30 best free pleasures in life

• 30 best free pleasures in life

They say that the best is free in life. And compiled a list to which you are now will pass, without a doubt, confirms this thesis. Life is full of simple joys and pleasures, pleasant things that you never appreciated at its true worth, but which has always enjoyed. These are the gifts of life that will please almost everyone - but in its own way each.

Thus, 30 of the best free and easy pleasures in life.

30 best free pleasures in life 30 best free pleasures in life

1. To sleep on a rainy day. Hearing the raindrops drumming softly on the windowpane, you burrow even deeper into his pillow. The sound soothes your nerves are exhausted, and the bed seems so cozy ... Is not that the best place on earth?

2. To find a long-forgotten stash. You puts his hand into the pocket of his pants and suddenly find there a couple of bills lying there since last summer. Of course, they will not make you rich - but it's still a damn nice.

3. Accidentally see someone cute in the eyes. You meet her on the way to the subway station or just on the street. She looks you in the face, for a moment your eyes meet and you feel in them a slight curiosity. You start to wonder what it is ... and then your contact is interrupted.

30 best free pleasures in life

4. To plunge into the waters. Naked to immerse themselves in the river or lake - it's amazing how it's refreshing and liberating. You are naked, but it seems quite natural, and you feel an indescribable freedom ...

5. Get the present paper letter or parcel post. Nowadays the main way to block messaging has become a e-mail. Well, in a normal mailbox unless we find that the accounts payable so advertising supermarkets. But when you check your mail, you find there is a letter or a parcel of real, living person - oh, it is a pleasure with nothing compares. 6. Catch drive the yellow light. Remember how nice it is - to have time to slip through the intersection on a yellow light, ahead of all, and to see in the rearview mirror as the car behind you are stopped at a red. Yes! You udelali them!

30 best free pleasures in life

7. Tell a funny, interesting or instructive history. One of the most exciting roles in our lives - the role of the narrator. Admit it, you're like, too, to tell stories, especially those that are chained to the attention of all your listeners - with interest, a smile or tears. Few things compare with the pleasure of stories told of a life that pleased your listeners.

8. See how your friend stumbles over himself. Imagine: you go with a friend on the street, and then he zasmotrevshis something, stumbles on the curb, waved his hands for a moment, restoring balance and trying to pretend that nothing happened. Sometimes these scenes can be incredibly funny.

9. To hear the right song at the right time. No matter when and where you'll be, but I hear the song, it is ideally suited to this place and time, you will realize that this is exactly what a simple pleasure that can instantly lift your mood. You can at this time to go home from work, hang out at the bar with friends or at all to run in the park ... But when you hear the most ideally suited to this time of the song, the meaning of your life suddenly seem like piercingly clear.

30 best free pleasures in life

10. The first sip of cold drink when you are terribly thirsty. So, you just finished mowing the grass or returned home after a long run. And the only thing that now you can think of - it's a big glass of ice-cold lemonade. When you are really exhausted by thirst, the first sip of any drink or even clean water is perceived as neither the incomparable bliss. 11. To see the corner of his eye strip of bare skin. With guys it happens, when the waitress in the restaurant leans too far. With girls - when they see in the locker room of the gym of a pretty boy. But be that as it may, when you see the nice man at the opposite sex at least a piece of the naked body, which was supposed to be hidden ... you feel incredibly happy.

12. Say something together with someone else. You all know how it is: first comes a moment of silence, and then you're with a friend at the same time say the same words. Yes, it happens rarely, but is in these moments you do not want to smile?

30 best free pleasures in life

13. Find a comfortable place in the parking lot. You drive into the parking lot and you see an empty seat in the front row in front of the entrance. Joyfully smiling, you drive it in reverse, and when you return, you will only have to start the car and quietly leave. And not have to try to squeeze between other cars.

14. Realize that you still have time to sleep. You suddenly wake up, open your eyes and think that, perhaps, it is time to get up, but a glance at the clock, you know that it is can sleep for another hour or two. You are filled with a happy feeling, and, happily smiling, you return to your dreams.

