Rules of Life Alexei Uminsky

• Rules of Life Alexei Uminsky

Rules of Life Alexei Uminsky

The Bible The way I read with tablets. It's convenient!

I am just like everyone else: sometimes think about someone bad, I make decisions hastily, annoyed, am impatient, I can offend people, often lazy and watch TV shows up to two nights. Where to get away from himself?

WHEN I have insomnia, I think the parishioners, faces recalls Natasha's, Timothy's, that's Mike, but our mayor Vladimir Hasanovic. At some parishioner I fall asleep? I do not know, I can not say with certainty.

In the theater, do not start up after the third ring, and the church people go when they want to. No one is considered a great sin to miss the service. I came - and thank God already.

The world has become technologically, methodologically and this applies to the relation of man to himself. Today, people all over looking for a simple solution that would not have affected his inner world - wants to go to sleep alone, and wake up others. Unfortunately, and in the church. People think that we have a special sacred tablets. They seem to say: Give me a pill and tell me where to put the candle, - just to work.

I confess 25 years. During this time, people in the confessional change: become bitterly say that they can not love. Worry that they feel like a dry land, and the problems have become serious, deep. And before that it was all just: post broke, do not read prayers, ate a sausage on Friday. MANKIND can not teach love, but you can teach a man's love.

The Old Testament clearly shows INTERNAL NOT Transfiguration of the human world: "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" is considered the highest justice. But today, even this justice remains an insurmountable height for us. What can we say about Christianity, which asks to pray for those who hate you.

US, RUSSIAN, no one ever taught us to love one another. They taught us all the time only one - "on a bloody battle, holy and right march, march forward."

WHAT SOCIETY HELP PULL embittered? We must abandon the TV. Cease to believe him.

Now people have become very LOUD Listen to music: create the illusion that the fireworks around that lives around boiling. And all in order not to be alone with him in silence. The louder the music, the less you hear yourself.

ME expensive gifts no one offers. But suddenly someone says, "Here, sir, you do for the anniversary of BMW, six. We decided to make a surprise for you, but you have so many years served, and driving is not clear on anything. " What do I say? I do not know. Suddenly falter? Suddenly lost heart? Suddenly I say: "Well, finally on Boomer's ride." Suddenly, the hippies, which I was in my youth in me dies and wakes up a little burzhuychik?

I grew up in Perov, and "Moscow" (outdoor swimming pool, before 1994 located on the site of the temple of Christ the Savior -. Esquire) - this is the most wonderful years of my adolescence. Then we understood only one thing: in the center of Moscow has a tremendous mysterious place, above which hangs in the cold vapor, and where so hard to get there. Imagine a dark Moscow, floodlit swimming pool, steam over the water, icicles on the head and on the "Red October" came the smell of caramel and chocolate. But I do not miss the swimming pool. I just can not erase from my life important childhood memory. What smells like Spring is early? Dampness and rottenness, because the ground is beginning to revive. And even more alarming, and some scary excitement.

I do not know what it is - to die. I have not tried it yet. I try all the time to live, and it is also not easy.

DEATH scary when you do not know what life is. Over a lifetime, a person seldom lives really deep, so death is not clear and terrible: after all, life was not there, and now and death came.

Strange to think of THAT SOMEONE ASKS ME. It does not occupy my thoughts.