How to manipulate the players: the secrets and techniques of online projects creators

"Another Level / fighting / adventure and sleep / do things" - self-deception is familiar to most modern online gamers. Excitement and enthusiasm lead to a game that you do not really relax, and catastrophically do not have time. Many are accustomed to blame their own weakness of character. But is that players spend hours (and even days) can not break away from the beloved project blame their lack of faith? Of course no. Just online projects creators had studied all your weaknesses and know how to manipulate them. About how they do it, we will talk today, but you can additionally read more here.

Let's start with a simple - to needs. Our consciousness is arranged in such a way that as soon as the reason to worry about food safety and fall off, there is a sharp need for comfort and pleasure. This is clearly illustrated generally Maslow's pyramid of needs.

How to manipulate the players: the secrets and techniques of online projects creators

As you probably already guessed, the developers are on our needs 3rd and 4th levels (in the love and respect of the needs). And, judging by how quickly growing number of people dependent on the games, do it very successfully. Judge for yourself:


The man - a social being, and therefore, it needs love neighbors as anything else. That's just a kind word in real life, many gamers fall to very often. More often heard criticisms about aimlessly squander life and indifference. In the games, on the contrary, you no never nags for something that you decided to go there instead of here, do it first, and then that. On the contrary, for any seemingly very minor performance of the assignment (on koi rich today, every game), we get not only the award, but also praise, coupled with admiration.

Mission to the limit forces

Getting a job in the online game, we always know what to deal with it. If not immediately, let the last bit of strength, but to the right. In life, the problem is not always comparable with the one who has to carry them out. In addition, it also happens that at the time of performing the task becomes irrelevant and instead of "thank you" for the work we have to listen to accusations of slowness.


Instant response - this is one of the main "weapons" manipulators. In contrast to the reality of the universe of the game reacts to your every act quickly and clearly. After completing the job, the person then gets a positive result, and thanks for helping to make this world a better place (even if you just collected some useless loot). In addition, the award - it is really something meaningful and useful for this virtual universe, rather than the salary for which you want a month engaged in routine work, and which immediately shatters into food costs, housing and satisfaction of other "lower" needs.

The right to choose

Another significant lever - freedom. In the game the character can do just about anything (within the available functionality), that does not prevent others exist. Wanna join in the battle, like, all day long travel and explore the world, and want to, can and does do nothing. The only loss in this case - the shortfall of revenue (for example, did not go - did not receive a bonus for the daily game). In real life, as you know very well, all diametrically opposite: try not to work a couple of weeks whether or not to attend school / college without a good reason. The game does not forbid you to stop, so stop and do not want to.

The cooldown and awards

In most online games there is the so-called cooldown - a system in which to perform tasks assigned a certain number of units of energy. In other words, if you, for example, 6 points of energy - you can start a fight with the players no more than six times (Heroes of Dragon Age). Recovery of energy, on average, occurs at intervals of 5-30 minutes, t. E is considered optimal approach to the game as often as every 2 hours. Moreover, the first seconds after the restoration is spent on the job, and at the next check timer is triggered reflex "detracting": "Now, if a 5-minute wait we had, I would have gone to sleep, and was then only 4, 5 minutes."

The second artificial motivator - this award. In the lower levels of their received almost instant level rise (t. E. You just "merge" all the energy it you immediately compensated, what here sleep). At higher rewards accrue no longer for one fight, and 2, and then goes back in the course of the same principle as with time.

How to manipulate the players: the secrets and techniques of online projects creators

As you can see, the game is on the needs of the human body can be very lucrative. Do you ever feel the impact? Than you are accustomed to sacrifice for the extra "5 minutes" (hours) pleasure? Or maybe the problem "another level" bypasses your side?