

In the movie "Girl Next Door", based on the novel by Jack Ketchama, the story is told by David Moran, a banker on Wall Street. He reflects on a very difficult period of his childhood, when he met the two sisters - Mack and Susan. After his parents died, they moved to live with his aunt. Aunt, played by Blanche Baker, was a complete psychopath, which began to torment Meg. To make matters worse, it began to encourage other children to participate in this.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

The film was created based on a real murder Leykens Sylvia, who lived in 1965 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Parents left Sylvia and her sister in the care of a nanny named Gertrude Baniszewski. We paid her $ 20 a week. Do not get one of the payments on time, Baniszewski has transformed the lives of girls in hell, and Sylvia was the main target of bullying.

Baniszewski called their children and other children from the neighborhood torturing Sylvia. First she blew out of her skin with cigarettes, then came to beatings and sexual abuse. In the end, Sylvia was locked in the house, like a prison. Then Sylvia overheard Baniszewski says 14-year-old neighbor named Richard Hobbs about how she plans to leave the girl in the woods blindfolded, for what she was trying to escape. Sylvia seized, tied, then Baniszewski using sewing needles written on girls stomach letter "i".

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

Then she gave the needle Hobbs, who offered to cut on the chest girls phrase "I am a prostitute and proud of it." Sylvia died as a result of a strong blow to the head October 26, 1965-year. When police arrived, they found her body lying on the filthy mattress.

It was evident that it starved to death, the whole body was covered with bruises, and there were more than 100 cigarette burns. Baniszewski, her son John, daughter of Paul, a friend of floors Coy Hubbard and Richard Hobbs were arrested on charges of murder. Baniszewski was convicted of first-degree murder. Paul was convicted of manslaughter. Teens also were found guilty of manslaughter, and their prison sentences ranged from 2 to 21 years.

The Exorcist

One of the most shocking and genuinely scary movies - a film by William Friedkin's "The Exorcist." Released in 1973, the film tells about 12-year-old girl named Regan, who became obsessed with an ancient demon. Two Catholic priests try to exorcise the demon from the body of the girl.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

At the author of the novel on which the film is based, the idea to write it arose after the incident, which occurred with a boy named "Roland Doe" or "Robbie Mannheim." He was born probably in 1936, and lived in Maryland with his family, which began to notice associated strange phenomena, such as spontaneously moving pictures and scratching sounds.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

In 1949, two Catholic priests from St. Louis had a few rites of exorcism. When they did that, the boy began to speak Latin, but never knew the language. He also began to spit, and a rash on his skin suddenly changed, and from it formed the words and numbers.

Years later, Walter Helloran, one of the priests involved in the exorcism, told that the boy may have simply repeated the Latin, which the priest told him. He really spit, and it really was a red rash, but it does not take many forms.


In the movie "The Man-Moth" starring Richard Gere life reporter John Klein turns into chaos when he and his wife get into a car accident. He is haunted by the image of a large creature with large red eyes and gray wings. This creature he saw before the accident.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

Then John is in Point Pleasant, West Virginia, at the same time he does not remember how he got there. Once there, he begins to investigate other cases of observations of this enigmatic creature. Klein soon realizes that being always appears before the tragedy.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

In the trailer for the film said that "Man-Moth" is based on real events. Starting from 15 November 1966 to 15 December 1967, dozens of people in Point Pleasant reported that they saw a large creature resembling a giant mole, with large red eyes. All of these observations have taken place on the eve of the collapse of the bridge Silver Bridge. He collapsed during rush hour, killing 48 people. According to some, a giant "mole" was sent to warn locals about the impending catastrophe. After the bridge collapsed, "moth" in Point Pleasant is no longer seen.

