7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

• 7 proven ways to save a lot on travel

If you do know exactly what the parties come to the pyramid of Cheops, as easy to get to the island Fauré and where to find the boundary between Europe and Asia, boldly engaged in the journey itself, without the help of travel agencies.

So, your main rules ...

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel 7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

How to buy the cheapest tickets:

- make friends with aggregators like SkyScanner or AviaSales, which offer so-called "low-price calendar" - a summary table with flights on different days of the prices;

- do not be attached to specific dates and book in advance, ideally - for 2-3 months;

- Fly on all days except Monday and Friday, early morning and late evening, so it will be much cheaper;

- tickets with a change in 90% of cases are significantly cheaper than direct flights;

- include "incognito" mode in the browser, when you look airline offers: remember you as a user, they will show higher prices.

Example: a return ticket from Moscow to Berlin in July with the departure on Friday and return after a week on average, costs 16 000 rub. One has only to change the date to August, the time of departure and arrival - on Thursday, the price will drop to 10 000. But this is not the limit of economy: will certainly look at the promotional codes airline forums flight where you want to fly. Sometimes a discount of 25 euros for a banal give registration and newsletter signups, from which you then can always unsubscribe.

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

The pay and where to find the most favorable exchange rate. During trips to Europe, with a few exceptions, currency exchange - a ridiculous throwback. Card you can pay in transport, and in the gift, and the grocery, and the museum - that is about all. The main thing is to make sure in advance that this card transactions are allowed outside the country of issue (often it happens with Premium class cards). In most cases, a course offered by your bank is more profitable than at ATMs abroad (which are also required to take a commission for the service), but even in these ATMs to withdraw money more profitable than the rate of change of predatory at the airport. And most importantly - in Europe it is more profitable to pay MasterCard, and in the US - Visa. Example: being in the Netherlands, you are taking money from the ruble card at an ATM with the euro - pay a commission and have to agree with the local bank rate, which is disadvantageous for you. Paying evrov own card, you pay as much as cost of the commodity and the ruble - about the same, but with a minor amendment to the conversion rate of your Russian bank.

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

Why pay online than roaming. Fiddle with the settings roaming few people like. Therefore, remember the main thing:

- on the travel time should disable automatic updates in the smartphone and prevent the phone to download anything without Wi-Fi;

- calls and messages sent over the Internet: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and so on;

- passwords from Wi-Fi in public areas is often written in the tips of the service Foursquare;

- to communicate in the host country, it makes sense to buy a local SIM card, as the Internet and local calls will cost much cheaper, the main thing - do not call from this number at home;

- you can purchase international travel sim card with humane rates, it is also possible to bind to its usual number.

Example: one-minute call to Russia from Spain almost any Russian operator without additional options worth around 30 p. Local SIM card with prepaid minutes, SMS and the Internet is from 5 to 10 euros.

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

How to walk free in the best places of the city. The most popular sites and exhibitions queue stretched for kilometers, and it is necessary to lay out a rather big for a ticket, especially considering the rate amount. At the same time in every city there are places that do not attract tourists, but there is never a queue, tickets do not cost anything, but impressions remain even more. Example: being in Paris, tourists will certainly want to see the city from the Eiffel Tower, for that we have to put a few euros and a minimum of half an hour in a noisy line. No less pleasant way - go for free 222 steps of Montmartre and see Paris from a height of one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in the world. Another non-touristic place - the observation deck of the Institute of the Arab world. Better view of the Notre-Dame de Paris in just yet.

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

How to find a good accommodation at the lowest price. Get a free app for your phone: maps that can be viewed without the Internet, a convenient list of things on the road, train schedules and public transport, which is, at least in Europe goes to the minute, guides, books and music, which in a way is always fun. Those applications will help to quickly solve the problem with housing. The most profitable - HotelTonight to book a hotel or hostel at the last moment. What you should know before using:

- when approaching arrival date and the rooms remain empty, hotels lower prices, so that the best deal app shows after 18:00, when the time of check-in has already passed, and unpopulated guests left their rooms for you with a tangible discount;

- include geolocation, if you are across the street from the hotel, in the "Local Offers" discount will be more palpable - up to 70%, sometimes even more;

- the maximum discount up to the day of arrival, that is most advantageous to travel spontaneously;

- in the application has the option of booking a week, but worry about the availability of rooms is not necessary - they always have; - if the nose off, but you do not know where to go, is a function of the "World in your pocket": the app selects the most attractive offers in the most spontaneous and popular cities. Say you were in San Francisco, then HotelTonight show how much cost you tomorrow night in Portland and Marin City. By the way, today from 13 to 17 can stay with the biggest possible discount for tomorrow and the week ahead in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Example: a double room in a 4-star hotel The Three Corners in Budapest usually costs 603 dollars a day - this price is the normal traveler can not afford. With HotelTonight, if you call this number today, it will cost $ 90, which for the price is comparable to an overnight stay in the hostel next door. And on the usual data released today on Booking.com room and did not find.

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

How to save money on public transport. Public transportation, for example, is unusually expensive in Europe. Exit - tourist map with the principle of action, as in Moscow, "Troika": come for a week - buy weekly travel. Another option is similar, but for museums and attractions - tourist multipassy. These museum cards also allow unlimited access to the exposures for a certain period from 1 day to a year.

Example: one-time ticket in the Paris Metro costs a little less than 2 euros a week-long ticket Carte Orange, acting and land transport - 8 euros.

7 Proven Ways to save a lot on travel

Where to eat cheaply. No food is difficult to do when traveling, but if it means the minimum laid down, the rules are as follows: - nobody cancels trips at the best institutions of the city, but breakfast or dinner much cheaper bought in a supermarket products. In general, going to the grocery, where the local go - enjoy a separate cultural studies;

- food stalls on tourist routes can be several times more expensive than those that are a couple blocks away from the center;

- Eastern food is always cheaper: kebabs, doner, Chinese Noodle Shop, Turkish eateries and come to the rescue of poor students, and migrants, and unpretentious tourists.

Example: in the Nordic countries are traditionally the highest prices, including for food. For dinner in Stockholm rarely spend less than 500 CZK, despite the fact that doner or shaverma in the Arab quarter of the 100 kroner many tastes better and clearer than smorrebrody.