20 phrases that we have to say to myself most often

• 20 phrases that we have to say to myself most often

20 phrases that we have to say to myself most often

Sometimes in life there are difficult situations where it is vital not to lose heart and find the strength to go forward.

We have found for you 20 motivating suggestions that can help to overcome a variety of obstacles.

I can not control everything that happens to me. I can only keep control of how I react to what is happening. My strength lies in my reaction.

I will not think too much about what could or should happen. Instead, I will appreciate what I have today.

I have to accept what is happening in my life, the most important thing - I put all the effort.

It is better to make mistakes than to pretend to perfection.

I'll never be as good as it, in the opinion of others, I am after victories, and will never be so bad, how, in my opinion, I go after defeats.

I'll try to pay less attention to the external difficulties, but more - on their own thoughts. I'm going to think positively.

The test only becomes an issue if I give in to him.

The faster I recovering from failures, the faster I reach that to which aspire.

I will not hide from your fears. I know that they are not there to scare me. They only say that in my life, there is something really important, for which they should be overcome. There is a huge difference between fatigue and a pleasant tiredness. Life is too short. I will not spend it on something that I totally uninteresting.

If I do not have time for what's really important, I stop doing what does not really matter to me.

I can not build a reputation and a fortune on what I plan to do once.

The future can be different from the present, and I am able to change it now.

Happiness will come to me when it will come from me.

Outstrip - necessary, but I never ahead of anyone (including yourself), wanting to get even with him.

I'll try to get better and not think that I am better.

I'll be too busy working on his lawn to pay attention to what your - green.

I'll eat what I like. Move the way I like. To say that I love. To live as I do. Today.

Next stop should not be prolonged in the right direction.

I have to celebrate all the small victories along the way. Ultimately, it is they who make our life interesting and exciting.