10 habits that keep us away from happiness

10 habits that keep us away from happiness

We often seems that we are on the threshold of something new, but it is new and has not come. The reasons for these failures, you can search for what you want, but better to start with yourself.

We will tell you about the 10 habits that do not allow us to really enjoy life.

1. Fear of change.

Most of us would be comfortable to be where we are now, even if the world will turn around. However, it is worth remembering that the changes are vital for us, because thanks to them we begin to grow and pay attention to what seemed previously invisible.

And do not forget that, no matter how difficult may be your present position, it is sure to change.

2. The accusations of other people and search for excuses.

Stop blaming others for all your troubles. When you blame someone, you are getting rid of their own responsibility and leave the problem unsolved. The prosecution - a kind of justification, and search for excuses - the first step towards failure. You and only you are responsible for your selection, and your decisions.

3. The constant procrastination indefinitely.

Some people only dream of success, while others do not work tirelessly working to achieve it. Most of us are inclined to avoid serious actions and global change, even when most in need.

Starting work on something new for you, do not think of the finish line, but better think carefully about their first steps. Gradually, they will lead you to the desired change.

4. The desire to control the uncontrollable.

If you start to control everything and worry about what you can not control, you will turn their lives into a continuous series of problems and disappointments.

We are unable to influence some things, but we can shape their attitude towards them. In life, each of us has both positive and negative, and our happiness depends on which of them we turn our attention.

5. Excessive self-criticism.

When used properly, the human mind is an excellent tool, but when we use it incorrectly, it can play with us a cruel joke. All our thoughts are talking with them, but do not always think about what it is saying and how it subsequently affect us.

One of the main reasons for our failures - lack of confidence and negative thinking. Samoedstvo chase and destroy your emotion. Only a positive attitude, but thoughts of encouragement!

6. Criticism of others.

If you feel comfortable with all of its shortcomings, it is not necessary to focus on the shortcomings of others.

Do not worry about other people's problems, decide on your own. Try to take all your time useful affairs and self-development, rather than other people's criticism.

7. Fear of their own problems and fears.

Fears hinder you in making the right decisions and limit your comfort zone. Allowing anxiety and feelings to keep myself under control, you're not living life to the fullest, but only to languish. Try to quickly solve problems and fight with their fears. Do not run away from them. The best thing - to meet with them face to face no matter how strong they will be submitted.

8. The desire to live in another time and another place.

Some people are constantly thinking about what has already happened, or that they would like to change and who could become. But the past can not come back, and the future has not yet come.

We need to think more about the present. Living every moment, we should be more active, open and purposeful. Do not think about the upcoming holiday, while at work, and do not bother myself with thoughts of things you sunbathing on the beach. Live Now. Pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you.

9. The desire to be who you are not.

One of the most difficult challenges in life - to remain ourselves in a world that wants to see you like at all. There is always someone prettier, smarter or younger than you, but he will never be like you. Not me, and do not make you no idols, but simply be yourself.

10. Ingratitude.

Always wake up with a sense of gratitude for his life, regardless of how good or bad you feel. Instead of thinking about what you do not, try to think about something that no one else but you.