15 short class on the French

15 short class on the French

We offer a collection of facts about the French, which will be interesting even to those who other than "merci" in French - boom-boom!

15 short class on the French

1. Act of the British Parliament on the compulsory use of English in state courts was written in French.

2. In French "assiette" - this dish, and mood state. Presumably, an erroneous translation of the French expression has led to the emergence of a phraseological "at ease".

3. In most European languages, names numerals 20 to 90 are formed by a standard scheme - is consonant with the base numbers from 2 to 9. However, in the French language names of some numbers have odd logic. Thus, the number 70 pronounced 'soixante-dix', which translates as "sixty-ten", 80 - 'quatre-vingts' ( "four twenty"), and 90 - 'quatre-vingt-dix' ( "four twenty ten ").

4. In 1969, his novel of the French writer Georges Perec "La disparition". One of the key features of the novel was that it was not a single letter e - the most consumed letter in French. By the same principle - without the letter e - book has been translated into English, German and Italian. In 2005, the novel was released in Russian translated Valery Kislov called "Fade". In this embodiment, it is impossible to meet the letter of the, as she is the most common in the Russian language. 5. French was the official language of England for over 600 years.

15 short class on the French

6. The longest sentence in French consists of 823 words, and be found in Victor Hugo's novel "Les Miserables."

7. The word "vodka" has a double writing in the French language: Russian vodka is written as "vodka", and Polish "wodka".

8. During the War of 1812 at night Russian soldiers often took their officers for the enemy because of the habit to speak French.

9. Translated from the French "hermitage" means "place of solitude."

10. The emblem of the UK there is an inscription in French ( "God and my right") "Dieu et mon droit".

15 short class on the French

11. The variant of the French language, which is spoken in the province of Quebec, is so different from the literary French that the French people are not always able to understand it.

12. The word "souffle" and "prompter" is derived from a French word "souffle" (exhaling the breath).

13. The New Zealander Nigel Richards won several world championships Scrabble since 2007. In 2015, he excelled and by Scrabble World Championship in French, while not quite possessing them. Richards just learned French Dictionary two months. 14. The film of Michael Kalatozova "The Cranes Are Flying" won the "Palme d'Or" at Cannes. But for the festival the film's title was translated as "Quand passent les cigognes", which means "When the storks fly." The fact that the literal translation of "Les grues volent" because of the ambiguity of each word would mean also "Prostitutes are stealing."

15. The word "cap" came into Russian from the French by German or Polish. Later, the opposite has happened borrowing, and now the French have in addition the words "chapeau" in the sense of any headgear has a trace "chapka", referring only to the fur cap with ear flaps Russian sample.