Amazing Animal records

The most amazing animals-champions, which you might not know:

1. The ram with the abundant hair in the world

Amazing Animal records

For more than 40 kilograms of wool sheared from sheep were found near the capital of Australia, making it officially became a sheep with the abundant hair. Animal, Chris christened the people who found him, barely passed around because of the severity of their wool.

Tammy Ven Dange (Tammy Ven Dange), Chief Executive Officer RSPCA ACT, estimated that Chris passed uncut for more than five years, and probably a little contact with the people. Being the owner of the most abundant fur in the world, he beat the current record of New Zealand sheep Big Ben (Big Ben), who was found with 29 kilograms of wool neostrizhennoy in 2014.

Big Ben deposed from the throne, the other sheep, New Zealander named Shrek, gained notoriety in his country. Shrek even managed to meet with Prime Minister Helen Clark (Helen Clark). In addition, he became the protagonist of several books for children and lived happily until his death in 2011.

2. The largest scope horns longhorn

Amazing Animal records

Joe Sedlacek (Joe Sedlacek) from Greenleaf (Greenleaf), Kansas has a reason to be proud: the scope of one of the horns of the bulls breed the Texas Longhorn (Texas Longhorn) his company's "Lazy J's Bluegrass", is almost 3 meters. The company got into the Guinness Book of putting a bull to participate in the contest, which was conducted among representatives of the Association of breeders breed the Texas Longhorn (Texas Longhorn Breeders Association). Sedlacek said that the last 5 or 6 generations of Texas longhorns very long horns. Despite the fact that the bull had missed his chance to get into the Guinness Book of Records last year, losing to the winner by only 1 centimeter, one more year of life secured him the title.

3. Highest cow in the world

Amazing Animal records

The cow, reaching 193 centimeters at the shoulder, called Blos (Blosom) is officially recognized as the tallest cow in the world and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. Despite the fact that she is no longer alive, 907-pound cow was declared the new record holder in 2014. Blos died on May 26 at a farm in northern Illinois after being held this record for at least a month.

Representatives of the Guinness Book of Records said that the 13-year-old Holstein cow breed "will live on in the pages of the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest cow in the world." According to the association "Holstein Association USA", the average weight of an adult cow of this breed is 680 kilograms, and the most "productive" ones give more 32658 kilograms of milk per year.

4. The dog with the longest ears

Amazing Animal records

Meet the Harbor (Harbor), 8-year-old black-and-tan kunhaunda from Boulder (Boulder), Colorado, which is now in the Guinness Book of Records for owning the longest ears on a living dog. The length of its left and right ears of 31 and 34 centimeters, respectively!

The funny thing is that the scope of the ears Harbor greater than the height of the lowest man in the world, Junro Balaving (Junrey Balawing), whose height is only 60 centimeters.

5. The longest human tunnel, overcome a dog on a skateboard

Amazing Animal records

English Bulldog named Otto set a new world record in the category "The longest human tunnel, overcome a dog on a skateboard." Otto, you're just done!

3-year-old dog bravely rolled through the tunnel of the legs 30 people who lined up in the same direction, and stood with his legs apart to allow Otto to pass freely without jerking or touches.

He set a record in Peru as part of the celebration of the Day of Guinness World Records 2015.

6. The fastest turtle in the world

Amazing Animal records

One turtle from Durham (Durham), North Carolina, left his rivals far behind, receiving the title of the fastest turtle in the world.

Berti, turtle speed, running at a speed of about 1 kilometer per hour. This means that it is two times faster than the average turtle and can finish the 100-meter race in just six minutes.

Despite the fact that he can not compete with Usain Bolt (Usain Bolt) in the near future, Bertie happy in their "luxury kennel with her friend Shelley", where he enjoys his favorite food - strawberries.

7. The largest number of basketball goals scored parrot

Amazing Animal records

Julie and Ed Cardoza coaches are parrot owners and Zack (Zac), 25-year-old parrot who is the holder of the Guinness World Record for the largest number of basketball goals scored parrot in a minute.

Cardoza family, who lives in San Jose, California, for more than 20 years, put on a show with their trained birds. They come to birthday parties, corporate events, in libraries and schools. Zach can ride a bike, scooter and skateboard. It can also turn, raise the flag and more. Julie and Ed brought a parrot breed harlequin macaw, since he was a chick and taught him every day for 22 years until his recent retirement. "Now," says Julie, "he just throws for fun! Balls." He also holds the record for the number of cans of soda, open a parrot for 60 seconds.

8. The longest snake in captivity

Amazing Animal records

The longest snake in captivity, is 7, 67-foot reticulated python named Medusa, which is owned by the company "Full Moon Productions" from Kansas City, Missouri.

8-year-old 158, 8-pound reptile found coiled in a secluded corner of the attraction "Haunted House" called "Edge of Hell". The house has an extension in the form of a warehouse with brick walls. Medusa's main diet consists of rabbits combination, pigs and deer, which she fed every two weeks.

Staff haunted house says that it is the sloppy eater on attraction and sometimes even dug his teeth into himself and not in his food. While python behavior can be wild and unpredictable, Medusa, generally refers to other tolerant and respectful, if only it did not disturb, provoke or starve.

9. The dog with the big eyes

Amazing Animal records

Bars (Bruschi) is a 4-year-old black and white Boston Terrier, who lives with his owner, Victoria Reed (Victoria Reed) and her other Boston Terrier Toby in Texas. He owns the Guinness World Record in the category of "the dog with the big eyes", which reach 28 millimeters in diameter! Reed has applied to the Guinness after her friends, family members and even the dog to the vet, said his bulging eyes. Guinness jumped at the chance to meet the little bars and happily crowned him with this title.

10. The smallest cow in the world

Amazing Animal records

In 2014, this six-year old cow, known by the alias Manik (Manikyam), officially became the smallest in the world according to the measured command Guinness Book of Records. Manic, which increase is only 61, 5 cm at the shoulder, broke the previous record 69, 07 centimeter.

Cow lives in Athol (Atholi) in the southern Indian state of Kerala (Kerala) with its owner, farmer and environmentalist named N. Balakrishnan (NV Balakrishnan), who received it even a newborn calf. Despite the fact that he was feeding her, as well as all the other cows on his farm, Manica has not increased above 62 centimeters. It's smaller than a Labrador!