Magic Cleaning: how to once and for all to restore order in the house

Today Japanese girl Mari Kondo known throughout the world: her book "magical cleaning. Japanese art of restoring order at home and in life, "in a short time became a bestseller and was published in more than 30 countries. Marie Kondo argues that it is necessary to get out once and as it should. If you get out of a little each day, housekeeping will last forever.

According to Marie Condo, effective cleaning includes only two major steps:

1) getting rid of the unnecessary,

2) determining where to store desired.

About where to put the right things, not even to think until you get rid of all unnecessary. In the first place should be ejected.

Step 1: Throw away all unnecessary

Magic Cleaning: how to once and for all to restore order in the house
  • Get rid of unnecessary one stroke

Most people easily part with things that are no longer functional (eg, broken, grown old or out of fashion). But the house has a lot of unnecessary things for which there is no obvious cause for ejection. Marie Kondo does not recommend to use in such cases advice like "throw away everything that you have not used for a year," "can not throw today - move in the box and return to this issue later," - they do not work. The best way to choose what to keep and what to throw out, - to take every object in his hands and ask yourself: "Is this the joy Causes?" If the cause - save it. If not - throw away.

  • are cleaned by Category

house cleaning should be carried out not by rooms: "today - a bedroom, tomorrow - children" and by category, such as "today - clothes, tomorrow - the book." Before you decide what to leave at home, and what to throw out, gather in one place all the things that fall under the same category. "Collect all the items in one place is very important, as it gives you an accurate idea of ​​how many things you have. Most people are shocked at the sight of the longer amount of piles of things that are often at least twice the amount that they had imagined, "- says Marie.

Magic Cleaning: how to once and for all to restore order in the house

To begin the process of cleaning should be with simple subjects about which the easiest decision to make clothes, then books, documents and "Other" (CD and DVD, cosmetics, accessories, electrical appliances, stationery, home storage and etc.), And only as a last resort - "sentimental" items and gifts.

  • Do not allow to interfere with native

Marie Kondo does not advise showing emitted things parents and other family members: "The harvest is nothing wrong. However, the sight of what is thrown away their children - the strongest stress for parents. The sheer volume of the garbage heap can cause parents concern, making you wonder whether the children will be able to live with the fact that they have left. "

  • is not converted into a home unwanted clothes

Many people starting to disassemble things, rather than to throw those who have not wear, leaving their "home". Do not do this! Wrong retain any clothes that we do not like to "relax" in her home. Our home time - a precious part of life. Its value should not be reduced simply because the home no one will see. So starting today, do away with the habit bust clothes, from which you are not happy, turning it into the home category.

  • Rasstaemsya with unnecessary souvenirs

The hand does not rise to throw the gifts that were bought especially for you dear heart of man? The situation is common. "The real purpose of a gift - to be accepted. Gifts - this is not a "thing", but a means of transmission of human feelings ", - thinks Marie. If you look at it from this point of view, there is no need to feel guilty throwing someone's gift. Just thank him for the joy he called you, when you got it.

Step 2 to store

Magic Cleaning: how to once and for all to restore order in the house
  • How to store items

Keep all related things and objects of the same type you need in one place and as close as possible to each other.

Once you make the right choice among the things you only will their number, which perfectly fit in the available space at the moment. If your goal - empty is room, then keep these things need to be so that you can immediately tell where it is.

  • The secret - vertical storage

Perhaps the revolutionary opening Mari Kondo - in the convenience store items and no stacks and vertically. This principle applies not only to books, documents and papers, but also to the clothes in the dresser drawers.

It is very important to learn and put things right - in a simple sleek rectangle. And then they can always roll to roll and put in a box vertically, like towels in locker under the sink from IKEA catalog. This storage system will provide the most comprehensive view, and you can always easily remove any thing without disturbing others.

To hang things on Reilly Marie Kondo recommends left to right, starting with the dark warm things to light and bright.

  • The best storage facility - a box from under the shoe
Magic Cleaning: how to once and for all to restore order in the house
  • The order in the house = order in the life of

In his book, Marie Kondo says that tidying up the house, the man puts in order his affairs and his past. As a result of "trial" with the things he begins to realize that he needs in life and what is not, and what he wants to do.

Magic Cleaning: how to once and for all to restore order in the house