The most powerful rifles of the world

The sniper rifle is not in vain considered to be an aristocrat among others arms. Possess it only after a long period of study, and become a true professional is able to only those who have dedicated their entire lives selection of other people's lives. Highly accurate, deadly weapons remains a subject of experiments gunsmiths around the world: sniper rifles first experience many innovative solutions, such as new alloys for trunks and many others. Before you 7 most deadly sniper rifles of the world, each of which can by right be considered a work of art.


Manufacturer: US

Mass: 4, 88 kg

Length: 1118 mm

Barrel: 610 mm.

Cartridge: 7 62 * 51

Effective range: 800 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

This rifle was created in 1990, it has been used successfully in several major conflicts. Afghanistan, Iraq, Timorese crisis - SR-25 all showed their best side. Author rifle, an American gunsmith Eugene Stoner, transferred the rights to the production of Knight's Armament Company, which continues to produce a model to this day.


Manufacturer: UK

Weight: 13, 94 kg

Length: 1369 mm

Barrel: 692 mm.

Cartridge: 12, 7 * 99

Effective range: 1800 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

S50 model emerged from the famous gunsmith Accuracy International - the British manufacturer, well known in the armies of the world. rifle which has been developed by request of the UK military establishment: required to create modern weapons to the special units. One of the distinguishing features of the S50 - rate: a professional shooter can release as many as five shots in just half a second.


Manufacturer: Germany

Weight: 8, 10 kg

Length: 1202 mm

Barrel: 650 mm.

Cartridge: 7 62 * 51

Effective range: 900 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

In 1972, after the notorious events of the so-called Munich massacre, the company Heckler & Koch received an order for the development of modern sniper rifles for police units. PSG1 model fully meets the stated requirements: store a large capacity and a relatively high sighting range made rifle weapon of police snipers.

L115A3 AWM

Manufacturer: UK

Mass: 6, 82 kg

Length: 1300 mm

Barrel: 750 mm.

Chuck: 8, 59h70

Effective range: 1500 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

And one more "beauty" of the granaries of the British secret service. L115A3 AWM was published nearly twenty years ago, but the military is not in a hurry to write off its accounts. Sharpened by a large-caliber cartridge, the rifle is well proven in the deserts of Iraq and the slopes of the Afghan mountains. The main advantage - aiming the effective range in excess of half a kilometer.

SALT-96 "Burglar"

Manufacturer: Russia

Weight: 12, 9 kg

Length: 1746 mm

Barrel: 1000 mm.

Cartridge 12, 7h108

Effective range: 1800 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

The rifle was developed by KBP on special request of the Interior Ministry. "Cracker" showed itself at first and second Chechen wars, and then started to equip special forces rifle FSB, FSO, and Ministry of Internal Affairs. The only negative of this fine specimen of the armory of thought - the loud sound of the shot, which creates certain difficulties to the operator.

CheyTac Intervention M200

Manufacturer: US

Weight: 12, 31 kg

Length: 1400 mm

Barrel: 762 mm.

Cartridge 10, 3h77

Effective range: 2300 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

The subject of pride of American gunsmiths. Many believe the best model is the M200 sniper complex in the world - it is not without a certain sense. Low recoil huge sighting range and high rate of fire made this rifle the weapon of the US military.

Barrett M82A1

Manufacturer: US

Weight: 12, 91 kg

Length: 1448 mm

Barrel: 737 mm.

Cartridge 12, 7h99

Effective range: 2600 meters

The most powerful rifles of the world

Ronnie Barrett has managed to develop the world's best sniper rifle: adopting in 1989, she was actively exploited now. Powerful cartridge easily penetrates concrete walls at a distance of two and a half kilometers, making Barrett 50Cal an excellent choice for field operations. Gunslinger equipped with this rifle can damage not only infantry, but the light armored vehicles of the enemy.