The surprise in the favorite holiday of March 8

Well, again approaching Day on 8 March. Again fuss - what to give? What kind of flowers to buy? And again, in response to a polite "Thank you", and both want to surprise your favorite girl, a woman, I want that to this day she remembered the whole year.

But in fact, everything is simple, in this article you will learn how to spend a holiday on March 8 bright, romantic and above all memorable.

The surprise in the favorite holiday of March 8

Method 1: give flowers, but not quite the usual way

Do not like a long time to stand in queues and make beautiful flower arrangements? Then beautifully decorated shipping elegant bouquet with a romantic message to the specified address - this is what you need 100%. So for example to specify the delivery address is not your favorite apartment, and her place of work. Rest assured, this gift will be remembered for a long time, especially if your spouse works in the women's team, because dreamy female colleagues are still many days will negotiate a "pleasant surprise."

But this is just one option than the usual ideas, you can have dinner with his half in a restaurant, order the execution of musicians some romantic music, and at the end of your evening to give her a beautiful bouquet, and such options are many.

Method 2: A gift made with their own hands

Such a gift can give away as a present self, or it may already be a pleasant surprise to the main gift.

You will be surprised the favorite half if ... bake a cake, yes, you are not heard, delicious cake.

Brew aromatic tea or coffee, and this evening you will remember for a long time, but if you are the owner over culinary skills, it is in your power to prepare an exquisite romantic dinner. Gift options with your hands in no way limited to cooking, you can make a collage of pictures of joint, turn to all your most romantic moments, such as a photo or a book.

And if you're a couple and you have kids, you can make a gift together, such as a postcard from any of the materials at hand. This will be doubly pleased, because as has long been known, a gift made with your own hands has positive energy, because you put into it heart and soul.

Method 3: Make the spice in the life of your other half

There is also plenty of gift options, for example you have a tradition in this day to visit the cinema, and you change, for example, buy a subscription for two at the spa, or a master class on production of the land.

And as you look at that, that would be two of us to carry out a parachute jump? Of course, it all depends on your imagination, desire to impress his beloved, and of course your budget. But there is one available and perfect, send the kids, for example, to his grandmother, and spend the day alone together, prepare breakfast in bed, watch your favorite movie, take a walk through the park, give all your tenderness and care for your loved one, and then the day you remember together a very long time.

The surprise in the favorite holiday of March 8

So if you have enough money, you can go to meet adventure and vivid impressions. Visit exotic countries, with the warm weather. Active guests can go to the ski resorts. Romantic person to carry out a tour of Europe and buy himself new images from the new collections. Especially tourism companies are pleased with their prices at this time. If you do not set to travel, you can pamper yourself. Go to a beauty center and spend the whole day in the enjoyment. Go for relaxing treatments such as a massage or in the hammam popartes. Pamper your body. Transform your look, use the services of a professional make-up, refresh hair and make festive manicure. By the end you'll be ironed rested. After refreshing treatments go with friends for shopping. Sit in a cafe, socialize and posekretnichat.

Fans of extreme sport, can visit the water park. There you will experience the real summer. Spend a fun time with your favorite friends, or with a representative of a strong male.

The most romantic can go for a joint evening with your partner. Retire to the cozy restaurant, or visit the cinema.

The surprise in the favorite holiday of March 8

On this festive spring day men should especially please their women with original gifts and surprises.

Treat your favorite interesting accessories. Select her gold jewelry or trendy fashion jewelry, Suitable her favorite outfit. Many women are interested in a variety of caskets or framework within which it can put your photos together. Such a gift for the soul will always remind her of you. If your companion loves relaxing treatments, get a special bath kit for it, or a subscription to the cosmetic center. For ladies with active lifestyle, give a subscription to a fitness center or spend the day with her in the entertainment center, bowling alley, to shoot in the dash. If you write your favorite romantic verse or song. Gift made by your own, valued the most, especially a loved one. The International Women's Day March 8, all women want to look great, on this day, they are surrounded by male maximum care and warmth. Therefore, ladies pay special attention to the choice of his image. At first, you need to decide in what dress do you see yourself.

If you want to give preference to the classical image, then you will approach straight trousers and blouse light bright colors, optional accessories can be combined with bright colors.

The surprise in the favorite holiday of March 8

Demanding fashionista, may wear a brightly colored tunic or short dress. All this is complemented by stylish accessories.

Romantic ladies should choose a gentle pastel shades of evening dresses. For women with skin tanned the color suitable outfit cream or gold color.

If you are going to visit a corporate party, take the image of a responsible choice that day. Choose modest dress and emphasize its festivity fine detail.

Ladies do not forget that this holiday is important, it is your mood and happy smile.