Rules of Life Patrick Swayze

• Rules of Life Patrick Swayze

Rules of Life Patrick Swayze

I am a Leo Zodiac signs, the lion - it is a big and important part of me.

I grew up in Texas, the seat of rednecks, and walked c Gym shoes in a bag and a violin under his arm. I can not say that I had it easy.

MY father grew up on a ranch. He was a man of the earth, very gentle and soft, but it was not worth the anger. It was the energy of a Southerner - if he stopped for a moment to be polite and changed the tone, it was necessary to immediately flee.

My father taught me that in his youth is perceived as a cliché, but with time you realize how important this is: integrity, passion, hard work.

"Dirty Dancing" thundered not because I moved there great ass, but because it is a funny Jewish girl acquired tough guy - in this case it was not sexy, but she had a big heart.

I'm a chameleon. I may be crazy, conservative, evil, clever, ignorant, gay, boy, girl. Oh, my God, and I, too, is characteristic of femininity.

MY SISTER VICKI LOVED ME to change clothes and called "my little sister Suzy."

In Africa, the shooting of the film "King Solomon's Mines," I made friends with an elephant named Harry. I treated him as their horses - with lots of love and trust. On the way home I pulled up his Land Rover and shouted: "Harry!" He came to me, stopped the car, put his trunk in and hugged me - Harry did not want me to leave! Then I began to seriously think about how to arrange at his ranch sanctuary for elephants. MOST actresses for the moment when they become movie stars - this evil woman with bad character.

In neznaek infinite potential for growth, and we simply do not know-alls it.

I tried everything: and went to a psychoanalyst, and to it and realized that ninety-eight percent of the hundred they just read to you a tutorial.

One day I went for something in the hardware store, he saw that someone came from the neighboring car and followed the dude in the store, like a zombie, having no idea who it is. Here between us I got a great Indian, and I realized that I go on the heels of Marlon Brando as a typical fan. I for some reason, said, "I just finished working with Francis Ford Coppola - and immediately thought: - What are you doing, you idiot! He is suing Francis "I kept him to go and something to chant, and I felt as if I had come to a psychotherapist at the reception - he just listened to me. Finally I stopped and said: "Excuse me, I'm terribly ashamed of it all." He finally turned and said, "Hey, son, I see something in your eyes, do not lose it, believe in yourself." And I remember for a lifetime, even in the bad times thinking, "Marlon Brando saw something in my eyes!"

I like to think that I have a lot of guardian angels who talk the legs, sitting on my shoulder, one of them - my father.

WHEN my wife had a miscarriage, some lousy journalists about it found out, and the next day, when I spoke at the ceremony, "Grammy", asked me: "So, Patrick, how do you feel about the fact that died yesterday your child? "If I could at the time to get to them, I would upekli to prison for life. WRONG, that someone pay for what they inflict pain on others.

IF you really love someone, and then you die, you take away this love with you, because it is, in general, all that you can take.

Women all want men to be more sensitive, and then they go and write songs, "Where did all the cowboys?".

At some point I realized that dance is saving me from depression. When dancing, everything seems to be not so bad.

I have three SIMPLE RULES Barney. Number one - do not underestimate his opponent, expect the unexpected. Two - to solve problems on the street, do not start nothing to find out at the bar. Three - be nice.

I would like to hold out until until not invented a cure for cancer.

HOW YOU teach yourself optimistic about the future, when statistics stubbornly insists that you are already dead? You go to work.

WHY I'm not going to do so is to pursue life struggles. If that devote all the time, just not survive.

I am not afraid of death, I was just going home.