How to make money in the New Year: 5 Winning ways

A month before the New Year, and even earlier, enterprising people have the idea of ​​additional income. Indeed, why waste the chance when you can earn decent. On the eve of people require different types of goods and services, which can provide a caring person. So let that person be you. Do not waste your time and choose your money boomerang.

Sober driver

How to make money in the New Year: 5 Winning ways

In the New Year, many give up driving, so as they say, walk by the soul. If you have a car, then - it's a great way to make money. You can find customers in advance, which will be provided to this service. Or place ads on the Internet, in the section of the city.

A little to invest in advertising, print business cards and go over to local establishments. Agree on the distribution of their advertising for a small fee. All investments will pay off many times in one New Year's Eve. Invite your friends and acquaintances who have a car, to work together with you. Will handle more applications and collect double profit.

The design of the premises to order

How to make money in the New Year: 5 Winning ways

Large and medium-sized organizations spend New Year's corporate parties. The company has a large cash has not stinted order decoration of the hall. If you live a creative streak, so why not take advantage of such a pleasant view of earnings. All that is needed is to assemble a small team of employees and to buy jewelry at wholesale price. Arm yourself with a Christmas tinsel, bright balloons and placards required in advance. And also consider the different composition decor. To save money, make a certain amount of jewelry by hand. This saves investment and increase revenue.

New Pictures

How to make money in the New Year: 5 Winning ways

It is difficult to find people who would not want to capture the festive gatherings or events. If you have a good reflex camera, the New Year is the time when he will earn decent. Where can I find clients? Everything is very simple. Tell your colleagues, friends that can make New Year's pictures during corporate events. Decomposes or place ads on Internet free classifieds.

Customers will be enough. Do only high-quality images, for which will not be ashamed. Customers can find on the street. Take a camera and go for a walk in the New Year's Eve. There are many who want to capture a happy and beautiful. And earnings will depend on you, how quickly, and a lot of you will be able to make shots.

Sale of fireworks

How to make money in the New Year: 5 Winning ways

Who saw the New Year without fireworks and fireworks? This certainly was not. Christmas fireworks are bought as a cold brew on a hot, sultry day. Especially, if you are experienced entrepreneur or do not even have, feel free to get down to this venture.

Find the goods in advance provider. If the goods are from China, all the instructions on the package should be written in Russian. This means that the pyrotechnics has passed all the necessary tests and is safe to use.

Get permission to the state fire service and the tenancy agreement. But the best option is to trade in fireworks in the street at the site of a large terrain. In this way you can earn ten thousand and more in a single day.

Rent of artificial Christmas trees and Christmas costumes

How to make money in the New Year: 5 Winning ways

The question immediately arises, how to make money, if artificial Christmas trees are so expensive. It is not necessary to buy the whole consignment. Place purchase supported trees in good condition. There is not one person who wants to sell an unnecessary thing to him. And you can earn decent, serving ads for the surrender of trees in the rent. Perhaps someone from the family will give you a free Christmas tree that only have on hand.

Similar work can be done with the New Year costumes. Podyschu them in the same manner as the Christmas tree. In extreme cases they can be rent and rent yourself, but more expensive. On the eve of the holiday will be a lot of activities, where they will no doubt be needed.

As you can see, to make in the New Year, it does not require large investments, and in some cases it is possible to do without them. Therefore, if you are already tuned to supplement the family budget, choose something for everyone. The main thing is to approach the matter seriously, then you will certainly earn a lot of multi-colored bills.