How to make your life a conscious

In our everyday life is so easy to forget that everything that surrounds you every day - this is your life. How to become more aware, fill life with what you really want, and stop betraying its own values?

How to make your life a conscious

How we spend our days - that's how we conduct our lives.

Annie Dillard (Annie Dillard)

Thoughts and conversations, people and the environment - everything that happens every day - this is your life. After thinking about this phrase, you want to choose more wisely what fills this life.

In order to lead meaningful, fulfilling life is not enough to find some life hacking blindly stick to it. Consecutive daily activities - the key to sustainable change. You also need to change the environment and habits, or intention to change rapidly evaporate, even if the motivation was the most ardent.

Here are a few habits that will continuously strive for a more conscious and full of life. However, changing your life, remember that there are no quick ways to achieve sustainable change, so it is better to start at once to enjoy the process. He is very long, life-long.

1. Every day, find time to listen to the inner voice

Check. Ask yourself why you are this way and not otherwise. Ask, why you do something before you do it. You have decided to do so or decide for you? It is difficult to separate your inner voice from the opinions of others, but when you do, you will begin to make decisions that exactly match your goals and ideals. And you'll always be confident in the decisions taken by the voice. 2. Control your thoughts - your main strength of

When was the last time you noticed that negative thoughts occupy your mind? Maybe it's happening right now? Learn how to keep track of negative thoughts and organize them to be distracted by something else. The ability of your mind to focus on what's really important, allows you to follow your own way in this world. If you always feel emaciated, perhaps this is due to an inability to control their thoughts. Your mind is like a wild animal. Tame it!

3. Look for moments of flow

Explore the moments in which you are operating in a state of flux, find out how the environment stimulates this state, and try to create the necessary conditions during the day. You work in the stream alone, completely immersed in a favorite thing? Excellent, determine the inviolable space, appreciate and protect this time, as if it affects the fulfillment of your desires. Because in fact it is.

4. Be aware of personal experience from a global perspective

How to make your life a conscious

Take a look at the ocean, play with the dog, touch wood - every day, dedicate a little time employment, which will remind you that you - a great part of the system is much more global than your life.

And remember that everything you do - it is a small fluctuation in this vast ecosystem, and every day of your life - the small fluctuation in your entire life. Remember that your actions are important, but they are not the only thing in this world.

5. Maintain clarity of mind with the help of meditative practices

How to make your life a conscious

It is surprising how the morning meditation can change your day. Concentrating on breathing helps to maintain clarity of thought and ease throughout the day: during the busy conversation when you're at a meeting or walking down the street.

Remind yourself to return to calm the thoughts and concentrate on your breathing - this will help you to make the day so much more. And not because it is some kind of tricky means, but just because your mind is at rest, and is a great force.

6. Revise its core values ​​every week

Ask yourself how you keep your valuables in the personal, professional and social levels. Be honest with yourself. If what you are doing during the day, does not correspond with your true values, then you're going the wrong way. Remember that what we spend your day - it's something that all of life is gone.

7. Do not look for short cuts

You either do your mission in this life and see the progress, or not. There are no easy ways to lead a life for which you are. Every day do something that suits your nature and your values ​​- that is the only and the best thing you can do.

8. Repeat positive affirmations to yourself

You have done something significant? You wrote an article, which are proud of? Meditating every day this week? Perfectly! Look in the mirror and congratulate yourself and remind yourself how good to feel that you have done something important in your life. How long have you been quietly celebrating the victory with themselves?

9. Write on the paper each day

How to make your life a conscious

Just express your thoughts, plan and dream.

10. Choose the right environment

Surround yourself with really active, passionate, honest and versatile people, communities and thoughts.

11. Create a life that feels right to you

Do what is right for you, otherwise you will not be able to adhere to the rules established for itself in the long run. Simple and love to do - it's great, and do they need exactly when they bring pleasure. For example, if you like to write in a diary in the morning, do it and enjoy the process.

12. So, what you're fighting is stored

If you constantly pay attention to the negativity in your life, and he will pursue you. We see what we want to see, and if you are stuck at some negative qualities, you will see it everywhere and in everything, no matter what they do around. If your life were such "pressure points", take the time to deal with them, to find out the real cause and eliminate it.

13. Explore, reflect, experiment

This is a wonderful way to understand what works for you and what does not keep track of their personal experience and find a new way of thinking and action.

And you aspire to conscious life?