Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

• Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

Israeli gunsmiths have always been able to surprise the world: without any foundations they created was entirely new types of weapons, which are then actively replicated armies of many countries. It is in this example is the relatively new Tavor assault rifle 21, produced concern Israel Weapon Industries, which has already been called almost the best machine XXI-st century.

Background The appearance of

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

By the mid-90s, the IDF decided to permanently replace outdated morally "Galili" American M16. The decision, to put it mildly, ambiguous: built on the basis of the Soviet AK-47, Galil behaved in a desert environment is much better than a complicated operation and fastidious M16. The same opinion, apparently adhered and gunsmiths concern Israel Military Industries. Masters have developed a completely new concept of weapons, which it has been decided to develop in parallel with the purchase of American rifles.

M-203 Project

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

The long-term development was published in mid-1995. Under the code designation M-203 hidden supermodern rifle, working under NATO cartridge 5, 56 * 45 mm. It was Israel's first success in the field of original weapon: the modified machine has received the final name of the Tavor TAR 21, was not a remake of someone else's success, as the same "Galil" and wholly owned by the engineers Israel Military Industries.

The first problem

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

Despite the fact that the machine came to the liking not only by the arms makers, but also the highest ranks of the IDF, his trial took quite a long time. A few years carried out painstaking work to identify all the shortcomings of the machine that attempts to create the perfect in every sense of the weapon begins to resemble an extreme degree of perfectionism. However, the military trials did show a number of successfully solved problems later. TAR 21 unreliable behaved in the desert and did not allow a fighter to change the store in the supine position: he had a little bit to take up arms. Too thick pistol grip also adds to the convenience, cheap sight was found completely unreliable.

The release of

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

All of the above disadvantages have been eliminated in the final version of the machine. Kits provided TAR expensive gun 21 ITL MARS, combined with a laser pointer and a number of replaceable parts. Can be mounted on the rifle barrels of different lengths, an adapter for the M203 grenade launcher and the muffler. All these improvements have been very warmly received by units of the Israeli army.

The performance characteristics of

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

Caliber - 5.56 mm.

As used cartridge - 5.56 mm NATO SS109 / M855

Magazine capacity - 20-30 rounds

Overall length - 720 mm

Mass (curb) - 3, 635 kg

Sight - collimator Laser + Rate of fire - 750-900 rounds / min

Muzzle velocity - 890m / s.

The main advantages Tavor 21

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

Tavor MTAR housing 21 is made of high-strength polymers that provided a machine is relatively lightweight. Center of gravity is closer to the rifle to his shoulder hand - thanks to the design bullpup. This arrangement has improved precision and accuracy. TAR 21 is unified under the usual shops American M16: it allows fighters do not care once again of special munitions. Agility, ease and convenience of the machine is balanced by its relatively high cost: TAR 21 unit cost Israel $ 1,300.

MTAR 21: another step forward

Tabor: the best machine of the XXI century

Despite the fact that the original version of the TAR 21 still is in service with the Israeli army brigades, as well as the widely used all over the world, special purpose troops are moving to a more advanced version of the machine. Modified MTAR 21 was more easy and short: weighs only 2, 9 kg of the curb, its stem length is less than 380 mm. At the moment, 21 MTAR rifle equipped with special forces around the world.