That's why your phone is constantly discharged

• That's why your phone is constantly discharged

With the help of this great collection of tips, we solved the problem forever discharging phones and recommend our readers to carefully read it - it is quite possible you are also doing something wrong.

That's why your phone is constantly discharged

1. You always charge the phone for 100%

Experts say that the optimum charge level of the battery for safety - from 30% to 80%. It is better to charge the phone several times during the day to maintain just such a balance.

2. Do you allow the phone to "die"

Every time charge your battery extremely small, it is bad. So you reduce the capacity of its battery.

Experts say that to bring the battery to 0% is necessary once in two months. It is important for its calibration. But often - not worth it!

3. Do you allow the battery to overheat

Battery iPhone and other smartphones do not like extreme temperatures. Avoid using the phone in the cold (below zero), and on the beach (the temperature above 35 degrees - this is bad).

Do not leave your smartphone on the windowsill in the summer and do not forget it in the car in the winter!

4. You loved your wireless charging

And now use it every day? Wireless chargers overheating battery!

5. Do you allow the iPhone to overheat while charging

If the phone is lying on a soft blanket, while being charged, its battery is likely to overheat in the process. Keep it at the time of charging on a table or nightstand - and away from other heat sources.

6. your "spare" phone is always discharged

Many of us have phones that are used for hedging as an extra. Big mistake - keep them constantly discharged. If you are not using your phone actively maintain the charge level of the battery above 50%.

7. Do you use other people's chargers

The problem is that most of us if buying an additional cable for charging, then the cheapest. A non-original battery chargers are often the main destroyer of the battery!