10 interesting facts about the Catholic Christmas

• 10 interesting facts about the Catholic Christmas

Christmas - the most revered holiday for Catholics. It falls on the longest night of the year when, according to the beliefs of Christians of the Western rite, and Jesus Christ was born in Nazareth.

In Thursday, December 24, Catholic Christians celebrate Christmas Eve, and on Friday already celebrate Christmas in many countries around the world.

10 interesting facts about the Catholic Christmas

We publish a selection of interesting facts about this great celebration, many of which will surprise you.

1. Date of the celebration of the Catholic Christmas - December 25 - was not chosen by chance. On this day the people of Europe, not yet knowing of Christianity, noted Sun Day. A wise church decided not to break the old traditions and to make the Christmas holiday, "accidentally" coincided with the already known. After some time on the sun Day who have little remembered, but celebrate Christmas and to this day.

2. Christmas candles are also directly related to pagan beliefs, as with fire, our ancestors drive away evil spirits of winter. In the Christian era the candle has acquired a special meaning: it symbolized the way that each of us chooses in life itself, as well as the victory of light over the dark forces. 3. Infant Jesus customarily represented by well established canons: in the manger next to growing trees and peacefully strolling nearby sheep. But in the Bible, such precise images to be found. In fact, they "invented" one of the ardent advocates of Christianity - Saint Francis. It was he who advised to represent the newborn Savior so.

4. The very first Christmas gifts made to each other by the ancient Romans. At early dawn of Christianity by those who professed the new faith, they exchanged boxes with small but pleasant surprises inside. On that day, the believers spoke to friends and family the good words that were valued much more tangible gift.

5. In the history of some countries there have been periods when celebrating Christmas is strictly prohibited. For example, in 1644 in England this holiday suddenly announced pagan and ungodly. And at the state level: the law on the prohibition of Christmas even adopted the local parliament. Such an idea occurred to the men, and municipal Boston: in this American city veto was imposed on holiday for more than 20 years.

6. It is believed that to make spruce Christmas tree first advised Martin Luther. At present, this fact longer taken for granted, because it is nowhere documented. But some historians agree that the first Christmas tree long before Christianity were in the houses of the ancient Romans. By the 15th century AD, green pine trees were already in every home - and a poor man and a rich man. 7. First Christmas (New Year) cracker babahnulo back in 1847. Invented this noisy and cheerful attribute Tom Smith, who sold sweets, which as a filling-surprise with finely chopped confetti put into each tube small candies.

8. In the history of the world famous episode when the feast was a real miracle: a short time managed to stop the war on Christmas. During the First World and British soldiers of the German armies in the time laid down their arms out of the trenches, without fear of someone's murderous bullets began to hug, glorify Christ and to give each other gifts.

9. Known today every American baby deer Rudolph was never loyal assistant Santa. This image created advertisers in the 30s of the 20th century, and liked it so much that it became a tradition.