Rules of Life of Andrei Mironov

• Rules of Life of Andrei Mironov

Rules of Life of Andrei Mironov

I know all, and one more thing.

In our house always was an atmosphere predoschuscheniya theatrical activity.

My parents - Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker - almost always rehearsed at home, and very soon I realized what a cruel towards himself, agonizing labor.

Leonid Cliffs WHEN published a book of his memoirs, made this inscription on it: "Dear Andrei Mironov, remember you, little boy - I see a great artist. I rejoice! Your Uncle Lenya, in the world - the Cliffs ".

You must try to do well: it will turn out very badly.

CURRENT AUDIENCE more educated, more informed, and the actor has no right to be stupid than its viewers.

The actor is not good for smooth, quiet life.

The actor has two things: skill and personality. And that person has developed, matured, not necessarily, of course, in Siberia or a loader, but through something a person must go through. Take Ulyanov, Smoktunovsky. It is not well-off people.

I can not say that I was madly happy every minute of life, and that I always want to ride and have fun as my hero from "Brilliant hands", but nevertheless, I - an optimist.

I fill up the moral suffering shortages SUFFERING OF HOUSEHOLD.

APPLY TO acting job as a pleasant pastime can only be due to a misunderstanding.

If the actor play without an understudy, then drives him some selfish desire to play a role "from" and "to". It always amuses the actor's self-esteem and gives it an extra boost. The film "The Adventures of Italians ..." many Italians were employed, and in their eyes I do not want to drop the prestige of the Soviet cinema. You can play in any genre. The only thing I want to see my hero was not more stupid than I am.

For me, every performance - it's a huge stress. I say to myself: "Easy, easy," but I can not: I want to convey to the audience all fully convince him to finish.

Unfortunately, there is the audience, especially the young spectators, who did not want to limit contact with the actor sphere of art: on duty on the stairs, tear off buttons. But it is, so to say, the costs of the actor's popularity and spectator interest.

POP ONLY initially they seem fate, then often it is ironic.

In Kino I offered mainly one dimensional role. This young cheerful comic crook or extravagant.

How much a mere mortal, I love to sing. To me it's just a pleasure.

NO voices try to hide behind irony, parody, caricature. For me, singing, like dancing, not an end in itself, but one of the ways of expressing the character of the hero. So, please do not take my singing seriously, I do not sing - sing those whom I'm playing. And all the claims - to them.

I did the person not so sure.

I LOVE RAPID rhythm of life that allows you to feel needed.

AUDIENCE pity me. Once, during a concert in Leningrad house officers from the audience sent me on a stage large orange, on which was written: "Andrew, eat. You do not look. "

Who of the actors not to think of Hamlet! So do I. But the dream remains a dream, but over the years the reality is no longer causes the play Hamlet and Claudius. Ends it all full, and then simply rests on the grave-digger ... Better not break away from the earth. ABOUT ME I write in different ways. It's nice of course, when the praise. But in principle, I am guided by the rule of Mayakovsky. He was never interested in, praise or scold him. He asked: "Respect?"


A wonderful thing - travel. It never ends with the return home. Everything seen sinks into the emotional memory, and then draws from this source material for new roles.

Any woman is peculiar features of a policeman - at first: "Let's not!", And then: "Follow me!".

HOME STAR ME DO NOT. I need only a wife and mother of my child.

To fall off the horse, you have to climb up on it.

I am very bitter and hard to accept that my viewers the highest achievement in the film - is "The Diamond Arm".

In our profession, are not considered past achievements.

I used to think that I am a person's lungs. But notice: the years of heavy, becoming gloomy.

I not particularly understand the significance of the word "hobby" in Russian. Generally speaking, I like cheesecakes and ballet.

Life of the great boon. And she was in man, as it turns out, it is not long.

IF I UYMUS, I will die.