"Boa" - the main principle of Indian Railways

• "boa" - the main principle of Indian Railways

India ranks second in the world in terms of the length of the tracks. And each passenger could travel across the country from the comfort of the Buddha, if they were, most of these passengers were not so many. Daily trains in India are 23 million passengers. In Russia, by the way, this figure is only 2, 75 million.

As a result, a number of people do not fit into the cars in the usual form (ie, inside). Indian citizens solve this problem is quite simple: they stuck to transport outside and genuinely happy, if not a finger could be hooked over the skin.

Trains in India - the most that neither is a traditional transport. Between New Delhi and Rajasthan still runs the oldest train in the world, built in 1855.

Today the population of India - 1, 2 billion people. And all of them dearly love trains.

Indian Railways - the largest employer in the country. According to official data, today half a million people work for the benefit of the most popular vehicles.

Everyday Indian depot leave 11 thousand compositions.

The length of the Indian Railways - 114 thousand kilometers.

The speed of the fastest trains in India, which follows the route New Delhi - Bhopal, is 140 km / h.

But the speed of the slowest - 9 km / h. At this speed, people will have time to jump off the train and come back.

Do not think that travel on Indian trains not subject to the rules. For example, in each car must necessarily be four windows, which will serve as emergency exits in the event of an accident.

The most problematic route to India - Guwahati - Trivandrum. The train can hold as much as 12 hours.

Railway Station New Delhi recognized the biggest railway junction in the world and entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

The longest haul non-stop in the country - on the line Trivandrum - Nizamuddin. Between adjacent stops Vadodara and Kota - six and a half hours of travel.

But the route Howrah - Amritsar entire 115 stops.

In India, there is a station, the name of which can not be compared even the same Icelandic volcano. It's called "Venkatanarasimharayuvaripeta".

But there is a station with the name easier. For example, the station "IB" near Dzharsugudy.