In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

Scientists from the US National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) made accusations against some of the popular products, saying that they are able to subjugate the human brain. Colleagues from the University of Michigan researchers have gone further - conducted an experiment during which calculated the most dangerous products that cause addiction comparable to alcohol and nicotine.

Experts asked the volunteers to assess the degree of habituation to the favorite product of the Yale Food Addiction Scale (YFAS). Note that Yale scale - this is one of the newest methods for assessing addiction to a particular food, developed by Dr. Ashley Garhardtom the University of Michigan. Scientists have studied the brain response overweight patients to view the photos of tasty, but unhealthy meal. Based on these results and scale of addiction has been created.

Please find a list of the most insidious food that is not only highly addictive, but also adversely affects the health.

9. Cakes

Contrary to popular belief that before cakes and pastries almost no one can resist these products, scientists have placed on the last place of the rating.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

On a scale depending Korzheva creamy dessert in one piece which contains on average about 500 calories, scored 3, 26 points. At the same time, doctors do not call for completely abandon the cakes. For example, in a recent study, scientists from Israel have come to the conclusion that there are cakes not only possible, but necessary. Just not at will, and in the first half of the day - for breakfast.

8. Sweet soda

For cakes and pastries followed by soft drinks with sugar, scored 3, 29 points on a scale of Yale. Just imagine, the average American drinks annually more than 180 liters of soda.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

In Russia, the situation is better - about 50 liters. By the way, at the end of 2014 the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation suggested the government to ban the sale of soda to children under 14 years. At the federal level law has not been adopted, but some regions have responded positively to the proposal. For example, in the Vologda region with January 1, 2015 banned the selling to minors soda with caffeine, in particular, Coca-Cola.

The systematic use of fizzy drinks can not only be addictive, but also radically change the metabolism. That is the conclusion reached by researchers from Bangor University (UK) and Utah (USA). Moreover, according to doctors, is sufficient only one month every day to drink "pop" to change the metabolism of the worse. In the experiment, 11 volunteers took part. Detailed results of their research experts published in a scientific journal European Journal of Nutrition.

7. Burgers

Burgers in any form not only quickly corrected the figure, adding to the waist extra centimeters, but also affect the metabolism and alter the taste preferences.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

The University of Wisconsin (USA), scientists set up an experiment on rats. A few weeks rodents fed burgers from various eateries, and then tried to transfer the animals to healthy food. From her rats, of course, did not refuse, because hunger is not my aunt, but became more lethargic and apathetic. On a scale of habituation this fastfood scored 3, 51 points.

6. French fries

Fries physicians as one of the champions in calories. For example, 100 grams of a crispy, fried in oil "straw" from McDonald's contains 510 calories and 21 grams of fat. On the scale of the food depending on the product scored 3, 60 points.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

According to the scientists, french fries is highly addictive, especially because it contains acrylamide. The fried and baked products, the substance can be formed at a temperature above 180 degrees in the reaction between glucose and fructose or asparagine (amino acid of natural origin). Interestingly, the fries does not give a sense of satiety. Eating a serving of deep fried potatoes (usually very salty), a man after 30-40 minutes I want to eat again. This is due to the fact that French fries stimulates appetite.

5. Ice Cream

Everyone's favorite childhood dessert (especially in summer), too, was rather offensive. The result of this product on a scale of Yale - 3, 68 points.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

Due to the high content of sugar and saturated fat ice cream with regular use will not only add extra kilos, but can turn a man into "butter addict."

That is the conclusion reached by researchers from the University of Oregon (USA). Doctors led by Dr. Kyle Burgess conducted an experiment involving 150 adolescents aged 14 to 16 years. For a whole month the children regularly ate ice cream. Before each meal dessert they were shown a slide show with photos of goodies and simultaneously scan the brain.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

4. Cookies, sweet pastries

I am going to eat just one small chocolate chip cookies, but eventually "destroyed" nearly half a pack. In such a situation certainly appeared to many. And because the matter is not in good appetite. The secret of sweet biscuits, and any baking with a high content of fat and sugar is the same as that of the ice cream. On food addiction scale this dessert scored 3, 71 points.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

3. Potato chips

Some people believe that eating a "chipsinu" impossible. For the first will inevitably be followed by the second, third, it can not be excluded as the fourth and fifth. It is ironic but true: salty potato slices will eat one another, regardless of whether the person is experiencing the feeling of hunger.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

This phenomenon scientists have even given a name - the hedonic hyperphagia (eating something else for fun, not to saturate). According to doctors, many manufacturers add the chips in addition to salt and spices "triggers" - substances that stimulate the brain pleasure center. Researchers in Germany have warned chips lovers: hedonic hyperphagia may take a chronic form, which in turn leads to obesity. According to the Yale scale, this popular appetizer received 3, 73 points.

2. Chocolate

On the scale of the food depending chocolate scored as much and chips - 3, 73 points. It is a treat like ice cream acts on the brain by stimulating the pleasure center and blocking the ability to control the amount eaten. However, in this case it is due to the high content of refined carbohydrates and caffeine. And, according to scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, because of the content of anandamide in chocolate - the substance acting, in particular, on appetite.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

1. Pizza

Finally, the leader of the rating. More food, depending on the scale of all typed pizza - 4, 01 points.

In bondage to food. 9 foods that cause the most severe dependence

It turns out, fat, salt and refined carbohydrates at the same time rich snack more chocolate, potato chips, French fries and burgers stimulates the pleasure zone. The systematic use of the pizza, according to scientists from the University of Michigan, may cause strong dependence on this product. That is the conclusion the researchers came after the experiment on laboratory mice. Rodents were divided into two groups. First fed a normal diet, and the second - a pizza. The mouse eventually fed on junk food, gaining weight dramatically. Also, scientists have noted abnormal behavior - if the rodents were left without another "dose" of pizza, you get nervous. Having received the morsel, we calmed down, but ate very quickly. Thus, the researchers noted in animals of addiction.

What about coffee?

Interestingly, in its ranking of Michigan researchers did not include coffee. Although that this drink at the frequent and excessive use can cause severe addiction, the scientific world was repeatedly mentioned. Once again, with the caveat made, and the European Food Safety Agency experts. His staff prepared a 120-page report, which, in particular, gave the official estimate of the harm caffeine. Finally, the Commission states that coffee can be safe only if you drink daily volume will not exceed four cups.