Expensive but good. 5 most expensive military operations since 1950

Expensive but good. 5 most expensive military operations since 1950

Vladimir Putin this week said that the main part of the Ministry of Defense spending on Syrian videoconferencing operation was about 33 billion rubles ($ 464 million). To understand a lot or a little, RIA Novosti news agency prepared an overview of the most expensive military operations XX and XXI centuries (not counting the two world wars).

Leader in the number of operations carried out outside its own territory, is the United States. According to the Congressional Research Service (Congressional Research Service), during the existence of the country US forces on their own or as part of international coalitions around 250 times participated in such conflicts.

5. The NATO operation in Yugoslavia - $ 43 billion

The war in Kosovo ended with a 78-day operation of NATO "Allied Force" (Operation Allied Force), in which a blow Allied aircraft were military targets and civilian infrastructure of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (FRY). Estimated Bi-BBC journalists and military experts of the British publisher Jane's, the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia were worth about $ 43 billion.

Expensive but good. 5 most expensive military operations since 1950

Bombordirovka Belgrade by NATO forces in 1999

During Operation Allied aircraft dropped more than 23 thousand bombs had destroyed about half of the production capacity of the FRY, caused total damage, which British experts estimated at one billion dollars, and the Serb - to $ 29, 6 billion. Immediately NATO bombardment cost less than 10% of the total cost, a major loss was downed aircraft American fighter, whereas most funds go to Serbia allied recovery operation. According to the Yugoslav authorities, in the "allied forces" killed more than 1,700 civilians, about 10 000 were seriously injured.

Expensive but good. 5 most expensive military operations since 1950

Kosovo area near Pristina, was destroyed during the 1998-1999 conflict.

4. The Gulf War. "Operation Desert Storm" - $ 102 billion

The Gulf War of 1990-1991 can be called one of the most fleeting of military conflict in US history. Military operation of the coalition of multinational forces led by the United States under the name of "Desert Storm" (Desert Strike) lasted 42 days and ended with the liberation of Kuwait and the withdrawal of Iraqi troops. "Desert Storm" is the first illustration of the methods of the new generation of high-tech wars, which subsequently emulated by the West. In the Gulf War the international coalition, the main striking force of which was the US Army, in a big way used military aircraft, "smart" precision-guided weapons and electronic warfare. According to the Congressional Research Service, the operation has cost America $ 102 billion and claimed 298 human lives (many of the losses were due to the fire on his).

3. Operation in North Korea - $ 341 billion

June 25, 1950, North Korean troops crossed the 38th parallel and launched an attack on South Korea. On the same day, members of the UN Security Council promptly decided to "Korean question", taking advantage of a boycott of the Soviet delegation - by nine votes "for" adopted a resolution proposed by the US military aid to South Koreans. Peninsula went overland UN troops, mostly consisting of US soldiers and is actually under the command of General Douglas MacArthur. China's intervention allowed the troops to North Korea to play the position, and the war dragged on for three years. In fact, it ended with the signing of the ceasefire agreement in 1953, but the peace treaty between North and South Korea have not yet been signed. One of the biggest battles of the war was the Battle of Taegu, during which the Allied air forces carried out the most ambitious operation after the Normandy landings. Hundred bomber B-29 dropped over 3 million pyatisotfuntovyh (230 kg) and 150 tysyachefuntovyh (450 kg) bombs. Participation in the Korean War cost the United States $ 341 billion and around 34,000 human losses.

2. The Vietnam War - $ 738 billion

In 1965, the North Vietnamese guerrillas attacked a US military facilities in Pleiku, and the United States launched Operation "Rolling Thunder" (Rolling Thunder) - the longest campaign of the Air Force to bomb after the Second World War. Air strikes on North Vietnam were worth the White House about $ 900 million. During the Vietnam War the country was about 550 thousand American soldiers. The Vietnam War lasted eight years and cost US $ 738 billion and more than 58,000 victims.

About this war is written, more literature than on any other involving the US, "the Vietnamese theme" filmed more than 500 films, recreating the mythology of the campaign, which has left an indelible mark in the minds of American society. One consequence of Washington's involvement in the war was the "Vietnam syndrome", expressed in the refusal of many Americans to support the conduct of the armed forces and the risk of long-term military campaigns.

Expensive but good. 5 most expensive military operations since 1950

1. The war against terrorism (Iraq, Afghanistan - according to various estimates, from 1 to 6 trillion dollars)

After the attacks of September 11, 2001, US President George W. Bush launched the "war on terror" - the operation "Enduring Freedom", which was conducted in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen, Indonesia and the Philippines. In 2010, the Research Service of the US Congress estimated the costs for conducting operations against terrorism in $ 1, 147 trillion, but when assessing the researchers did not take into account the cost of treatment, rehabilitation of war, payment of disability benefits and pensions, as well as the interest that the government has to pay on loans on the conduct of the war. It drew attention to the Government's John F. Kennedy School at Harvard: they estimated the US involvement in the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in the amount of $ 4 to $ 6 trillion, making the "war on terror" the most expensive conflict in US history. In World War II, is considered the most expensive campaign in US history, America has spent $ 3 trillion. In 2015, researchers at the non-governmental organization National Priorities Project estimated that every hour, on average, Americans spend $ 4 million on the operation in Afghanistan. Both campaigns with varying intensity is still going on.

Not without abuse field: for example, Congress authorized inspector general for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko told the Financial Times of billions "of stolen or wasted wasted" dollars. For example, for $ 43 million of taxpayers' money the Pentagon built in northern Afghanistan, "the most expensive gas station in the world" in order to demonstrate the efficiency of compressed natural gas for vehicle refueling.

Expensive but good. 5 most expensive military operations since 1950