Rules of Life David Duchovny

• Rules of Life David Duchovny

Rules of Life David Duchovny

the actors are very easily connected to the microphone, and it is very difficult to get to talk to him.

I do not know why I do the interview. I do not need to sell movies. I do not need to sell anything.

I am satisfied with how I look, although I think that people pay too much attention to me. In my opinion, hypnosis is involved: "So, you have to cackle now, like a chicken." "So, now you have to say that David Duchovny - cutie."

WHEN about someone saying "STAR", for some reason I always hear "fag." You know, I can still hear when they say "star" in front of me? I hear "asshole." I not fully understand why. Maybe because one of the best party that you're a star - it's an opportunity to get the best seats on the plane? The ones that you never get nothing. But it is cheating, and no one on the plane will not treat you really well. Of course, you will be well-maintained, but when you're going out, they will think: "Oh, asshole went! If we had not brought him the fucking candy bar, he probably would have emanated from the saliva of anger. "

Once on the set, I was offered to undress. But on my bum look screen somehow, and I caused them to cut this scene. Since then, I'm sure that nudity is only good when you do not get paid for it.

I lost my virginity at fourteen. And since then - oddly I was looking for - I can not find it.

SEX need to deal with until his death. But he will never be as beautiful as it seems to us in childhood. Because a child sex - is a mystery. To hear about the latest request of John Holmes (pornoakter famous American, who claimed that he had sex with 14,000 different partners died of AIDS in 1988 - Esquire.)? He wanted his wife - well, that is the queen of anal sex Misty Dawn - that she will present at his cremation and followed along. More than anything, Holmes was afraid that someone will cut off his dick and zaspirtuet bank.

Men can not take on as much as a woman can. Have you ever seen that pornoaktera just naturally behaved Hollywood hangouts like porn actress?

No sex between Mulder and Scully was not! Only true friendship.

I'm really tired of people who ask me if I believe in what is shown in the "X-Files". Hell, they did not ask the dudes from "ambulance", whether they believe in euthanasia.

I never sing in public. I have a terrible voice, really terrible. But Thea (Tea Leoni, Duchovny's wife -. Esquire) claims that she likes the way I sing, and maybe it's because I actually love this thing. We often fool around in the car: I sing, and Thea depicts drums. Actually, so we have tinted windows. All probably think, it's because they are afraid of other people's eyes and hide from the fans. But believe me: we just love to play the fool, that's all.

I've never cooked a meal. And the fact that I could theoretically cook, I'm not going there ever again.

I'm half-Jewish and half Scottish. Therefore, to buy something - for me the real problem. If you are going with Darwin, Nietzsche and Christ, they will all speak at the same time.

IF YOU educated, you should not be proud of it. No matter how much you may read the books and no matter how much you may be studied, there is always someone who has never read anything, and thus knows two times more than you.

I believe in the existence of demons, but it seems to me, they do not understand human life, and therefore constantly podsirayut those who do not deserve it.

There is a terrible thing: a child you look at his father, as a man who has no fear. Then you grow up and you realize that fears your father missing. And most importantly: you are too full of them.

Fear - is a part of your creative energy. If you do not feel fear, you need to work as a storekeeper.

We never forget about work. When we Garry Shandling (American actor, working in the genre of stand-up -. Esquire) were in Hawaii, we did that come up for him this joke - about a transsexual, which boasts the size of their penis. In fact, the general idea is mine, and Shandling only honed her. Remember? Well, this is when a transsexual said: "I'm not going to lie about the size of their penis, but not so long ago, I replaced the floor, and the dude who then fuck me, said that I had the biggest vagina which he has ever seen."

I was frightened by the opportunities that gives my mediocre.

I DO NOT KNOW, does it make sense that I do.

I've never been cruel to animals.