Rules of Life Macaulay Culkin

• Rules of Life Macaulay Culkin

Rules of Life Macaulay Culkin

As a child I did not have a chance to be a child. I went on pension in 14 years.

People still recognize me on the street. The first thing I usually hear: "Where have you been all these years?" As a rule, immediately behind it, they say: "Ah, but you're grown up."

Contrary to popular belief, I have never been treated for drug addiction. I'm not in jail, I was arrested only once, and in general I try hard to avoid the stereotypes associated with the former star children.

I've heard a lot of different lies. Once I called my lawyer and said, "Oh, Mac, you're still alive?" And I said to him: "Yes, of course. I sit on the couch. " "And to me, - he says - just got a call from CNN and said that you had died from an overdose."

I LIVE simple life. I feed the fish, walk the dog, cook and sometimes meet with those who are dear to me.

WHEN I behave like an ordinary man, people think I'm crazy.

FOR LIFE The former star of MY life should be much more fucked than it actually is. When I was arrested for marijuana, I was glad. As well, I think people are now recognized me exactly what had been waiting for and wanted.

For most people, I am still a child. This is both a blessing and a curse at the same time. I remember a time when he gave a hundred interviews a day. I was sitting in one place, and these people were coming and going, and there was no fresh air, no windows, nothing at all. Seventy in a row journalist said so tedious and so slowly that at some point I just passed out. Again - and I do not have them.

I live a very secluded life since I was six.

My parents did for me a lot of good, if only because he never told me how much I actually paid. So I grew up the most ordinary child is among the most common children.

I always thought that I had two fathers - the real and the one I drew myself in his head.

Sometimes I feel that is within me not one person, but a dozen. But I'm coping.

WHO AM I? I - is a collection of thoughts and memories, touching and disgusting. I - all those things that happened to me, and I am the sum of what he did or wanted to do. I - it's clothes, which I drag myself. I - it's every place, every person and every phenomenon, with whom I had a chance encounter. But ultimately, I - it's just a set of muscles and bones, crushed by gravity to a giant piece of the firmament, spinning through space at thousands of miles per hour. Most moving and inspiring stuff I like everyone, probably utter in those moments when next to me empty.

I'm the unclaimed actors from all the people I know.

If tomorrow our planet landed alien race, and some of them will ask me for proof of my worth, I can offer them? What show? I can neither sing nor dance. I do not paint. I never did not build anything and never created something of value for the human race.

I had all the glory that can only wish, but I ran away from it and do not regret it.

Maybe I want to be remembered as the king of the world and the sage, united by their will of all people in the world. But it seems that this will not happen.

What would you say to your children? In show business there is nothing to do to eighteen. During this time it is better to learn something different. Do something. No need to hurry. Do it at a time when you feel that you are an adult.

Yes, I want a family and his own, and his own house with a lawn, and his 2, 2 child. It seems that such is now the national average?

I know very well that such asceticism.