The worst of the statue of the world

Creativity can take many forms and does not necessarily take them all. In the world have always been undervalued artists and even artists who have received a hot fire of the Inquisition as a reward for their labors. In our enlightened same time, the creator has the freedom to express all their thoughts - and some do it with a truly frightening scale. Before you - some of the most bizarre and horrible statues of the world, each of which might well frighten even the devil himself.

The worst of the statue of the world

Blue Mustang

Where there is a Denver, USA

Author: Luis Jimenez

As soon as the inhabitants of the city did not call insane statue, installed directly at the renowned Jimenez terminal of Denver International Airport. Softer just sounded nickname "Blyutsifer" - yes, you just look at that monster! Luis Jimenez was killed during the construction of this horrible monument, which of course does not give "Blue Mustang" popularity.

The worst of the statue of the world


Where there is San Jose, USA

By Robert Graham

Order at the statue of Robert Graham received from the municipality of San Jose city needed a monument that would symbolize the respect for the traditional beliefs of Indians Inca and Maya, whose descendants once lived in these lands. Sculptor sought for his work grandiose half a million dollars, but the result was not pleased no one. Not only is the statue of a cruel god looks like it "sculptured" stray dog ​​- the locals, after the installation of the monument, have rebelled choice of deity: Kettsatkoatl known as wresting heart demon.

The worst of the statue of the world

Faceless children

Where there is a Prague, Czech Republic

Author: David Black

Prague at all places in the country. Blood rained on the streets of this city in the Middle Ages, it was not possible to wash with pavers numerous bridges and neighborhoods magicians and alchemists, which, at times, burned directly in their homes, still are notorious. And as if that was not enough, the municipality decided to decorate the tallest building in the city of David Black sculptures - sculptor, who did not know restraint, and during his short enlightenment. As a result of the Prague television tower was decorated with dozens of faceless babies crawling up.

The worst of the statue of the world



Where there is: Ilfrakomb, England

Author: Damien Hirst

The modern incarnation of the statue of the Goddess of Justice in the interpretation of the dark genius Damien Hirst - the residents of the resort Ilfrakomba could not recover from the shock of just a few years after the installation of the sculpture. Well, they are quite easy to understand: a naked pregnant woman with sword and scales may frighten anyone.

The worst of the statue of the world

Headless Warrior

Where there is: Legacy, Philippines

Author unknown

The city authorities claim that the headless statue of a soldier - a monument to soldiers Bicol nationalities who died during the Second World War. Local also believe that the sculpture was installed Bicol community and symbolizes the torture, who liked to use the warriors of the tribe.

The worst of the statue of the world


Where there is a Manchester, author: one dead

Perfectly ordinary Egyptian statue has caused two heart attacks, one was a watchman, who claimed that the figure moves by itself, and the second - the director of the museum, check out the surveillance cameras and see for himself. The situation was saved renowned physicist Brian Cox, proven relationship between mystical movements and vibrations of the glass sculpture.

The worst of the statue of the world

Wang Saen Suk

Where there is in Pattaya, Thailand

Author unknown

Buddhists do not hesitate to describe his hell in all its glory - but with such details, which could be the envy of old and Brueghel the Elder. Theme park illustrates what will happen to have decided to turn to the dark side. They say that the local Thais are very fond of young children lead here - as an educational measure.