15 interesting facts about the "queen of cereals" - buckwheat

• 15 interesting facts about the "queen of cereals" - buckwheat

Buckwheat - a unique herb. Unpretentious in the process of maturation, gives excellent crop without any fertilizer was itself "cope" with the weeds, which simply did not grow up among the buckwheat.

Undemanding plant blends in simplicity of the food. Buckwheat is easy to cook, and do not even need to stir it, and can generally be combined with almost everything: dried fruit, fresh fruit, milk, meat, nuts, vegetables or mushrooms.

15 interesting facts about the

The story behind the "queen of cereals" - buckwheat.

Buckwheat is an environmentally friendly product. Because of this, you can not worry about its quality, and during its growth does not require absolutely no fertilizer. All this makes buckwheat really natural and healthy products without any chemicals

Buckwheat uplifting. It is proved that buckwheat consumption leads to an improvement of mental and emotional state of the brain and, of course, a wonderful mood.

Buckwheat fills the vital energy. In India and China it is believed that with the help of buckwheat can affect the biological point in the body, so for the prevention of various diseases are advised to walk on the mat, which is scattered buckwheat.

Buckwheat helps insomnia. At least, that buckwheat husk filled with special pillows for insomnia

Buckwheat is a low-yielding grains. There is a version that's why it is not common in Europe and throughout the rest of the world, where each hectare of land in the account. Buckwheat also gives 4 to 10 tons per hectare, whereas the figure, on average, brings to 60 quintals per hectare, and in the rice-growing countries, this figure can grow up to 150 kilograms. Buckwheat - a valuable source of protein. It contains 18 essential amino acids, and the protein is similar in composition to the balanced proteins of chicken eggs and powdered milk. In addition, buckwheat is much easier to digest meat products due to its vegetable origin.

Buckwheat is a part of Japan's national cuisine. It was there that produced from buckwheat noodles buckwheat "soba", which is popular in many restaurants in Japan.

Buckwheat can not be mixed with sugar. Unfortunately, the sugar will neutralize all the benefits of buckwheat and only if you are a true sweet tooth, you can replace it with honey. But it is better to avoid these sugary components.

Buckwheat fried before cooking. Many seasoned travelers roasted buckwheat porridge before going, because after cooking buckwheat becomes much tastier, getting more pronounced pleasant aftertaste.

Buckwheat is ideal for diets. Surprisingly, the concentration of vitamins and minerals in buckwheat 1, 5-3 times higher than any other cereals. All of these nutrients help speed up the metabolism, leading to weight loss, but from the body displays all the excess liquid. That is why the buckwheat diet is so popular.

Buckwheat contains three of the eight essential amino acids the body (threonine, lysine, tryptophan), making it an indispensable product for those who, for whatever reasons, do not consume meat or uses it in minimal quantities. In addition, buckwheat is much better absorbed by the meat products. In addition to various amino acids buckwheat contains vitamin PP group, vitamin P (rutin), oxalic, malic, maleic and citric acid. Vitamins strengthen the blood vessels, maintain and improve their elasticity, reduce permeability. The object of resolving acids is acid-base balance of the digestive tract, which prevents the accumulation of salts in the body and contributes to their conclusion.

Special attention should be contained in buckwheat lipotropic substances. Their function is to protect the liver from degeneration (in particular, of cirrhosis), improvement of the cardiovascular system and of the pancreas.

The use of buckwheat favorable effect on blood sugar levels. The level will rise gradually without threatening the health of jumps.

Buckwheat displays the body of harmful cholesterol, which is particularly important for the elderly. It is with the age of the vessels increases the amount of cholesterol plaque, which leads to a reduction in their permeability, decrease in blood circulation in the brain, and even more serious consequences.

In addition to cholesterol buckwheat stimulates the removal of toxins.

The presence of iron in buckwheat groats can help people suffering from anemia.