11 things that are important to get done before the New Year

End of December - it's time to sum up the year. And although a lot of cases, in the end it will always be those done for a whole year, we have postponed until the last moment.

11 things that are important to get done before the New Year

1. Give others things

Someone forgot to have his glove, someone - a scarf or board games. Someone you still have to give money or any order. Everything should be back! New Year does not like debtors, freed from all that keeps you. Try to pay off your debts and do not store in a house other people's things.

2. Discard the old, unnecessary things, and all the "stuff"

Old microwave that no longer works, iron, which only makes that constantly flows, or Christmas tree toys that each time wander from one box to another ... spring cleaning in unison say, "Yes!". And we do not just throw out or give away all but get rid of unnecessary things. Broken or defective items that you want to repair or remake - in the trash. If long promised something to sew and wear, but this is not done - in the trash. No excuses. New Year - the year the net.

3 to finish the important matters that lay throughout the year. At least one!

Look at your endless lists. Yes, a lot of cases. But there will be many times. Select a "top three" - the oldest and most important problems - and solve them! It is important to close the extra door to 2016 before you open new ones. That was where to grow and where to move. Close the scoring session to complete the quarterly report, to get finally to the grandmother to finish repairs, finish reading the book, and so on. D. Anything but that delayed the whole year, or all not dare to do. It's time!

4. Ask for forgiveness from those you have hurt or offended anyone, and by forgiving the offenders

It is important to come in the New Year without resentment over his shoulder, with a smile and with love to all the people around. Yes, you hurt someone who did not understand something, you are someone's emotions, you said a little too much. Forget to ask for forgiveness and move on. Say, to ask for forgiveness is never too late. It came the very right moment. Believe me, first of all, you feel better! Even just write. It's so easy!

5. Say thank you to those who made your year beautiful

How important it is to thank those who made your year special! Who ever made your year! For me, the word "thank you" was the most magical. And I ask all those with whom is familiar, to say it more often. You'll see your life will begin to smile!

6. Analyze years

To sum up - it is an integral part of the year. Free for a loved one or beloved 10-15 minutes and is awarded the Personal Award 2015. This may be the song of the year, the films of the year, the place, the dating years. Optionally, you can add to your bonus all you want. All that you will find significant and important. So you firstly think of all the events of the last year, and secondly, you will understand where to go in the new year. Also noted for themselves spaces to fill them in already in the 2012th. For example, I realized that this year never went any ballet or the opera. And yet, I have not signed up for a dance. But made in this direction a couple of important steps. Vector set for 2016!

7. Create a jar desires for 2016

I just take the usual half-liter jar, decorate it as I want, and until 1 January 2016 put into it all the desires that come into my head. And I believe that as soon as January 1, 2016 the bell chimes, my wishes will come true. After this the whole year, I do not touch the jar and check for the following year, that came true and what is not. Already I am waiting for the New Year, to discover old and new fill.

8. Congratulate her neighbors Happy New Year

To fairytale atmosphere has come to your house - it is necessary to create it everywhere. Within himself and around him. Write nice wishes on cards and place them in the mailboxes of your neighbors. Do you have nothing to say to those with whom you live side by side? If the neighbors do not know - this is the time to get acquainted. And if the quarrel - the perfect occasion to make friends and build relationships.

9. Dress up the Christmas tree

Well, that without it anywhere! What's a holiday without a Christmas tree? Setting the laziest: remove the Christmas tree ornaments and Christmas tree itself, if it is. And let it all Calluses your eyes. I promise, someday you get tired of stepping on the balls and needles and have to collect all. And there too, and wait for the mood and magic!

10. Buy mandarins and New Year's outfit

As no first and no second no prochuvstvuesh holiday. In this I am sure. Especially without the latter. It seems like that this: why buy yourself some new dress or a new suit? But it is better to spend a little time for themselves, to the New Year spent a little more time in the next 12 months and the forces on you.

11. Decide how and with whom will celebrate the holiday magic

Why magic? Because the rule works: as the New Year meet, so spend it! Do you want to in the next year you are surrounded by family and loved ones? Surround ourselves with them from December 31 to January 1!