Enough to overwhelm the child's toys

Enough to overwhelm the child's toys

Toys - this is one of the building blocks in shaping the future of our children. They allow them to grow and explore the world. Therefore, when choosing toys wise parents are guided by considerations not only good and fun, but also try not to bend to the number.

We also, like the author, not against toys and for children. And here are some benefits that are accessible to children, if their number is limited to toys.

It helps children to think creatively.

Too many toys deprives children of the opportunity to use your imagination. In Germany, two health workers, Strik and Schubert, performed an experiment in which persuaded to rid one kindergarten from toys for 3 months. Although the initial phase of the experiment the children were suffering from boredom, soon took their imagination, and they began to think of the game.

It improves children's concentration.

When the lives of children too many toys, it becomes difficult to focus on one thing. The child begins to appreciate the toys when he knows less, in which case there are many other options.

It enables children to quickly and easily establish connections.

Children with fewer toys develop interpersonal relationships with other children and adults are much more successful. They learn by talking, to give and take. Researchers have also linked child's future success in the field of science is his friendship with a child.

It teaches children to appreciate what they have.

When too many toys in a child, he ceases to care for them. He does not appreciate them, because he knows that if the break - always follow replacement. If you have children who constantly break the toys, try to take away from them the most. They quickly realized what was happening.

The smaller toy, the greater the interest in reading, writing and art.

Fewer toys allow your children more fond of books, music and drawing. A love for the arts, in turn, learn to see the beauty in the world.

This makes the inventive children.

The school, as a rule, do not provide answers to the students for a reason - they provide only the tools that can help find the answers. The same principle applies to entertainment and games. A small number of toys make children smarter in terms of the use of available funds. And ingenuity - a gift with unlimited potential.

Children less argue with each other.

At first it may seem counter-intuitive. After all, many parents are convinced that the more toys, the less fighting. Nevertheless, there is often just the opposite. And every time when we are trying to end the dispute a new toy, we give a child a reason to strengthen its "defense" against the other. On the other hand, the brothers and sisters with a pair of toys for two has to share, interact and collaborate with each other.

It teaches perseverance children.

Those children who have a lot of toys are usually too quickly give up. If they will be in the hands of the toy, in which they can not understand, to replace it will find another, more simple. In a situation where small toys, kids, on the other hand, learn perseverance, patience and determination.

Children grow less selfish.

Those children, who get everything they want, are confident that it will always be. This position can quickly lead to an unhealthy or even unworthy of life.

This gives the children the opportunity to fall in love with nature.

When a child is not at home the whole treasury of with toys, he is more inclined to play outside and interact with nature. He also has a great attraction to the sport, which ultimately makes it healthy and happy.

In this way children learn to find satisfaction outside the toy store.

The real fun and enjoyment of life is not to buy in the store. Children who are convinced that their happiness is reduced to a kind of shopping, only adopted this delusion from their parents. Instead, children should be encouraged to live a full life, and find joy in the things that really matter.

This teaches children cleanliness.

If you have kids, then you as anyone familiar with that scattered toys may gradually lead to chaos in the house. The smaller toys, the less clutter, and it helps to keep the house clean and cozy.