25 controversial quotes from the Indian sage Salman Rushdie

• 25 controversial quotes from the Indian sage Salman Rushdie

25 controversial quotes from the Indian sage Salman Rushdie

He speaks of men with bitter irony, sometimes ruthlessly and brutally, and between the lines of his works make sense sometimes concluded more than the lines themselves. He skillfully combines the myths of different cultures and draws in his novels a distorted reflection of the world, which is like two peas in a pod similar and at the same time is very different from the usual us.

We collected 25 controversial quotes of one of the most controversial modern writers Salman Rushdie.

Being a high-flying bird - it's fine. It should be understood that this bird - the bird alone.

Only he sees the whole picture of the whole, who are beyond its scope.

All that matters to your life happens in your absence.

Perhaps the curse of the human race is not that we are all different, namely that we are all very similar.

Sometimes legends create reality and become more useful than the facts.

In the explanation of the mystery of being is no shortage. Today they are available in bulk at a knockdown price. Dig down to the truth more difficult.

Some personalities are so great that debunk them only by themselves.

No third principle does not happen; There is only money-and-poverty, have-and-have-not; right-and-left; it's just me-against-all-over the world! World - this is not an idea; world - not a place for dreamers and their dreams; world - these are the things. Things and those who make them rule the world ...

People like cats: You can not teach them anything. If you sold your soul, do not expect to buy it cheaply.

Sometimes more mountains meet than old friends.

In the past and the future, we spend most of his life.

The past is not depreciated because it is not already present. On the contrary, it becomes even more important, because hidden from view forever.

Oh, merciless sharpness of vision of the world of children! As a child we all photographers, who do not need cameras - we burn out the image in memory.

Any secret spoils within you; if you hide something and not tell, it starts to hurt the stomach!

What can not be cured, you have to endure.

Few lucky two days in a row.

Optimism, like any infection, do not let go so easily.

Even the most stubborn of nightmares go away, you just refresh the face, brush your teeth and drink something good and hot.

Around me nothing but trouble inside - one wonders.

Love never comes from the other side, how do you expect it, it sneak up on you from behind on the soft paws and sadanot you over the head like a cobblestone.

The man or the likes, or expect love or refuses to it forever. That's the whole selection.

Sometimes a person has to choose what he wants to see and what not.

Ultimately prophecy useless. You just need to live their lives, to make their everyday choices and move ahead while you can.

Live until you die.