"Unknown Soldier": the US military, maimed in wars

• "Unknown Soldier": the US military, maimed in the wars of

author of "The Unknown Soldier" tells his Picture Story is not about the war, but rather about what is left of it. About the realities that previously seemed unthinkable.

Within three years the photographer to shoot soldiers who were badly maimed in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He attended his characters in their homes and in military hospitals.

Sergeant Robert Henlayn. The car in which he was driving, blown up by a roadside mine. He - the only survivor.

Army Specialist Dzherral Hancock. Blown up by a roadside bomb in the tank in Iraq. It remained under the rubble for half an hour.

Lieutenant Nicholas John Vogt. November 12, 2011 detonated an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan.

Specialist Robert Bernier. Suffered from shock artillery, 60% of the body was burned.

Major Matt Smith. June 8, 2013 in Afghanistan, he was shot at a member of the Afghan National Army. His leg was amputated.

logistics services specialist Michael Fox. November 15, 2011 injured during a patrol in Afghanistan.

Shiloh Sergeant Harris. February 19, 2007 detonated a roadside bomb. As a result of the explosion, three of the five people were killed.

Specialist Marissa Strock. Her vehicle hit an improvised explosive device. She was only 20 years old.

Thomas Young Specialist. April 4, 2004 was wounded near Baghdad.

Lieutenant Nicholas John Vogt.