Rules of life three of Buttermilk

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

Heroes "Buttermilk" we loved as a child and is now adore. They have a lot to learn. Uncle Fedor, unlike their parents know very well that the most important thing in life. Charismatic Matroskin climbs his words. A ball, skromnyaga and kind soul, says what he thinks and is pleased to help everyone. Harmful Pechkin and eccentric parents, we also like - they sometimes we recognize themselves or their friends. collected 45 statements cartoon characters "Buttermilk", many of whom we know by heart. But we are still ready to revise the cartoon and repeat them over and over again.

Terms of cat life Matroskina

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

- is wrong you, Uncle Fyodor, eat a sandwich. You're holding up his sausage, and it is necessary to put the sausage on language - so tasty work.

- Just think, I have and I can embroider on a typewriter ... and also ...

- You, for example, that will prescribe?

- I will "Murzilka" write.

- And I'm talking about hunting something.

- I will not say anything. I'll save.

- In this weather, their homes sit, TV smotryut. Only other people run hither ... We will not open the door!

- And how to wash?

- And so! It should be less dirty!

- He thinks about the hares ... And for us who think? Admiral Ivan Kruzenshtern?

- We have a national rural winter clothes what? Boots, pants cotton, sheepskin and fur hat. We winter in sneakers, even the students do not go. - Survived! We can say the garbage found, washed, cleaned of purifications, and he draws us here figvamy ...

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

- What is it we're without milk or without milk, and so it is possible to die! It would be necessary to buy a cow.

- On receipt of a cow red one, we took it one of the receipts. Donating will be one that does not violate reporting!

- And we have already reconciled. Because the joint work to my benefit in common.

- whiskers, paws and tail - these are my documents!

Rules of Life Ball

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

- If the New Year trees will be cut down, we have in place some forest stumps remain. It won for old ladies well, when in the forest some hemp. They can sit.

- Probably, it was not like you, he was a good man, just his name steamer named. And he cut down a Christmas tree would not! Not like some ...

- And my health is not so good. That aching legs, the tail falls off. A few days ago I started to fade. The old wool fray with me, at least do not go into the house. But the new growing clean, silky, shaggy so that I have raised.

- Meat is better to buy in the store.

- Why?

- There's more than bones.

- Yes, I would be happy to give up, but Matroskin have my head. After all, for a gun-money Lam. And my life is free ....

- And if your cow has been cleverer, it would not gave milk, and carbonated water.

Rules of Life Uncle Fyodor

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

- I'm nobody. I alone boy. Your own. - Hello! Take me to live with him. I'll be all you guard ...

- What more! We ourselves do not live anywhere. You are to us a year to resort, when we owning a farm.

- You Matroskin, shut up. Good dog has never stopped anyone.

The rules of life mom and dad Uncle Fyodor

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

- I'm living like a peasant serf.

- That is why else?

- So! I have four dresses, evening silk. And there is no place to put them.

- So, choose: either me or the cat!

- Well I'll choose! I have long been familiar to you, and this the first time I see a cat.

- From this painting on the wall is very big advantage: it blocks the hole on the wallpaper.

- If we're crazy, then not both. With the mind alone go. It's only the flu get sick together.

- We have a winter road and weather are such that there are already driving academics. Sam saw.

- I believe that the most valuable gift for a woman - it's a sack of potatoes.

- I have this uncle with the big ears would pootkrutil ears!

- It is necessary that the house and the dogs were, and cats, and friends the whole bag. And there are all sorts of blind man's buff-pryatalki. That's when the children and will not be lost.

- Then the parents will begin to disappear.

- Of course, I love nature. But not to such an extent that in concert dresses in electric drive!

- I transfer our apartment "What? Where? When? "Recalls! Do not you understand that where and when it's all over!

- We totally need somewhere to get a second child. To remove rigor. And angry. - Honey, let's take your resort and go to Buttermilk!

- Hold on! I put on two evening dresses, two more left!

- That we without him badly, and he was good there. He's got a cat there, to which you grow and grow. He followed him like a stone wall.

- Would I have a cat, I could and would have never married.

Life Rules postman Pechkin

Rules of life three of Buttermilk

- This Galchonok I stole Olympic ruble. It is necessary to hand over to the clinic. For the experiments.

- In our time, the main decoration of the table that?

- Flowers!

- Bone!

- TV set! And it shows you the cobwebs.

- Do not I have a gun to click! I can only begin to live: turn to retire.

- The documents are always printed happen. There you print on the tail? BUT? Nope! A mustache can be counterfeited.

- I'm here now poker is thrown into it, so as not to call!

- Why throw if the mail is? Now we will pack it and give the cat. It turns out the same parcel.

- "The ball, you dunce."

- it is wrong. If congratulatory form, you first need to congratulate the recipient.

- It does not happen that the children themselves were. Children definitely somebody's!

Rules of life three of Buttermilk