Rules of Life of Sir Thomas Sean Connery

• The rules of life of Sir Thomas Sean Connery

Rules of Life of Sir Thomas Sean Connery

Where to bury me !? Yes, I do still not sure that I would die.

To thirteen years I had known about the life of all that I need.

MY LIFE - a mixture of chance and luck. When the war started, I was nine. We were living in abject poverty in Edinburgh. I started to work at twelve, and a year later dropped out of school. One can hardly say that I have received some education. I just reached up his mind. That's why I feel like a little boy in a society of intellectuals.

I BORN WHEN MY BROTHER RL, he took my place in the chest, and I moved to the couch. My father was a hard worker, he brought home two dollars a week.

I still VSHTYRIVAET BATH. Every time I find myself in the Grosvenor House hotel in London, I take a bath - real. You know what I mean? Bath - it is something special. When I grew up in Edinburgh, we had only one bathroom in the street, in a brewery.

The first breakthrough I had a five years. But I took seventy years to realize this. You see, I was taught to read.

MY worst job? Polisher of coffins. I have not really worked.

When I was twenty-odd, unusual happened to me a thing. I met with one American, Robert Henderson, we had played together in the theater. He gave me a list of books: George Bernard Shaw, "the actor's work on himself" and "My Life in Art" Stanislavsky, all Thomas Wolfe, all of Oscar Wilde, all of Ibsen, "In Search of Lost Time" Proust's "Ulysses" and "Funeral Finnegans "Joyce. These first books were incredibly difficult, but sooner or later they will be torn to you. In addition, I have at hand was a Dictionary. I have not read Tolkien and damn do not understand, when they sent me the script (Connery was a candidate for the role of Gandalf -. Esquire). Hobbits some. Or bobbity?

I always wanted to be an old man with a nice face - like Hitchcock or Picasso.

I think I turned into an old man, who kept everyone teaches and instructs. This, of course, quite flattering, but I do not think that I really like that. I would like to think that something in all these years I have learned. But because of the mistakes that I continue to do, to be, I learned a little.

I never grumbles. I immensely respect everyone who does his job professionally, be it carpentry, lighting designer and assistant director with clapperboard. Anyone who has worked with me, it will confirm. I'm having problems only with those morons who create more problems than they solve.

Between me and Bond, there is one important difference. He knows how to solve problems.

Brosnan - a good choice. But Dalton with the role and did not deliver. He was very serious missed: a person who plays Bond, to be dangerous. Without this sense of constant threat you can not be cool.

Once I was walking upstairs when he heard his own voice from the next room. It turned out that my grandchildren watching "Goldfinger". I sat and watched with them. It was quite interesting. In the film there is a certain grace and measured - did not want to jump from one scene to another. Although, of course, many things I would correct.

IF people do not like what I'm doing, I'd been the milkman. And I will never forget about it. Silent gesture can in one moment will have more than a minute of dialogue. Unlike most actors, who do not like when the director throws their cues, I'll shred your struggles. When Steven Spielberg took nine out of ten of my ideas, how to replace the dialogue at visual interaction in "The Last Crusade", it was the best compliment in the world.

I was always told that I was too high or too low, too Scottish or Irish too, too young or too old.

I'M NOT ENGLISH. I never was and is not going to become. I am a Scot.

The French did not argue.

With my wife I met playing golf. She was French and then did not speak in English, and I do not speak French, so that any chance tire talk to each other, we did not. That's why we got married very quickly.

Mama never really hugged and kissed me. I never thought that it could have some serious consequences in life. But it explains a lot, does not it?

I LOVE WOMEN. I do not know, but I like.

Can you tell me explain where this obsession Women's Shoes? Many years ago I was given a few pairs on the set of a movie - so I have them still wear.

It seems the only film company to which I did not submit to the court - it's Paramount. They are all thieves.

ME fucked more times than whores of the port. Twice I caught the hand of the guys who cheated with my money - had to drag them into court and bankrupt. I am outraged by this betrayal and injustice. I hate injustice. The gulf between people who can make a film, and the people who it totally incapable, has been growing for many years. Too many people simply are afraid to say I do not know. They quickly dipped, as quickly emerges, but I did not imagine what they're doing.

"League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" - it's just a nightmare. The director could not give 185 million dollars.

They say if you ban the wearing of weapons, even melkokaliberki, we will deprive thousands of people quite innocent entertainment. I've only one thing I can not understand this entertainment better or worse than watching your child grow?

Couple of times I smoked pot, and that's it. I would never have been anything stabbing. I'm too fond of drink. Sometimes I can hold out for two weeks, and even more, but then with redoubled zeal to take the old.

HAIR I lost early, and it is greatly simplified my life. I did not have all these problems of puberty. I always played the older ones - for example, Harrison Ford's father and the father of Dustin Hoffman.

Honestly, I do not think about their age, I have not yet gone once to the doctor for a physical. He said that I have the heart of a young man: "But you have forty!"

I'm not Mr. Cutie. But I do not pretend to Mr. Cutie.