10 facts about the pools, after which you are no longer climb

The other day, closed the next public swimming pool, poisoned five people, including three children. We wondered: what in the pools could be wrong?

10 facts about the pools, after which you are no longer climb

Here's what:

1. Every fifth celebrating in the basin need to

Of course, you do not do, but the researchers interviewed a thousand people and 20% of them admitted that they were doing it in the pool. Even half of this value enough to not want to never open his mouth in the basin.

2. Bacteria feel at home there

Pseudomonas folliculitis, also known as "hot tub rash" - is not a myth. Officially, the disease is described as "an inflammation of the hair follicles associated with being in a hot bath, shower, basin, contaminated by the bacterium P.aeruginosa".

3. Chlorine does not kill all the

Chlorinated water is smelly, but it is safe, right? Not true. Chlorine effectively kills almost everything, but "almost all" is not "all." For example, a worm called pinworm survives, and if it gets into the human body, then lays eggs there and the person receives intestinal worms.

4. Chlorine kills all bacteria are not even

Cryptosporidium can live in pools and jacuzzi to ten days, and if it enters the body, it causes gastrointestinal problems. And no chlorine it does not take.

5. probably have in your pool feces

Experts have examined samples of water from public swimming pools and in 58% of samples found E. coli, which normally lives in the human feces.

6. Many feces

On the person who walks into the pool, in the middle 0, 14 grams of faeces - and much of it falls into the water. Multiply that by the hundreds of people who pass through the pool each day and math is not very attractive ....

7. The fragrant pool, so it is dirtier

The characteristic smell of "chlorine" released for a reason, and when chlorine reacts with sweat, urine and other fluids and secretions of the human body. Pure water, which has a modern cleaning products for swimming pools, almost no smell.

8. Dirty pool kills through the ears

Water with a "soup" of bacteria entering the ears can cause otitis externa - bad in every sense of inflammation. If the infection becomes chronic, the otitis externa may develop into malignant otitis externa, which is really dangerous to life. That is - to kill.

9. Eye irritation is not chlorine

What eyes itch and redden in swimming pools because of chlorine - a myth. In fact, the root cause is much closer to the body than was thought at the beginning of this year. Irritation cause chemical substances that are the result of interaction between the chlorine and ... human urine. Now go and buy a normal swimming goggles.

10. People come to the pool dirty

According to the survey, 43% of people do not take a shower before a dip in the community pool. Probably think that chlorine itself magically cleanse them ...