Children's game

In this horror film serial killer, voodoo practitioner named Charles Lee Ray, killed in a toy store. His soul is moved to a nearby doll, and the doll then gets into the hands of 6-year-old boy Andy. Doll called Chucky, and she begins to kill, and the soul of the murderer, contained in it, trying to take possession of the body of Andy.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

It sounds crazy, but at Chucky was a prototype - a real doll named Robert. In 1903 3-year-old Robert Eugene Otto received the doll from a servant of the Bahamas. Otto named the doll after himself, and since then they have been inseparable. Shortly thereafter, the parents, Otto began to hear two voices coming out of the bedroom boy. One voice belonged to Otto, the second - no.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

Every time the parents were in the room, everything was in order. Otto grew up, married, but did not get rid of her dolls. She was sitting in his room, in a house in the West Keys, Florida. Passing by the house of the children swore that the doll sometimes looks at them from the windows, and from different. In the mid 70s, Otto and his wife died, and the house where was Robert, the new tenants moved. They say that from time to time hear giggles, and doll's face has changed dramatically. In 1994, Robert was transferred to the Key West Museum, and was placed under a glass case, where it can be seen today.

Open Sea

This low-budget film of 2003 based on a terrible story. What happens if you go scuba diving in the middle of the sea, and the boat, which you dive, will leave without you? But that's what happened to a married couple from Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

January 25, 1998-year, 34-year-old Tom Lonergan and his 29-year-old wife Eileen joined the group of divers who went to St Crispin Reef, part of the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Boat with divers gone before Lonergan emerged to the surface. No one noticed that the couple was gone, of them remembered only two days later, when they found the bag on the boat. After that, the search operation was launched, but no trace was found a pair. They are believed to have drowned in the sea.


In this film, a young couple is in an isolated house. Their terrorizes a group of strange people in masks, with the clear intent to kill. The promotional trailer of the film claimed that it was based on real events. One of the real prerequisites for this film were the family Manson murders and the parallels with their history well traced in the film: Manson family stabbed seven people broke into their home.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

However, the basis for the film and is another, no less horrific crime, which is known as "murder in a hut Teddy."

In 1981, in the Sierra Nevada, California, Sue Sharpe and her five children in the period of two months we have rented a small house in the popular resort Caddy. On the morning of April 12 Sue, her 16-year-old son and his 17-year-old friend were found bound with tape and wires.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

All of them were killed, the bodies showed signs of severe beatings. All the furniture in the room was broken, the walls of the room were stained with blood. Body found 14-year-old daughter, Sue, who was sleeping in another house in the night of the murder. To date, this murder is still unsolved.


The second film, released in 2006, the year, and also based on a novel by Jack Ketchama called "Lost." It tells the story of a psychopath and charismatic teenager named Ray Pye (Marc Senter). Pai - 20-year-old man of small stature, is popular among teenage girls. One night, during a hike with his friends Pai kills two innocent girls from the nearby camping and make his friends to help him cover up the crime. A year later, friends still did not talk about his crimes, but the mentality of the Unit can not stand, and he was going mad.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

The prototype Ray Pye served as Charles Schmid, a popular and wealthy 22-year-old young man, who lived in the city of Tucson, Arizona, in 1964. Schmid was also short, and wore shoes with high soles to look taller. And he put on face makeup to hide a birthmark.

May 31, 1964, the year Schmid girlfriend named Mary French and her friend John Saunders introduced him to the 16-year-old Eileen Rowe. After some time, Schmid raped Row, and then beat her to death and dumped the body of a high cliff. Then French and Saunders helped him bury the body of the murdered.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

A year later, Rowe's body still has not been found, and no one knew where to look, but Schmid admitted his new girlfriend, Gretchen Fritz that he killed Rowe. In August of 1965 Schmid was going to break up with Gretchen, but when he tried to do so, she stated that she would go to the police and tell about the murder. Gretchen Fritz Schmid strangled, and then killed her 13-year-old sister Wendy. Their bodies were then buried it in the desert. Once Schmid showed the burial place of a friend, who went to the police. Schmid was sentenced to life imprisonment, and three times tried to escape. March 20, 1970, the year Schmid was killed in prison.

The city, which feared decline

"City, who feared the sunset" - a film category "Bed and", which takes place in a small town in Arkansas. The story tells how a man wearing a white hood, killing random people for four months.

9 real-life stories, which took off in Hollywood thrillers

The film was put murder that took place in 1946 in Texarkana for 10 weeks. Man using a pistol caliber 0, 32, shot eight people. Only three of them survived. Two of the survivors said that "Phantom" was wearing a mask of white cloth with holes for eyes. All these murders are still unsolved.