10 surprising things that North Korea is exported

North Korea is now one of the most totalitarian countries in the world. But it turns out that this is a closed state has a lot of exports, which is very unusual.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported 10 surprising things that North Korea is exported


In May 2015, North Korea exported to China 1, 8 million tons of coal.

As you know, China is the largest importer of coal in the world. But where Celestial takes millions of tons of this fuel? It turns out that in recent years China has become a major supplier to North Korea. Despite the overall decline in Chinese imports, deliveries from North Korea increased by 25 percent - in May 2015 the country exported to China 1, 8 million tons of coal.

Export of natural resources - a pretty easy way to make money totalitarian regime without weakening control over the population. Another advantage is that the export of natural resources from Korea is ranked in the UN sanctions list, so the country can make money in the coal export legitimately.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported

Ballistic missiles

Export of ballistic missiles brings tens of millions of dollars.

North Korea is also known for his provocative ballistic missile launches, which are usually written off to "the machinations of the evil capitalists". But North Korea's ballistic missiles are not only used for this purpose, they also are exported, bringing the DPRK budget tens of millions of dollars a year. Export of ballistic missiles allows the government to continue the production of missiles for internal use through the savings arising from the scale of production.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported

Arms Factory

North Korea is building military facilities in African countries.

North Korea is one of the most militarized countries in the world, its army of over one million people, which, respectively, it is necessary to arm. Huge weapon industry of North Korea is yet another way to earn foreign currency for the cash-strapped nation. The country not only exports heavy weapons, including rocket launchers and anti-aircraft missile systems, but also offers help in building weapons factories to its customers. Over the past 30 years, North Korea has participated in the construction of two Ethiopian weapons factories and supply of industrial equipment in the country. Given that the plants have been developed in North Korea, but it can provide spare parts for industrial equipment, thereby forcing Ethiopia to continue to cooperate with it. North Korea also has built military facilities in other African countries such as Nigeria and Madagascar.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported


The construction of the war memorial in Windhoek (Namibia) will bring 60 million dollars.

North Korea has built a huge number of statues, as they are a means of propaganda in the country. Given the extraordinary experience of North Korea in the creation of statues, other countries have even started ordering her sculptural works.

For example, Zimbabwe has recently paid a $ 5 million order for two statues of President Robert Mugabe. As North Korea did the statue in order for Angola, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia and even Germany. The largest customer of North Korea is Namibia, which in the early 2000s was made a $ 60 million contract to build a giant war memorial in Windhoek.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported


Pyongyang Restaurant - a restaurant chain throughout Asia.

Restaurants that offer "real North Korean cuisine" and traditional songs and dances as entertainment can be found throughout Asia. Interestingly, these restaurants are really Korean - in the 1990s, North Korea has opened a whole chain of restaurants Pyongyang Restaurant across Asia. This allowed to kill three birds with one stone: money earnings for the treasury, financing North Korean embassies in countries where there are restaurants, as well as money laundering.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported


In North Korea, one of the cheapest labor forces in the world.

On the border of China and North Korea in full swing stormy economic activity. It is believed that about a quarter of all residents of the Chinese province of Dandong do joint business with the North Koreans. One example of such economic activities are textile factories, which employ only the North Koreans. Then, the products of these plants is transported across the border, where it is sewn label "Made in China". Such a demand for manufacturing products is in North Korea is not surprising - in a country where one of the cheapest labor forces in the world.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported

Counterfeit banknotes USA

Counterfeit money - the struggle against imperialism, income generation.

North Korea is the undisputed leader in the production of counterfeit banknotes. Earlier, the US claimed that their bank notes in denominations of $ 100 - one of the most protected in the world. But that did not stop North Korea, which has purchased equipment in Japan, Hong Kong paper and ink in France. New counterfeit money was so high quality that the United States had to introduce into circulation a new $ 100 bill in 2013.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported


50,000 North Korean workers abroad - $ 2 billion a year.

What North Korea is abundant, so it's people. But how can you monetize this "product"? Before the North Koreans go abroad, their families actually taken hostage to ensure translation of the money earned back to their homeland, as well as workers return home. Now abroad, employing about 50,000 North Korean workers, sending home remittances totaling nearly $ 2 billion a year.

10 surprising things that North Korea is exported


Drugs produced in state enterprises.

North Korea sells drugs in 1970 - since then, the country defaulted on its international debts. Initially, Korea took the contracts for the transport of drug consignments through diplomacy, using diplomatic immunity. She later began manufacturing its own drugs, especially methamphetamine, which started trading through their embassies. North Korean methamphetamine became famous due to its high purity (99 percent).

This is not surprising, given that the drug produced on state-owned enterprises under the supervision of professional chemists. Nevertheless declined sharply since the mid-2000s Korean purity of drugs, but the volume is still only growing.

Nuclear reactors

North Korea tried to sell nuclear reactor to Syria.

Probably the most surprising article North Korea's exports was an attempt to build Syria fully functioning nuclear reactor that Israel bombed in 2007. If the reactor is not bombed, he could produce plutonium in an amount sufficient to produce one or two nuclear bombs each year.