15. Wear the clothes fresh from the dryer. Once the dryer calms down, you pull out your clothes and put on themselves. It emits a soft, soothing warmth and smells. And you feel like a pacification comes to your heart, you are no longer felt. At this moment you are ready to meet the breast all the troubles that will fall on your way.

30 best free pleasures in life

16. Watch the people. Just sit on a bench in the park and watch the passing by. High, low, thick and thin. Blond, black and red. Each of them is different, and each - a special expression. And looking from one person to another, admit to yourself - this fascinating spectacle. 17. Feel the familiar smell. You just drove into the garage of his home and opened the car door. You recently were not at home. You feel something familiar in the air ... but this is the smell of a big fir tree in a neighbor's yard! And enter the door, you feel already a whole bunch of familiar odors. As it is good to come back home ...

18. Understand that your idea worked. You all day trying to solve a difficult problem, but you still can not go. Full of frustration, you finally decide to try another idea - and this time you all get!

30 best free pleasures in life

19. Enjoy the beautiful views. Sitting in the climb up the mountain road car, you peek out of the window in the back seat and you can see at the bottom of a bright sunlit valley full of flowers and greenery. Reminds you seen pictures of what you saw in National Geographic - but it's not photography, it's actually there in front of your eyes.

20. lie down on a fresh, clean bed. You lifted the blanket and slipped under it a fresh, freshly washed and ironed sheets. It seems a little cool to the touch and so clean - if in that bed, and no one had never slept.

21. Remembering the old days are best friends. In one of the songs of Pink Floyd said "memories of an old man - a young man's actions." And what could be nicer to remember the best moments of your life with those who lived them with you?

22. Get an unexpected compliment. Imagine an ordinary, average day that you did not happen nothing particularly good or bad. And the monotony of catching up on your boredom. And then you gently touch the shoulder of a mature pretty woman calls a "handsome" and says that she likes your shirt. Even if it does not go down further - still your day was much better.

30 best free pleasures in life

23. Take a good laugh. No wonder they say that laughter - the best medicine. And when you laugh so that you can barely breathe life seems great. Such moments seem simply divine - and definitely tune in a positive way.

24. Take a good workout in the gym. Unless you do not like the feeling that you experience after such activities? The feeling that you have spent this time not in vain, that you have achieved something - that you are doing something that helps you both look and feel much better. And coming out of the door of the gym, you feel on top of the world.

25. We were pleased with the fact that before you finally realized something. Someone tells you something for the third time, and you still do not understand. Everything understand, and you - no. And then, suddenly, in your head something clicks, and everything becomes clear as day. Finally, you all know - and it is wonderful!

26. Relax on the front lawn on a sunny day. You are lying in a deckchair, the sun warms your skin, and a gentle breeze blows away the heat. Above his head happily chirping birds, but only peace and understanding in your soul.

30 best free pleasures in life

27. to join hands with your loved one. Every time she takes you by the hand, you remember how much she means to you. Join hands - very sensual and intimate action, in spite of its simplicity and low profile. The world is not so many people who you allow to take up your hands, and because every time it is - something very special.

28. splash water. Water fascinates people of all ages and gender. Kids love to jump in puddles, teenagers - a game of water polo, as well as an adult you can relax in the bathroom ... the water - it's great. 29. Make someone smile. You notice that a colleague does not have time to complete the project on time and take over some of her other duties. Once she realizes what you did, she immediately comes into your office. "Thank you," - she says you and smiles sweetly. You just killed two birds with one stone - for her smile and make the best of your day.

30 best free pleasures in life

To complete the job. You've just finished a big project, the work of the past few months, or have reached the end of your first marathon ... in any case, you have fulfilled the goal in front of him. And it's a feeling that you experienced when finish the job, perhaps one of the most pleasant simple pleasures that can only be found in this life.

The list could go on and on, because what you have just read, compiled on the basis of personal experience - and the experience of friends, of course. But I think most of them have the liking of all of you!