25 amazing facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock

• 25 incredible facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock to

Japan - an island nation in East Asia. As of March 1, 2015 126 910 000 people live here. It is worth noting that this country is a leader in many areas of research, such as high technology, biomedicine and robotics.

However, in spite of its modernity, the citizens pay much attention to age-old traditions and customs. Tourists who plan to visit Japan, you need to become familiar with the culture of the country, because it is very different from ours.

25 amazing facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock

1. The strongest curses in Japanese compared with our words "fool" or "idiot". The extent of abuse depends on the tone and volume with which these words were spoken.

2. The Japanese language uses just three kinds of writing: Kanji (hieroglyphics), Hiragana (a system for writing Japanese words syllable by syllable) and Katakana (the system for recording loan words syllable by syllable). Try to understand all this!

3. The Japanese language includes several levels of politeness: colloquial, respectful, polite and very courteous. Most women communicates using a respectful form of speech, and a man - spoken.

4. The Japanese have no names of months, instead they are indicated by ascending numbers. For example, in September - is "kugatsu", which means "the ninth month." 5. In Japan, specifically related to pornography. It is sold at every step. In each shop at the front with the media necessarily has a shelf with hentai. In large bookstores under pornography assign entire floors.

25 amazing facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock

6. The age of consent in Japan - 13 years. This means that starting from this age voluntary sex is not considered rape.

7. At the same time in Japan, one of the lowest per cent of rapes in the world. Probably, this figure of merit of the above two points.

8. A third of weddings in the country - the result of organized matchmaking and Smotrin parents.

9. The restaurants are not accepted to pay the tip. It is believed that if a customer tries to leave extra money, then this it devalues ​​the service provided. Trying to award the tip is perceived as a sop.

10. The Japanese have a lot of talk about food. And while the use of food necessarily praising treat. It is considered extremely impolite not to say several times during the meal "delicious."

25 amazing facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock

11. The Japanese - real workaholics. Here it is assumed to come to work for at least half an hour before the start of the working day, and work 15-18 hours without a lunch break.

12. In Japanese, there is even a special word, which refers to death from overwork. It sounds like the word "karoshi", and every year with this diagnosis die about ten thousand people. 13. In Japan, no guest workers. According to local legislation, Minimal foreign worker salary average salary greater than Japanese. So if the Japanese invite foreigners to work, the highly qualified specialists only.

14. In urban areas in the north of Japan, all the sidewalks are heated in the winter, so there is no ice. But at the same time in Japan, there is no central heating. Each heats your home yourself.

15. In Japan, the streets you can see the special stand with umbrellas. If there is a rain, then you can take any umbrella. And when the rain stops, the umbrella should be left at the nearest stand.

25 amazing facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock

16. People in Japan extremely honest people. Lost wallet with a probability of 90% can be found in the lost and found.

17. In Japan, there is the death penalty. On most executions personally present Minister of Justice.

18. Tokyo - is the safest metropolis. There is so easy that even a six-year children are on their own using public transport.

19. In Japan, no cases of looting. Even after the major damage caused by earthquakes nobody does not occur to encroach on other people's property.

20. Japanese police - the most honest in the world, and does not take bribes. Except that sometimes can forgive a minor breach careless tourists.

25 amazing facts about Japan, which may have come as a shock

21. The Japanese families is considered normal when the brother and sister do not communicate and do not even know each other phone numbers.

22. In Japan, a very low pensions. Maximum payment of social elderly is somewhere $ 300. It is believed that every Japanese must take care of his old age.

23. The Japanese almost never called to her house. In most cases, the invitation to "come sometime," should be taken merely as a polite speech.

24. In Japan, the first ever service men. The restaurant is a man first order, and bring him to the first drink. In all institutions at first greeted with a man, and then the women.

25. The Japanese phone includes Emergency Alert System. If case of any cataclysm, a loud beep works on all phones in the region. Following this, a message appears that explains what happened and how to behave.