7 most-most varieties of watermelons

When we talk about watermelons, they usually are referring to Astrakhan watermelons - the most popular in Russia. However, watermelon watermelon strife. It turns out there is just more than 1,200 varieties of the biggest striped berries.

7 most-most varieties of watermelons

The most unique

7 most-most varieties of watermelons

Densuke watermelon varieties to collect just will not succeed with their own garden. Grow it in only one place on the planet - on the Japanese island of Hokkaido. However, the main feature of the rare plants - its outstanding appearance. Cork black without a single strip is absolutely not similar to the traditional "coloring". But inside the watermelon is quite similar to their counterparts with juicy red pulp.

Vintage black handsome - no more than 10 thousand pieces. Unusual appearance and limited "edition" determine the cost of goodies - about $ 250.

Afford a meal a few can. Interestingly, the auction proceeds from the sale of the first instance Densuke exceeded 6000 dollars. So this can be called a watermelon is also the most expensive in the history of cultivation culture.


7 most-most varieties of watermelons

To the end of the summer to hear oohs and aahs from the neighbors with envy looked down at the tiny, but they have grown close by watermelon, we must make a great effort. What are the methods resorted American Lloyd Bright, unknown. Arizonets certainly knows a secret, because in 1979 on his farm traditionally harvest enormous watermelons.

In 2005, it raised a world champion - watermelon Carolina Cross, whose weight was 122 kg.

Russian farmers four years later gave his answer. Krasnodarets Igor Lihosenko surprised everyone, "berry" in 61, 4 kg. Evil tongues say that the farmer grafted watermelon to more powerful pumpkin roots that yielded impressive results. However, in horticulture, as in war, all means are good.

The smallest

7 most-most varieties of watermelons

When you look at a watermelon a few centimeters in diameter could not help think: why and to whom such a need?

It turns out that even as the need! Grade Pepquinos actively buying fashionable restaurants all over the world to prepare delicious salads and desserts.

Mikroarbuzy - not another achievement breeders. Wonderful kids grow wild in South America. Our own gardeners, they just are not interested in, because of the appearance of watermelon like gooseberries, and taste - for cucumbers. And both our gardens enough.

The most popular among Russians

7 most-most varieties of watermelons

Astrakhan watermelon - it's not just watermelon. This is a brand! In Soviet times it was "Astrakhan" allowed "catch up and overtake", making it possible to set a new record of the harvest.

For disease resistance, excellent transportability and keeping quality grade value manufacturers and retailers. A people's love of buyers, too, is understandable - the traditional divine taste, delicious fresh flavor. Cut with a crunch - and the soul rejoices!

The most seedless

7 most-most varieties of watermelons

An indispensable component are typical watermelon seeds. For many of them spitting - an integral part of the ritual of eating sweets. But not for everyone!

Perhaps it is for those who are annoying or exhausting extraction of seeds from the pulp, seedless "King of Hearts" was launched.

Danger choke seeds, of course, gone, but with her gone, it seems, and the charm of the moment of leisurely family get-togethers. A huge dish in the center of the table, around - the satisfied faces, smeared to the ears of watermelon juice ... How nice!

7 most-most varieties of watermelons

is not the most watermelon taste of

What is the taste of watermelon? Many quite reasonably say, "Watermelon!" But Astrakhan breeder Artem Sokolov accurately respond differently, because it sort of "Vector" has a unique muscatel flavor.

He appeared by increasing the number of extremely useful for the organism monosaccharides: glucose - essential "fuel" for the efficient operation of cells and fructose - sugars, for the assimilation of which does not require insulin.

Curiosity was withdrawn in 2013. Then she became a laureate of "Watermelon - a champion." By the way, the father Artem Sergey Sokolov is the creator of the world-famous sorts of "Moon" with amazing yellow flesh and a delicate lemon flavor.

The most unpretentious

For watermelon ripening need all summer was dry and sunny weather, the soil temperature does not drop below 10 degrees, the air - did not rise above 30. In general, too much "but" in order to achieve a positive result. But is it in the nature of the Russian people to despair and powerless to throw up your hands?

Many years of practice led to the conclusion that the grow watermelon in the greenhouse, it is possible if you put, for example, "sugar baby", which is not demanding growing conditions.

Giant to roll on the garden wheelbarrow from the greenhouse to the house, of course, will not work. But throw in the trunk "real watermelons" and a half-two kilograms each, even for residents of the northern regions is quite real.