Rules of Life Damon Albarn

• Rules of Life Damon Albarn

Rules of Life Damon Albarn

Am I devoured depressive and neurotic melancholy middle-aged? No, this is not true.

In school, I do not particularly get along with the guys. They thought I was crazy. Psycho and gay. With me nobody wanted to talk, and so I had to invent entertainment. I chose music.

I grew up in a time when all around were afraid of nuclear weapons. I remember how my sister and I asked his father: "What do we do if a nuclear attack will start?" But we live in an old bakery, and air-raid shelters, we did not. The best thing a father could think of - a shove us into the pantry for bread.

DEATH I learned too late. My great-grandmother lived to be 103 years old.

In childhood I was mesmerizing IDEA rabbit hole, into which Alice fell. When I went to North Korea last year, I thought that if the earth somewhere and hides the rabbit hole, it is there. On the train, the Beijing-Pyongyang Carroll I was reading, and at some point pririsoval rabbit army cap. But when at the entrance to North Korea to inspect all began, I was scared. Afraid that they will open a book just on this page and arrest me.

I push myself to the brink of insanity every day. But for now - thank God - I still threw himself into this abyss.

In me there no conscious melancholy. On the contrary - I am a noisy and gregarious. Melancholy, you hear, born very specific notes, I have borrowed from the British folk singers. At home no one to take me seriously - in a good way, of course. I am a normal home dad. I roam in one pants, although my daughter thinks it is uncultured. I watch TV, and it is also against. And I do not vysmarkivayu nose when flowing snot, and eat with your mouth open.

Two things that please me day by day - this is my family and my work. But life is disgusting, if you can not find a balance between them.

Being a celebrity - it's like to live in the village, where you know everything. So I just live in a very big village.

I LIKE LONDON. Its history is constantly changing. It rolled the tapestry that unfolds endlessly.

There was a time when people spent the night on the street outside my house in Kensington. I was not really annoyed it, only we did not have any curtains in the room, and we could not walk around the house naked.

We British LOVE dirty sex. And all because we asexual queen.

Lately I have studiously avoided photographers. The day I realized that I no longer need the watch was one of the best days of my life. I finally figured out who I am.

I do not worry about the hair falls out. Rather, I worried, when I was younger and conceited. Now I just wait for them to fall out. You can stop doing all this garbage.

I've been preparing myself to defeat.

In childhood I dreamed to become a farmer and still thinking about it. I perceive spontaneity as one of its best sides. Gorillaz were really spontaneous thing. It all started with the fact that two people were sitting on the couch and said to each other: "But let's make a group."

I like the people with whom you can be crazy.

We ourselves ALLOWED Pop Music BECOME silly, and so it is completely fused with show business - as if any The Beatles, Dylan or never existed.

The most proven ways to make a deep depression - start reading music magazines or include MTV.

The pants that I choose was always some element of hip-hop.

Mom thinks that I dress very conservatively. Yes, hippie parents can not understand why their son wants to wear a nice shirt and good shoes.

In the sixties, people take acid to make the world weird. And the world has become strange, and people take Prozac to make it normal.

TODAY rabbit hole - is a mobile phone in which people disappear from his head, although physically remain in the room.

With Mr. Tembo (elephant, which is dedicated to the song Mr. Tembo -. Esquire) I met in Tanzania. His host was a very religious man. Every night he watched on television gospel, so that lovely little Mr. Tembo has become perhaps the world's only elephant, who grew up on gospel music. When I decided to dedicate a song to him, I think he will appreciate if this song will also be something of the gospel. This Mr Tembo was razoruzhayusche cute creature, but when I first played it that wrote it crap. We sat by the fire, it was night, and the smell that hit me in the nose, I still think the most disgusting stench with which I have ever encountered. Something like I had experienced only once: when a few years ago, I jumped on his chest nasty tomcat, turned to me ass and pissed all over your face. But as for Mr. Tembo, then, I guess he just thought: and why this guy is singing about me. I thought - and crap. But then he was just a tiny, tiny elephant. Then I met him again, and it was already ten-mannered elephant, much better versed in how it should express their feelings. MUSIC - this is something that speaks for itself. But it took me a very long time to understand it.

In fact, I am madly in love with dolls. I always tell myself: as soon as the fall out hair, open a puppet theater.

I DO NOT KNOW how to dance, but I like to jump.

IF you want to become a musician, write good songs.