10 most feared killers of women

When talking about a maniac, then most of us is a dark guy in a mask and with a huge knife in his hand. These stereotypes - a gift to the modern film industry. In life, you are unlikely to see such a character. Moreover, some of the do not belong to the world's big killers male. So, meet dozens of pretty ladies, each of whom chose to everyday life deadly hobby.

10 most feared killers of women

Waltraud Wagner

Kill count: 15

Wagner became the leader of the gang of four nurses who sow death in the hospital Laynts. The wave of killings swept through all floors of this distinguished Viennese institutions in the late 1980s: a girl in a white uniform helped to die to all those who saw fit. Total killed about 200 patients, Waltraud is guilty of 15 murders proven.

10 most feared killers of women

Mary Ann Cotton

Kill count: 20

Former nurse is one of the worst killers of British - and because she had to compete with himself Jack the Ripper. For twenty years, Mary Cotton killed two dozen people with a normal arsenic.

10 most feared killers of women

Jeanine Jones

Kill count: 21

In 1984, Jones was convicted of the murder of the baby on behalf of Chelsea McClellan. This occurred in the central hospital of San Antonio. It began an investigation, which revealed another twenty Kills: Jenin cranked their dark dealings in every health facility staff.

10 most feared killers of women


Helen Dzhegado

Kill count: 23

Dzhegado was a French maid, who managed for 18 years to kill 23 people. Ordinary girl arsenic is added to the festive meals, and then went to work for another family. Maitre Guillotin personally had a hand in the execution of this obliging girl.

10 most feared killers of women

Jane Toppan

Kill count: 30

And another nurse, which is not very much liked their own patients. Toppan used morphine and atropine, but not too snug. Another death is in her care of the patient aroused the suspicion of the authorities. Surface investigation revealed another 29 victims of a maniac.

10 most feared killers of women

Margareta Gottfried

Number of murders: 30Cvoego first husband and two children Margareta poisoned with arsenic and went to the free swimming. The next victims were her parents, and then killed a second husband, whom Margaret came to improve their financial condition. It seemed the girl a great way to stay afloat: the investigation showed as many as 30 victims killed by the beauty, chased after the material well-being.

10 most feared killers of women

Bell Gannes

Kill count: 42

Bella pristuknula her first husband, flattered by an insurance payment. She just dropped blagovernomu ax on his head, and then to place an ad in the newspaper: a young widow looking for a reliable man's shoulder. Bell managed to debit forty men until the police put an end to the outrages.

10 most feared killers of women

Defina and Maria de Jesus Gonzalez

Kill count: 80

In 1964, Gonzalez sisters were sentenced to 40 years in prison after being on the territory of the ranch remains of 80 women were found and 11 men. Girls moonlighting prostitution - and those who do not like it, just killed.

10 most feared killers of women

Suzanne Olah

Number of murders: 100Cyuzanna Olah kill anyone who got in her way. Forty-year nurse managed to send to the forefathers a hundred people - and poisoned herself when she saw the police detachment, who came for her lost soul.

10 most feared killers of women

The Countess Elizabeth Bathory

Number of murders: 650

Bloody Countess - that is, as it was called Elizabeth Bathory. In pursuit of eternal life, unscrupulous beauty killed as many as 650 young girls and drank their blood.