Interesting facts about Maine coons

Interesting facts about Maine coons

Due to its large size and sociability, Maine Coon gained fame "gentle giants" among cats. Maine Coon - friendly pets that are easy to adapt to different environments, like to be with people and have a habit of following the master, but could not call them intrusive.

They have kept the Mouser skills, playful, affectionate, intelligent and easy to train. As a rule, even in adulthood, they love to play like kittens.

This large animals

Interesting facts about Maine coons

Some people confuse Maine Coon lynx because of their large size. Females Maine coon can reach a weight on average from 4 to 7 kg, males of 6 to 8 kg, but may weigh even more. Many believe Maine Coons largest breed of cats, but they are somewhere between the Norwegian forest cats that weigh about 7 kg, and Ragdoll breed, which can reach a weight of up to 9 kg.

They have an interesting origin

Interesting facts about Maine coons

The name cat "Maine Coon" due to the state of Maine, USA, where they have appeared. According to an unscientific version Maine Coons are the result of cross-breeding of semi-wild cats and raccoons (from the English word "racoon" -. Raccoon). According to another theory, Maine Coons are descendants of six domestic cats, which Queen Marie Antoinette were transported to Maine, when planning to escape from France during the French Revolution.

More plausible version, however, is that furry pets are descended from domestic cats mating short-haired and long-haired cats that brought the Vikings in America. Genetic testing showed that Maine Coons are descendants of Norwegian Forest cats and enigmatic extinct domestic species.

They are "dressed" for the winter

Interesting facts about Maine coons

Maine Coons are able to tolerate harsh winters due to their development of such features as large paws with tufts of hair between the pads that serve them "snowshoes" as well as fluffy and thick tail, which they wrap around the body when they are cold.

Crown feature Maine coon is dense, water repellent coat that is longer in the abdomen, and the collar sides. These sites help maine coon retain heat when they sit or walk on snow or ice. On the shoulders they have a short coat that allows them to pass through the woods, not clinging to the branches and bushes.

Colors Maine Coon

Interesting facts about Maine coons

Maine Coon cats are usually associated with a brown color, like raccoons. In fact, they come in different colors and patterns, including the smoky, creamy, mackerel and tortoiseshell. But according to the Cat Fanciers Association standards (CFA) are not recognized breeds with purple, and chocolate Siamese color seal-point, since it speaks of hybridization.

Maine Coon starred in the Harry Potter films

Interesting facts about Maine coons

The female Maine Coon named Pebbls was one of three cats, who played in the Harry Potter film, appearing in the role of a cat Argus Filch - Mrs. Norris.

Pebbls was discovered in a shelter for cats in the south-west of England. It is not as well to respond to complex training, the other cat and actors, but moved well on the set and stop on command.

Maine Coon cloned for commercial purposes

Interesting facts about Maine coons

In 2004, the Maine Coon named Little Nicky (Little Nicky) was the first cat cloned for commercial purposes. After the pet Little Nicky died at the age of 17, his mistress Julie from Dallas kept its tissue in the genetic bank.

She paid $ 50 000 a California company Genetic Savings & Clone, Inc. (Cloning and Genetic Conserve) cat DNA for transplantation into an egg. Surrogate mother endured embryo and gave birth to a kitten-like in appearance and temperament of your pet on a woman. However, in 2006 the company engaged in cloning cats and dogs, closed.

the world's Maine Coon cat was the longest

Interesting facts about Maine coons

The Record's longest domestic cat belonged to the 8-year-old Maine Coon Stewie, before he died of cancer in 2013. In the fully extended state length thereof was 123 cm from nose to tail.

Maine Coon cat is the oldest in the world

Interesting facts about Maine coons

Ivory Velvet, is formally Maine Coon half that 1 August 2015 marks 26 years, is the oldest cat in the world according to the Guinness Book of Records.

Maine Coons love water

Interesting facts about Maine coons

This is probably due to their dense, waterproof fur, but for some reason, the Maine Coons love water. At that time, the other cats try to stay away from the water treatment, the Maine Coon likely to jump into the water.

Some Maine Coons 6 feet fingers

Interesting facts about Maine coons

Ernest Hemingway, a great lover of cats were the Maine Coon with six fingers.

At an early stage of development of the breed, in Maine Coons often it had polydactyly, meaning they were born with extra toes on their paws. Some experts estimate that about 40 percent of the first Maine Coons had this feature. She has appeared thanks to a genetic mutation that helped these cats to use their legs as "snowmobile" during the snowy winters.

But thanks to the development of cat owner associations that cats with polydactyly disqualified from participation in exhibitions, this feature was seen as undesirable, and the number of Maine Coon with 6 fingers gradually decreased.

Price Maine Coon

Price kittens Maine coon, usually ranges from 30 000 to 80 000 rubles, or 800 dollars or euros. Kittens is better to buy in nurseries, where it is engaged in this breed.

Interesting facts about Maine coons Interesting facts about Maine coons Interesting facts about Maine coons Interesting facts about Maine coons