"The beauty of mixed blood": 16 pictures of children from parents of different nationalities

• "The beauty of mixed blood": 16 pictures of children from parents of different nationalities

On Earth reigns amazing biological diversity and people - is no exception! In some ways we are the same, but in some ways and very different, and are obtained by mixing a very interesting combination, as demonstrated photographer Naira Hovhannisyan in his photo project "Beauty of mixed blood."

Naira Hovhannisyan:

"Most often, the children take the best from each nation, and I was always very curious to watch for this: some of the eyes, hair color and shape of the nose child will inherit. And nature knows how to surprise each time.

I've been wearing this idea in my head, and then in one minute, just took it and wrote an ad in a parent group, I was looking for different national project for children. I responded, to my surprise, more than 200 parents.

It was very difficult to select, for all the children in their own adorable, so I set myself certain limitations and tried to keep them. For example, age - I needed the kids aged 6-9 years, not least because they can sit still. Or I tried not to take children with the same "mixture", though the temptation was great and I even once could not resist. " We invite the readers to take a look, what do Naira was the result.

Maya 5 years. Dad - Russian, mother - an Armenian

Danielle 6.5 years. Dad - Nigerian mother - Russian

Lukyan 5 years. Dad - Ukrainian / Russian, mother - Turkmen / Tatar

Xenia, 9 years. The Pope - a German Jew, my mother - Russian / Tatar

Vagif, 9 years old. Dad - Azeri / Russian, mother - an Armenian / Russian

Timur, 7 years. Dad - Azerbaijani, mother - Russian

Eva, 5 years. Dad - a Korean mother - Russian / Ukrainian / Jewish

Lucas, 5 years. Dad - Belgian mother - Russian

Salma, 4, 5 years. Dad - Uzbek, mother - an Armenian

Daniel, 7 years. Dad - Tatar, mother - Georgian

Anna, 8 years old. Pope - Armenian, mother - Russian

Leon, 5 years. The exact nationality is unknown

Alice, 5 years. Dad - Russian, mother - Uzbek / Tatar

Dominic, 6 years. Dad - Georgian / Tatar mother - Ossetian

Eliza, 5 years. Pope - Armenian / Georgian mother - Russian