10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

The history of wars - is the story of the invention of weapons. And it is worth noting that even in the world of modern technology weapon that was created hundreds of years ago, and today looks quite effective. In our survey we collected the most incredible weapons that today seem quite strange.

10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

1. The Greek steam cannon

In 214 BC, the Roman Republic army besieged Sicilian city of Syracuse, to get strategic control over the island of Sicily. Commander Marcus Claudius Marcellus commanded navy 60 kvinkerem (Roman combat galleys with 5 rows of paddles). He attacked the city from the sea (from the Straits of Messina), while, as the Army began to attack Syracuse by land. Despite the fact that the city is besieged on all sides, and blocked from the outside world, it could not manage to take due to the fact that the enemies of the Romans was a famous inventor, like Archimedes.

Ballista on the walls killed attacking cavalry. And from the sea ships it came too easy. During the siege Archimedes developed a weapon that could literally turn the ships at a distance of 150 meters in the ashes. This required all ... few drops of water. The device has been deceptively simple: a copper tube is heated on the coals, and then threw it in the clay hollow shell. When the pipe is heated to redness, poured into it a little water, which immediately evaporates. Steam fired projectile, which when released into the wooden ship poured its flammable chemicals.

2. Whirling Catapult

10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

Catapult - military vehicles that existed centuries ago. The films usually show great facilities, bombarding the walls with stones. At the same time, the Chinese have developed a smaller version of this war machine, which was named Xuanfeng or "whirling Catapult" differs extraordinary precision. As a sniper rifle, whirlpool catapult shot once, but right on target. These combat vehicles were quite small and could quickly move around the battlefield, which gave them a strategic advantage over heavier catapults and trebuchets, which are more destructive, but much less maneuverable.

3. Reactive cat

Up to 2014 about rocket or missile cats no one even heard of. At, least, nobody but Franz Helm, who invented them. Around 1530 BC. e. Artillery Master of Cologne established guidelines for the management of siege warfare. While in Europe began to actively use the powder, so the manual has been a detailed description of various types of bombs with colorful illustrations. Among them was a description of a missile cats. It was recommended to catch the cat out of the besieged city, bind to it and release the bomb. Côte allegedly uderet to his house (ie. E. Into the city), where it will explode.

4. A triple arkballista

10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

Ballista - giant crossbow on a trolley - was invented back in the days of ancient Greece and Rome. It was a very powerful weapon, but the Chinese obviously it was not enough and they created three giant onions in one. Evolution arkballist in which steam is used or more arcs, passed gradually began during the Tang Dynasty. Records of the time indicate that arkballisty could shoot iron bolts at a distance of 1100 meters, ie. E. Three times further than any other siege weapons. It is thanks to arkballistam Mongols were able to turn the tide of war in their favor, which eventually led to the emergence of the Yuan Dynasty.

5. Shooting shield

10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

Even in the 12th century, when the firearm was a novelty, people realized that the firearms for the future. In the armory of King Henry VIII, in addition to his favorite Morgenstern were three pistols and 46 bullet shield. These shields are usually represented by a metal or wooden wheels with gun protruding from the center. Although previously these panels is considered a historical oddity, they may have been quite common. On some boards in museums we found traces of gunpowder, which clearly points to the fact that they had been actively used.

6. Chinese flamethrower

Chinese inventors created some of the most bizarre weapons that have ever seen the world. The first prototypes of flame throwers, the so-called "fire spear", appeared in the 10th century. These were the spears, which were attached to bamboo tube that can shoot fire and shrapnel at a distance of several meters. They were soon replaced by bamboo cannon that could fire to erupt almost continuously due to gunpowder low in nitrates.

Such guns could produce an almost continuous stream of flame for five minutes. Also fire arsenic oxide was added, which caused by the combustion of the enemy vomiting and cramps. Moreover, in the barrels of guns are also often peppered sharp as a razor, porcelain shards for more lethal force.

7. Whip-gun

10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

March 17, 1834 Joshua Shaw patented stick with a gun hidden inside the handle. Instead of the usual trigger at this gun had a button on the handle of the whip, which can be easily pressed with the thumb. This allows the person to use the whip, as usual, but at the same time be able to shoot out of his grip.

8. hwacha

10 ancient weapons, which many have not even heard

At the turn of the 16th century in Korea invented hwacha - first reactive volley-fire system that can shoot more than 100 missiles in one salvo. Also, there were emperors larger version of this weapon, which produced 200 missiles at a time. As ammunition hwacha used arrows, exploding on impact with the target.

When in 1592 began the Japanese invasion of the country, armed with Korea was already hundreds hvanh. During the siege Haendzhu in 1593 30,000th Japanese army suffered a crushing defeat by 3 thousand soldiers, citizens and soldiers, monks, who just filled besieging army fire from the walls. Killing more than 10,000 invaders.

9. Ax-gun

Almost every advanced culture meet their protopipy ganbleyda - shoot blades. The most original this was Germany, where in the mid-1500s were invented axes with integrated trunks. They can be used simultaneously as a cutting and firearms.

10. Hellborner

In 1584 at the beginning of the Eighty Years' War, Spain Siege of Antwerp, which hid the Dutch rebels. Federigo Dzhiambelli (who a few years ago offered his invention to the Spaniards, but they only laughed at him) invited the authorities to break the Spanish siege of Antwerp by the "infernal burners" - fire-advanced.

City gave him just 2 ships instead of the required 60, but it did not bother Dzhiambelli. He has made the ships in cement chamber (so that the powder did not explode by accident) that filled the 3,000 kilograms of gunpowder, as well as the first-ever set timers, detonators. As a result, ships exploded among the Spanish ships, instantly killing 1000 people.